10 best Christmas decorations — Rating 2022


An elegant Christmas tree gives a sense of celebration and creates a cozy atmosphere in the house, so the choice of toys should be approached responsibly.

Christmas tree toy

The best toys for the Christmas tree

Balls, figurines, beads are invariable home decorations for the holiday of Christmas and New Year. Good Christmas decorations are painted with durable colors, resistant to accidental impacts and do not overload the branches with excess weight.

Reasons to buy:

  • stylish decor;
  • eco-friendly white paint;
  • dense cardboard packaging;
  • big set.

Transparent glass hearts are covered with an openwork lace pattern. Silvery flowers and intricate leaves, applied on all sides, shine brightly and set the tone for the whole composition.

The gift set contains 12 pieces of jewelry measuring 8 cm. Each cardio is equipped with a light metal fastener for hanging. The set, made in gentle colors, sets a good mood.

Glass hearts are made using new technologies and are durable. Despite this, the manufacturer does not recommend throwing them on the floor.

Reasons to buy:

  • impeccable quality;
  • environmentally friendly materials;
  • light weight;
  • hand painting.

The House of Seasons set makes the New Year’s interior solemn and original, filling the house with golden luxury. It includes 12 balls of three types: matte, decorated with white petals, glossy with silver beads and shiny drops, as well as a matte ball, painted with openwork snowflakes.

The diameter of the toys is 8 cm. All products are equipped with special loops for hanging. Items from the corporate set are painted in golden color, the original painting is applied by hand. High-quality decor does not crumble and does not lose its brightness for a long time.

Reasons to buy:

  • lungs;
  • optimal length;
  • pleasant shimmer of real glass;
  • strength.

Small, smooth, oblong-shaped beads are strung on a thin metal rod. This eye-catching product is made of glass and has fasteners for hanging on a Christmas tree at the ends. The length of the model is 120 cm, the diameter of each bead is about 1.4 cm.

The colors alternate symmetrically, so the shiny thread looks great and easily replaces traditional Christmas decorations. Its important advantage is in different hanging options: vertical, horizontal, spiral or diagonal.

Christmas beads are a great decoration. A string of multi-colored droplets, spread out on lush branches, is ideal for a winter celebration and adds a touch of elegance to the Christmas tree. In addition, the toy can be used to decorate the room and create crafts.

Reasons to buy:

  • original painting;
  • well-designed details;
  • metal pendant;
  • durable material — artificial stone.

Santa Claus from Goodwill is made of polyresin and lined with silver to create an inner glow effect. The gray-haired old man is dressed in a red fur coat, a hat and golden boots. In one hand he holds a cute white bear cub, in the other a long sock for gifts. Behind the shoulders of the figurine is a tightly stuffed bag.

Each decoration is hand-painted with durable, environmentally friendly paints. The length of the toy is 11 cm and the weight is 0.9 g. The designer Christmas decoration gives the interior a unique uniqueness and fits into any Christmas composition.

Reasons to buy:

  • beautiful painting;
  • ease;
  • gift cardboard packaging.

Ariel company is engaged in the manufacture of handmade glass Christmas decorations. Matryoshka 11 cm long is a painted beauty with a mischievous blush, wide-open eyes and thick bangs. The clothes of the figurine are decorated with apple blossom.

Juicy resistant paints do not crumble and retain brightness for a long time. The filigree finish is made in soft pink, gold, and green colors. The weight of the pendant toy is only 0.7 g.

The glass Matryoshka is painted by hand, so it is impossible to find two identical toys. This gives the decoration a special value and endows it with high decorative properties.

Reasons to buy:

  • impact-resistant plastic;
  • paints that do not fade from time to time;
  • reliable fastening;
  • little weight.

Charming toy harmoniously combines fashion trends and traditional European style. This colorful steam locomotive is made of high quality plastic. The material does not emit toxic substances and is resistant to mechanical damage.

The product is decorated with Christmas wreaths and garlands. A strong, shiny thread is threaded through the hole in the pipe for hanging. Toy dimensions 12×6 cm, weight 0.4 g.

A steam locomotive made in the Netherlands is able to give a New Year’s mood to all family members. It looks like a real one and will last for many years without losing its charm.

Reasons to buy:

  • durable plastic;
  • a light weight;
  • several types of toys in the set;
  • hanger mounts.

The plastic Christmas decoration set includes 30 items in bright red and gold colors. These are balls with intricate ornaments, long drops, snowflakes, cone-shaped figures with shiny stripes. The diameter of the toys is 8 cm.

