10 best cabinets — Rating 2022


Reviews of the best cabinets for home and office, as well as tips for choosing and answers to popular questions from buyers — in general, all useful information about the most bulky furniture.


The best cabinets

The most practical wardrobes with sliding, hinged and folding doors are for the bedroom, hallway, bathroom and other rooms. Overview of models that meet the requirements of convenience, functionality and attractive design.

Reasons to buy:

  • Large capacity;
  • The presence of mirrors;
  • Elegant design.

Made in a modern style wardrobe «Fortuna» is suitable for storing things for 2-3 people. The furniture body is made of laminated chipboard and painted in two colors — wenge and milky oak. Sliding compartment doors have mirrors with decorative facets. They hide a compartment with hanger rods.

The central part of the cabinet is reserved for non-adjustable shelves and drawers. Reliable fittings made of metal and plastic are used in the design of the furniture. With its spaciousness, the cabinet has rather modest dimensions — 170x60x210 cm.

Reasons to buy:

  • Embedded model;
  • Reliable door construction;
  • Fully mirrored doors.

The built-in wardrobe from Gudmebel is equipped with the Versailles system, which belongs to a variety of supporting structures for compartment doors. Reliable mechanisms ensure a long service life of the cabinet. Doors are characterized by smooth opening/closing, quick installation and can withstand weight up to 50 kg.

The door leaves are mirrored panels, the upper and lower parts of which are sandblasted. Inside the furniture there are all the necessary storage systems: shelves, rails for hangers, drawers.

Reasons to buy:

  • Variety of designs;
  • Possibility of choosing a complete set;
  • Folding doors.

The cabinet does not require space to open the doors, so it can be installed next to other furniture. In the standard version, it has roomy dimensions of 180x220x60 cm, but on an individual order it can be made in other sizes.

You can also choose different fillings. 5 options are available — models AA, AB, BB, BV, BB — from furniture with a minimum number of shelves to a maximum. The color of the body and fronts can be chosen in any of the 41 designs offered by the manufacturer.

The cabinet is equipped with a built-in lighting of two LED-lamps. The practicality and durability of the furniture is ensured by the reliable Push/Pull door opening system with modern WingLine L fittings.

Reasons to buy:

  • Realistic photo printing on the doors;
  • Variety of body colors
  • Compact dimensions.

The internal filling of Express Hit cabinets consists of a hanger bar, upper and lower shelves, on which you can store hats and shoes, respectively.

Wardrobes have 2 sliding doors with photo printing — the choice of designs is simply huge. The body can be made in the color of dark or light ash, milk oak and wenge. It is made of chipboard and is highly resistant to wear and tear, making it suitable for public areas such as reception areas or waiting rooms.

For an ordinary bedroom, such a closet is also suitable as a wardrobe, if the owners of the house prefer to store things on hangers rather than shelves.

Reasons to buy:

  • Many shelves;
  • Stylish design;
  • The presence of mirrors.

The wardrobe for the bedroom has three compartments. In the central one with two doors there is a bar for hangers, in the side ones, behind separate door panels, there are shelves and a small bar for shirts or other short things.

The body of the model is made of laminated chipboard and painted in a combination of colors imitating wenge and milky oak. There are frosted mirrors on the side doors.

Reasons to buy:

  • capacity;
  • Compactness;
  • Affordable price.

Bookcases from the Sherlock collection are available in dark and light colors. The furniture body is made of laminated chipboard, resistant to mechanical damage.

The doors are fitted with tinted glass that protects the books from direct sunlight, while not preventing the spines from being viewed without opening the door. The furniture is installed on the floor, but has additional fasteners to the wall to protect it from tipping over.

The cabinet is equipped with 7 shelves, the height of which can be adjusted. This allows you to compactly arrange books, magazines, folders and other office supplies of various formats. Universal design is suitable for home, office, educational institution and any other room.

Reasons to buy:

  • Versatility;
  • Suspended structure;
  • Door closers.

The pencil case is made from a combination of chipboard and MDF. It is a hanging cabinet furniture for universal use. Due to high-quality protection against moisture, it is often used in bathrooms.

The cabinet-case has one door and shelves for storage, some of which are located behind the door, and some remain open for quick access to stored items. The body of the furniture is painted white, and the surface of the door imitates natural stone.

Reasons to buy:

  • Versatility;
  • There are open and closed shelves;
  • Wall mounting.

