12 best photo frames — Rating 2022 (top 12)


Decorating the room with photos in beautiful frames is a great idea. Especially for you, we have made a selection of photo frames that complement the interior.

What photo frame to buy

Manufacturers produce frames of various sizes and shapes. By type of execution, they are single and modular. The last option is a frame collage of several photos, and has not gone out of fashion for several years.

Frame materials are:

  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • glass;
  • cardboard;
  • the cloth;
  • gypsum.

A regular photo frame should make the photo stand out and at the same time match the style of the image. When choosing, consider the design and stability of the support if the photo will stand on a table or shelf.

They occupy a separate niche digital photoframes with built-in memory, similar to tablets for displaying downloaded pictures. Their standard aspect ratio is 4:3 and 16:9, but there are also non-standard solutions — 3:2, 5:3, 16:10.

Best Photo Frames

The luxurious interior will be complemented by an “antique” wooden frame, the children’s room will be complemented by a plastic one with an appliqué. Digital and single frames look great on bedside tables and on shelves in the guest area.


  • material — metal
  • format 10×15 cm
  • depth 1 cm

This oval photo frame is made of metal painted in soft blue color. A calm shade fits well into a room decorated in the style of Provence, Baroque, eclecticism.

The material does not deform and does not lose its attractive appearance during long-term operation. Pieces of glass and artificial pearls are used for decoration.

There are fastening tabs on the back that easily bend and open access to the window for replacing the picture.

We liked original appearance and convenient mounting, securely fixing the frame on the wall. The model is suitable for bedrooms, children’s rooms, living rooms. The disadvantages include high cost, but it is justified by high quality and durability.

We also recommend:

Phoenix Present Tenderness is a rectangular frame, also made of metal, for one photo sized 10×12 cm. It attracts with a curly frame, restrained colors and individual style.


  • material — wood
  • ceramic decor
  • format 10×15 cm
  • depth 5 cm

This rectangular photo frame made of natural wood is decorated with ceramic elements: a float, a fishing rod, a fisherman and a bucket of fish. Environmentally friendly material gives unsurpassed tactile sensations and does not cause allergic reactions.

The back wall opens: inside there is a place for fixing a photo. The design is equipped with a neat stand and glass that protects the picture from dust and fading.

We liked ceramic decoration, made with fantasy and humor. The frame decorates the room, focuses on the hobby of its owner.

We also recommend:

Gzhel Image Art is an oval-shaped vintage ceramic photo frame decorated with floral ornaments. Format 10×15 cm, there is a support and stand-legs.


  • material — plastic
  • 3 photo spots
  • formats 10×10 cm and 10×15 cm
  • depth 4 cm

A single design consists of 3 standard frames of different sizes. The laconic plastic frame successfully imitates wood, does not require complex maintenance and is perfectly combined with other materials.

The back covers are fixed with special fasteners. At the bottom there is a place for two AAA batteries required for the operation of the LED backlight.

The product is placed on a table or hung on a wall using a bracket. The model is in demand for lovers and couples.

We liked original design, bringing fresh notes to the interior. On the back of the frame is a button that turns the backlight on and off. Subdued lighting creates the effect of a night light in the dark.

We also recommend:

Provas Innova is a vintage plastic multi-frame for 6 photos 10×15 cm with a secure wall mount.


  • material — magnetic vinyl
  • format 10×15 cm
  • children’s theme

A magnetic photo frame is a flat magnet with a cut-out window for a photo. The surface is decorated with images of animals and fairy tale characters.

Environmentally friendly materials are used for production, so ForaPrint models are not only beautiful, but also absolutely safe.

A useful souvenir keeps the photo firmly. To replace it, just remove the frame, pull out the picture and insert another suitable format in its place.

We liked high-quality workmanship, bright prints and ease of use. The magnetic frames are covered with a laminated film, they are easy to attach, do not fade in the sun and are easily cleaned of dust.


