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At the dacha, you can’t do without a cozy house — albeit a small one, but bright, comfortable, warm. It will save from rain, wind, snow, it will be possible to stay overnight. Many people today love outdoor activities, they are familiar with the tent firsthand, but in the country, nevertheless, you need a house. And where there is a house, you need sewerage.

It is required to allocate space for a tree, and for a garden bed, for a greenhouse, a tank. Will it be enough for a shower, sink, toilet? Of course that’s enough. Well, if the site is larger than 6 acres. As they say, in this case you are lucky.

If the area is small, you will have to initially make more efforts, but then relax for your pleasure. A photo of a sewer in a country house is a clear demonstration of how well everything can actually work out. It’s worth taking a look at them. It will be comfortable and easy after modernization.

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Safety first

How to make a sewer for a country house? First, a diagram of the wiring of pipes inside the room and around the perimeter is drawn up. It must comply with the rules of SNiP. Pipes are purchased, their installation begins. However, this is not where you should start. First of all, you need to choose a storage collector.

The basis of sewerage in the country is a cesspool. It is periodically cleaned, treated in a timely manner with special substances for the correct, safe processing of organic compounds.

Is it worth it to make a cesspool for sewerage in the country? Often choose this option, but it has disadvantages. Previously, there was no alternative, and all attention was paid to the quality of its creation. Brickwork, filled with concrete — this is how a reliable, practical cleaning, storage facility was made. Now you can do otherwise.

Bacteria and household chemicals are the main threat. They can get into the ground if the storage or cleaning tank is not made correctly. Therefore, it is better to carefully study the methods of its creation, familiarize yourself with the latest developments, and only then make a decision.

Better yet, entrust the work to a specialist. When there is a well in the country, you can accidentally poison the water in it. Groundwater can also be poisoned. A service such as turnkey sewerage is often offered. In newspapers, on the Internet, on city bulletin boards, you can find the coordinates for communication, find out the price, and clarify other points.

The pipes must be connected tightly, the cesspool must also be airtight. Is it easy to achieve this effect on your own? Often a sewerage system is created in the country with their own hands, because only the owners know where and what grows. But experts can do everything very carefully, with minimal losses. It is only necessary to discuss the main points with them in advance.

On television, more and more often show stories about the work of builders and plumbers of private firms in the United States, for example. At any moment, an American may want to build an artificial pond or a fountain in his yard, for example. Builders and plumbers will not stain the carpet and damage the tiles by the pool. Sewerage on the site should also be installed easily. By entrusting the work to professionals, you can be sure of this.

And the specialist, unfortunately, will not be able to do anything if it is planned to create a classic cesspool, but plumbing is also carried out. The load will be large, excessive.

Types of storage and purification tanks

Modern solutions:

  • specially made, factory storage tank;
  • septic tanks;
  • local treatment plants (VOC) or automatic installations (AU);
  • ring sewers.

These are worthy competitors of the cesspool. They guarantee safety and comfort. Having studied their features, you can choose the best option for yourself.

Storage capacity

The storage tank is a guarantee of tightness. She is looked after in the same way as a cesspool, operation is completely easy. This is the easiest and most effective option, which is why it is popular.

It is installed in areas with different areas. It’s not about space, it’s about requirements. It is able to accommodate more drains than a cesspool, but less than septic tanks.

If there is electricity

VOC or AU can only be installed when there is electricity in the country. They are supplemented by an electronic control unit, which simplifies operation, but for most summer residents this may seem like a luxury. Not everyone will agree to take and install such a collector.

VOC or AC is smaller than a septic tank. They cost, of course, more than storage capacity. In offline mode, they can work no more than four hours. So they are still designed for an amateur, an admirer of progress, fashionable inventions.

Septic tanks — a compromise solution

A septic tank for a summer residence is a large-sized system, although there are different models. Perhaps this is their only drawback. The system consists of several containers in which the liquid is cleaned and, as a result, it can be used for irrigation.

Insoluble elements settle to the bottom. They need to be removed every two or three years, to clean the system. It is this collector that can be called a universal technology. The main thing is to find a place for him on the site, to follow the rules of safe operation.

concrete rings

Sewerage with storage in the form of concrete rings is also suitable for giving. The KS brand is used, rings of different sizes. The advantages are obvious: the cost item will be significantly reduced, they are safe, they do not take up much space, they are easy to install and they look aesthetically pleasing.

The disadvantage is the low capacity. But often and so it is necessary to save water, to spend it carefully. It is possible that concrete rings are the desired, ideal option.

The scheme will help to avoid emergency situations

The sewerage and water supply scheme is a drawing, a plan, an official document that cannot be thrown away. It will come in handy if they dig trenches and not only in this case.

It depicts the main elements, their position and the pipes connected to them. The rules of SNiP will help to place them correctly. After the scheme is drawn, you should draw up an estimate, purchase materials. The riser is mounted first, then pipes are laid.

The sewer pipe exits the house through a hole in the foundation. If it has not been done, alternative solutions should be considered. In particular, about the construction of such an extension as a kitchen or a bathroom, a toilet. This time it is important to provide a hole for the pipe in the foundation.

Or you should discuss this problem with a specialist who will help solve the problem, taking into account the individual characteristics of the situation. Sewerage in the country is usually installed free-flow. Therefore, it is so important to mount the pipe at the level of the foundation.

Autonomous sewerage on the site is a comfort that everyone can afford. Installing it is not a problem. The main thing is to decide. You may have to re-plan the garden, garden. It is important to choose the right time in order to preserve valuable varieties. Thanks to this modernization, the cottage will turn into a favorite place for outdoor activities.

Photo of sewerage in the country

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