The display cabinet has 3 compartments: a central open compartment and two side compartments with glass doors in a frame. There are two shelves inside. The model is available in dark and light colors. The body is made from a combination of MDF and chipboard.

The model is equipped with reliable German fittings in a classic design with an aged effect. With its compactness, it has a fairly large weight of 35 kg, so it must be mounted on strong walls.

Reasons to buy:

  • Reliable hardware;
  • Versatility;
  • Doesn’t take up much space.

The wardrobe is designed to be installed in the corner of the room. It is equipped with a hanger bar and five shelves, which allows you to store various things in it.

The furniture body is made of laminated chipboard, which makes it relatively light in weight. Door fronts are made of high-strength MDF.

Reasons to buy:

  • Variety of models;
  • Affordable price;
  • Ease of installation.

Plastic cabinets are suitable for any room. They can be installed at home, in the country, in the garage, in the office, on the trading floor. They are not afraid of moisture, so they can be used even in the kitchen and bathroom.

The collection of plastic cabinets is represented by various options with two hinged doors and height-adjustable shelves, as well as high and narrow cases. The series includes floor and hanging models. The maximum load per shelf is 25 kg.

How to choose a wardrobe

First of all, cabinets are divided according to their purpose:

  • For hallways, models with a hanger bar or hooks are purchased to conveniently store outerwear.
  • In the bathrooms, pencil cases and hanging cabinets made of moisture-resistant materials are installed.
  • For bedrooms and dressing rooms, models filled with shelves, drawers and bars are suitable.
  • In the living room you can place cabinets with glass or open shelves for books, decor and multimedia equipment.

Cabinet doors can be hinged, sliding (compartment) and folding (accordion).

The first option is more durable and reliable design. Swing doors do not hide the interior space of the cabinet and open a complete view of the contents.

Folding doors, although rare, are considered quite convenient. Like compartments, they take up little space and, like swing doors, do not create “blind spots” inside the cabinet. However, the durability of accordion doors is inferior to the previous two options.

The practicality and durability of cabinets depends on the material of manufacture:

  • Natural wood has become rarely used in production due to its high cost and heavy weight. These are mainly products in classic or authentic styles, which are often made to order.
  • MDF is a high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly material consisting of wood shavings and natural glue. Suitable for decorative carving.
  • Chipboard is a lightweight and inexpensive material that allows you to create budget furniture.
  • Chipboard — laminated chipboard with improved performance. One of the most popular materials in the production of cabinets.

As additional materials for the manufacture of cabinets, glass (including mirrors), metal, and plastic are used.

Special attention deserves the facades of cabinets, the range of which is represented by a wide variety. Doors can be deaf from MDF or chipboard; made of transparent, painted or otherwise decorated glass; mirror or decorated with leather, rattan, bamboo and other materials. The choice here depends more on personal preferences and the style of the interior.

Frequently asked Questions

Which sliding wardrobe system is better — steel or aluminum?


The frame of doors in sliding wardrobes from aluminum differs in the high durability and durability. They are resistant to high humidity and temperature extremes, able to withstand heavy loads. The steel system cannot be called bad. It is also quite strong, but still inferior to aluminum in durability. But it has a more affordable price. It is worth overpaying for aluminum if we are talking about heavy cabinet doors.

What are the best cabinet sizes?


Today it is not a problem to purchase a cabinet of any size, shape and type of installation. Not only by individual order, but also available in stores there is furniture of various configurations. At the same time, there are still standard sizes for classic cabinets. So, a conventional double-leaf cabinet has the parameters HxWxD — 210x120x60 cm. As a rule, 45-60 cm of width is allocated for one compartment of the cabinet. The depth often depends on the content. If you plan to install a hanger rod, it cannot be less than 55 cm (this restriction does not apply if the pipe is perpendicular). The average height of the shelves is 30-35 cm. For storing outerwear and dresses, about 150 cm should remain from the bar to the nearest lower shelf, for shirts and T-shirts — 80 cm.

How high should the wall cabinet be hung?


For kitchen cabinets, the optimal height is 50-60 cm from the bottom edge to the level of the countertop or stove, or 130-140 cm from the floor. Hanging cabinets with bathroom mirror can be hung at a distance of 30-40 cm from the sink. But it is better to calculate the installation of functional furniture according to the height of users.


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