  • material — plastic
  • format 30×40 cm
  • depth 2.5 cm

The photo frame made of classic polymers has a fairly high strength. Light weight does not require a complex fastener. The frame is easily hung on the wall and fixed on it.

To insert a photo, the back cardboard wall opens. The edges are inserted under the frame by about 1 cm, thereby hiding part of the card.

The large framing format is in demand for portraits, general shots from weddings and other solemn events.

We liked affordable cost and at the same time decent quality frame. The model protects the image from mechanical influence and prolongs the life of the photo. Universal design allows you to use it in any interior.

We also recommend:

Polystone «Roses and Lace» — a photo frame made of artificial stone in the format of 15×20 cm, made in pastel colors and decorated with roses, will appeal to romantic girls. It is also suitable for a girl’s children’s room.


  • format 4:3
  • USB support
  • headphone output
  • brightness 200 cd/m2

Modern photo frame has a removable stand and is installed on a horizontal surface. The device is powered by the network.

The IPS display provides a high degree of contrast and improved color reproduction. Screen resolution 1024×768 pixels.

Support is provided for playing audio content from flash drives and memory cards. The control is carried out by the buttons on the rear panel and the remote control (so that it is not lost, there is a separate compartment in the case for its storage).

We liked advanced functionality, including slide show preview, music playback, zoom, image rotation, calendar and clock. The user can adjust the speed of changing photos and easily delete them from the memory card.

We also recommend:

Digma 10.1″ PF-1043 is a digital photo frame with a 10.1-inch display, 16:10 screen format and playback of photo, audio and video files from a memory card or via USB.


  • format 17:10
  • slide show
  • USB support
  • MP3, WMA audio files

The dimensions of the photo frame are 400x250x35mm, the screen resolution is 1366×768 pixels. The case is made of glossy plastic, and the control buttons are located on the back panel. The gadget is hung on the wall or installed on the desktop using a stand. Powered by mains.

In the list of available options: timer, clock, calendar, built-in speakers that expand the functionality of the device. The digital frame has good contrast and brightness, so it produces a clear, rich picture in any light.

We likedthat the accessory recognizes many multimedia formats and produces sound through powerful speakers. Sequential display of folders, slideshow, rotation, scaling are available. The menu is multilingual, Cyrillic is supported in file names.

How to choose a photo frame

In interior design, not the last place is occupied by photographs, which are independent elements or part of a collage. In order for the pictures to successfully fit into the situation, it is necessary to choose the right photo frames for them.

We will tell you what materials such products are made of and what to look for when choosing.

Frame types

Souvenir shops offer massive and exclusive handmade photo frames. They are:

  • desktop,
  • wall,
  • fixed magnets.

Some are equipped with a backlight that creates an additional light accent in the space.

According to the type of execution, single and modular frames are distinguished. The former can hold one photo of a certain size, the latter are composed of several photo compartments. Diagonal, symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangement of modules is possible here.

Digital frames are modern accessories powered by electricity or batteries. Gadgets store photos electronically and display them on the screen as a slideshow.

Choosing the material of manufacture

Here the choice depends on the individual preferences of the buyer.


Differs in environmental friendliness, durability and a practicality. Wooden frames are a classic option that fits into any interior.

The natural base has hypoallergenic properties and retains the natural smell of wood for a long time. Most often, the surface is varnished or painted.


An alternative to wood are products made from MDF — pressed sawdust. The finely dispersed fraction in the form of shavings acquires the necessary shape after impregnation with a special adhesive composition. The top is covered with a film or wood veneer.

Externally, MDF frames do not differ from natural ones, but are less prone to drying out from moisture changes.


Decorative products are made of polymeric materials of high strength. There is a distinction between PS photo frames made of organic-based expanded polystyrene and ordinary plastic products. Both those and others are distinguished by low weight, a variety of sizes, shapes and shades.


Metal frames made of steel or aluminum have a stylish look, glossy, matte or satin texture. Such models successfully fit into fashionable design styles (for example, modern and high-tech).

These are very durable accessories that keep a presentable appearance for a long time.


