4 best modular cabinets — Rating 2022

modular cabinet


The selection includes the best sets of modular cabinets that allow you to competently organize your living space and create comfort in your home interior.

modular cabinet

The best modular cabinets

Modular furniture is a modern trend that is gradually replacing stationary wardrobes from apartments. A special system consists of individual elements that are combined and installed according to the wishes of the owner. The standard modular cabinet includes a base section and additional parts attached to it.

Reasons to buy:

  • nice appearance and interesting color;
  • a large number of open and closed branches;
  • capacious shelves;
  • detailed assembly instructions.

Masha’s modular set includes a clothes hanger in the form of a stand with hooks, a mirror, a two-wing wardrobe, drawers with roller guides, and open niches. Under the ceiling are mezzanines and a shelf for hats.

Modular furniture has worthy characteristics. The material from which it is made resembles natural wood, but does not require special care using expensive products.

Hallway Masha is used to store bags, shoes, outerwear, sports equipment and other accessories. It is practical, equipped with good fittings and reliable fasteners.

Reasons to buy:

  • stylish appearance;
  • place for a TV panel;
  • corner sections;
  • quality fasteners.

The frame of the Akvilon Ultra modular wall is made of laminated chipboard. Glossy light surface is not afraid of sunlight, moisture and mechanical stress.

The set includes a corner wardrobe, shelving with open shelves and drawers. In the center there is a large niche for a TV panel. The modular design is equipped with comfortable legs and metal fittings.

A light mini-wall allows you to rationally use the space of the corner. This is a win-win and functional option for a small living room.

Reasons to buy:

  • interesting design without legs;
  • glossy finish;
  • space saving:
  • wear resistance.

Wall Vigo allows you to compactly arrange a large number of things. The facade is made of MDF with a glossy finish — this material does not fade in the sun and is resistant to temperature extremes.

The set includes two hanging vertical pencil cases with deep shelves and an open TV cabinet. The maximum load for each pencil case is 15 kg. The product is sold with fasteners. Lighting can be installed for a fee.

Open shelves of a modern furniture set are suitable for displaying decorative ornaments, and closed drawers are for things that you want to hide from prying eyes.

Reasons to buy:

  • comfortable handles;
  • solid size;
  • practical color;
  • matte coating.

The corner cabinet with three hinged doors is made in noble dark colors from high-quality chipboard. There is a metallic MDF overlay around the perimeter, a hallmark of Naomi’s collection.

In the bowels of the cabinet there is a bar for clothes and many shelves, adjustable in height. There is a mirror on the inside of one of the doors. Modular corner wardrobe is the best solution for a small or medium bedroom. It does not take up extra space, but it is very roomy.

How to choose a modular cabinet

The modular cabinet consists of sections that can be arranged according to the instructions or at your discretion. The basis of the design is the base module. Additional blocks are attached to it.

Modular cabinets have significant advantages over conventional furniture. By purchasing such a kit, you can independently choose the required number of sections and install them so that they successfully fit into the decor of a room with a non-standard layout.

  • In small rooms, light corner cabinets look good, saving space, and small mini-walls with a pencil case for things or open shelves.
  • For large rooms, cabinets of any size and shape are suitable, combined with spacious shelving, drawers, cabinets, chests of drawers.

To purchase modular segments, you need to measure and sketch a simple drawing of the room. With these data, you can already go to the store and ask the consultant to choose the best model.

Frequently asked Questions

What materials are modular cabinets made of?


The demanded raw materials for modular cabinets are chipboard chipboards, which are durable and resistant to temperature fluctuations. A little less often, goods are made from more expensive MDF (fibreboard) and natural wood. Products are equipped with aluminum, bronze, plastic fittings and are often decorated with glass panels, especially if the kit is intended for the living room.

Which façade opening system is the best?


For modular cabinets, several types of doors are used. Swing with loops on the sidewalls and folding with loops at the bottom. Sliding, moving along the guides, and folding in the form of an accordion. Which system is better is difficult to say. The choice depends on the overall concept of the interior and the personal preferences of the owner. But if the room is cramped, it is better to choose sliding doors.

How to choose a good modular wardrobe?


Get a modular wardrobe that meets the needs of your family. Make sure it has sections that you will definitely need. This approach makes furniture practical. Do not forget that exclusive models are much more expensive than standard options, so decide in advance whether you are ready to pay more for an unusual design.


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