Golden sequins do not crumble, metal fasteners hold securely, pendants do not untie, do not tear or slide off Christmas tree branches.

Toys are made of impact-resistant non-toxic plastic, so they are characterized by increased safety. Families with children are happy to buy them, because such decorations cannot break and injure the kids.

The best toys under the Christmas tree

For the decoration of the Christmas tree, not only hanging toys are used, but also original dolls depicting fairy-tale characters or animals. Common options: symbol of the coming year, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Snowman.

Reasons to buy:

  • Beautiful design;
  • festive melody;
  • long battery life.

The doll has good detail and symbolizes well-being, happiness, wealth. The gray-bearded old man is dressed in a long fur coat embroidered with gold and a silver hat. The fur coat is belted with a wide cord. Santa Claus has blue mittens on his hands, and silver boots with a bent toe are on his feet. The composition is completed by a golden staff with a twisted handle.

The height of the figurine is 50 cm. The toy is powered by AA batteries, which are not included. There is a hidden button to turn it on. If you click on it, Santa Claus starts moving to the beat of the New Year’s melody.

Reasons to buy:

  • spectacular appearance;
  • original design;
  • porcelain face;
  • sparkling hair.

The Snow Maiden, dressed in a white fur coat with fur trim, radiates a festive mood and looks like a real snow queen of the New Year holiday. Silver pom-poms with long laces give it a lovely zest and emphasize the beauty of a fairy-tale look.

The cute girl has thick bangs and two luxurious braids of wheat color. A fluffy hat is put on his head, and shiny mittens are on his hands. The height of the toy is 30 cm.

All the details of the Snow Maiden costume are carefully calibrated and adjusted to each other. A high-quality product carries positive energy and looks great against the background of any Christmas tree.

Reasons to buy:

  • high detail;
  • stylish design;
  • multifunctionality;
  • quality manufacturing materials.

A snowman from the Dutch company Kaemingk gives positive emotions on a holiday. The snow globes from which the New Year character is designed are made of polystyrene foam.

A woolen gray hat with a pompom is put on the doll’s head, a scarf is wrapped around the neck. Carrot nose and eyes are made of multi-colored textiles. On the sides there are twig handles on which the Snowman brings magical non-melting snow into the house. The height of the toy is 27 cm.

The accessory can be put under the Christmas tree or used to decorate your home and office as part of holiday compositions. Such a cute character is able to capture the attention of adults and children for a long time.

How to choose Christmas toys

Beautiful Christmas decorations form a fabulous atmosphere and give the New Year holiday a special charm. To get really cool jewelry, you should familiarize yourself with their assortment in advance. There are several types of toys on sale:

  • traditional balls of different diameters;
  • flat pendants in the form of symbols of the year, snowflakes, snowmen;
  • volumetric figures of animals, cones, icicles, Christmas angels.

Glass and plastic are most often used for the production of such toys. Glass models are beautiful, environmentally friendly, but break when careless movement. Lightweight plastic is unbreakable, but may contain toxic elements, so you need to make sure it is safe before buying.

Christmas decoration sets allow you to decorate a tree in one style and color direction. The traditional New Year’s colors are green, gold, red, silver, blue. They can be combined with each other or combined in one composition.

When buying a New Year’s toy in a store, examine its mount and make sure it is securely fixed. Factory pendants tend to break quickly. If this happens, replace them with colored straightened paper clips or satin laces.

Be sure to wipe the model with sequins with your hand to check if they crumble. Remember that high-quality toys hold shiny particles firmly.

Frequently asked Questions

What advice do designers give for decorating a Christmas tree?


Designers are advised to take care of the unity of style. To create a festive atmosphere, the Christmas tree outfit must fit into the surroundings. Today, several styles are at the peak of popularity. In baroque, the main element is blue, silver and gold balls of the same size. Provence involves decorating the Christmas tree with glass white and silver angels, Santa Clauses, balls. Oriental style is easy to recognize by the red and gold colors, the abundance of bells and lanterns.

How to choose the right size of toys?


Start from the size and shape of the Christmas tree. Light small decorations are suitable for a small tree with fragile branches, large trees are suitable for large trees. For complete harmony, it is recommended to purchase toys of the same size.

How to determine a quality Christmas tree toy?


When choosing a product, be guided by security considerations. Fragile glass models break and are therefore dangerous for small children and pets. Plastic jewelry is desirable to smell — their quality is indicated by the absence of foreign smell. Be sure to find out the composition of the paint used for decor and check the quality certificate.


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