Glass photo frames are produced with a regular and mirror surface. Any of them are universal, bring lightness and special flavor to the interior. Such products are relatively inexpensive, but can break if dropped.

Non-standard materials

For the design of photographs, non-standard raw materials are often used:

  • cardboard;
  • felt;
  • Knitting;
  • dried plants;
  • plush;
  • the cloth;
  • gypsum.

Such frames are beautiful, but unstable to dust, dirt, water and do not tolerate wet cleaning. If you are looking for a wear-resistant extraordinary frame, pay attention to options from ceramics, leather, buttons.


Photo frames usually correspond to standard picture sizes.

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Frequently asked Questions

How to choose the right photo frame style?


The frame must match the interior and the photo that will be inserted into it. In the office, it is better to use discreet models of soothing colors, and wooden ones are better. For a child’s room, choose a bright, colorful design and safe materials. For the living room, buy classic options, but in the bedroom you can afford romantic or just non-standard stories.

What frame to buy for a black and white photo?


Choose thin, neutral frames. For a light photo, a dark frame color is suitable, and for a dark one, a cream or gray color is ideal. Of course, you can choose a frame based on the color of the furniture in the room, but then it’s better to use a contrasting passe-partout to beat the black and white photo.

How beautiful to arrange a photo in a frame-panel?


If the frame is designed for several photos, then it is better if the pictures in them have some similarity. For example, all photos will be in the same color scheme or with a similar plot. You definitely shouldn’t insert pictures of completely different styles into such a frame, otherwise the composition will look chaotic and ridiculous.

Should the frame be selected exclusively according to the size of the picture?


Most often they do just that, and the frames are sold in standard sizes. But if we are talking about a panel or a collage, then there is a field for experimentation. For example, an A4 rectangular wall frame might look good with a square photo placed in the center.

What other forms of photo frames are there?


Classical frames include geometric shapes: square, rectangular, round and hexagonal. To non-standard — any curly models that only fantasy can create (for example, in the form of Christmas toys, balls, hearts). Framing can also be voluminous or flat, influencing the perception of the form and making it more interesting.

How to choose a frame for a particular photo?


Consider the compatibility of the picture and the frame. Avoid strong contrasts between them and try to make the shades overlap with each other. Here are a few rules to help you avoid mistakes:

Dark wood and metal frames trimmed with gold and silver enhance the brightness of the picture, but can discolor a bright photo.

A wide frame casts a shadow, so the picture needs good lighting.

For black and white photos, a colored frame is not suitable — at least, without a developed designer’s taste, it will be difficult to choose the right shade. Take advantage of the win-win black, gray or white frames.

How to arrange photo frames in the interior?


When designing the walls, consider the size, location, and number of shots. Hang your photo at eye level. Make sure the area is sufficiently visible and well lit.

For a collage, the ideal option is a wall in the living room, bedroom, children’s room, corridor, office. Choose the visual range based on the concept of the interior and the purpose of the room:

  • Romantic images are good in the bedroom;
  • Family photos and portraits in the living room;
  • Photos of babies and pets — in the nursery.

Single frames look good on a bedside table, mantelpiece, small kitchen.

How to highlight the main photo on the wall?


When creating a composition, the central photo is easy to select. This is a picture that is larger than the others. Focus on it with a wide or unusual frame.

To maintain symmetry, use a frame of the same shape for small shots.

Do not highlight the main photo with a separate highlight. It will not let you focus on other elements. If you definitely want to highlight the collage, make sure that the light falls on all the images at once.

What to look for when choosing a digital photo frame?


When buying an electronic frame, in addition to size and shape, consider the display resolution, viewing angle, brightness, image format, memory capacity.

The standard aspect ratio is 4:3 inches. For widescreen copies, the value increases to 16:9 inches. Resolution is important: the more pixels, the better the picture.

Many digital models are endowed with additional functionality that should not be abandoned. This includes support for listening to music, alarm clock, timer, Wi-Fi, calendar.


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