5 Best Bathroom Grab Bars


Handrails provide comfort and safety of the person in a bathroom. They are especially useful for people with disabilities.

bathroom grab bar

The best handrails for bathtubs

The rating includes reliable and functional models that will not spoil the appearance of the bathroom, but will become a beautiful and practical addition to the interior.

Reasons to buy:

  • Quality stainless steel;
  • Built-in soap dish;
  • There is a right and left orientation.

The model is suitable for a bathroom or hanging shower. Glossy surface and rounded shape look elegant and expensive. The handrail itself is wide and reliable, and not only soap, but also cosmetics for care will fit on the built-in shelf.

Water does not accumulate in the tray due to the drain hole. One set of delivery includes a white, dark and light gray shelf. The handrail is easily attached to the wall (the installation procedure is described in the detailed instructions). Fasteners are hidden, so everything looks very neat.

Reasons to buy:

  • Multiple support options;
  • Adjustable position;
  • Reliable fastening.

The model is designed in such a way that it allows you to approach the plumbing from any side by adjusting the position of the support. It is suitable for large and small rooms, as it does not take up much space when reclining.

The handrail is made of stainless steel, so it can be used directly inside the shower cabin. Bolts and dowels for fastening are included, but they are only suitable for brick and concrete walls.

This handrail can also be installed next to the toilet, because there is a toilet paper holder in the quality to use the space as useful and convenient as possible.

Reasons to buy:

  • Reliable and strong design;
  • Compactness;
  • There are vertical and horizontal bars.

The design of this handrail keeps a person in a stable position, and its vertical part makes it possible to stand at full height, maintaining balance.

The chrome-plated metal is perfectly washed and is not afraid of corrosion. The fastening is hidden. The mounted handrail, due to its laconic design, does not attract too much attention and fits seamlessly into the interior of the bathroom.

Reasons to buy:

  • Attractive design;
  • Strong grip;
  • Ease of care.

A spectacular decorative element perfectly fulfills its practical function. The length of 32 cm is enough to get up or sit in the bathroom, using a rigid support. The optimal distance from the wall allows you to firmly grab the handrail at any point.

Fixsen Retro handles last a long time, and the manufacturer gives them a five-year warranty. It is very easy to care for them due to the hidden fastening and smooth lines. The surface here is also smooth — without roughness and burrs.

Reasons to buy:

  • Comfortable grip;
  • Damage resistance;
  • Safe form.

Roca Malibu handrails are very comfortable to use thanks to their ergonomic shape. Their design is suitable for any style and looks good in the interior of the bathroom. The chrome-plated coating is practical in care, does not scratch or chip off even with an accidental impact.

With proper fastening, the handles can withstand a fairly large load. They fit snugly to the bathroom and do not allow dirt to accumulate at the joints.

How to choose bath rails

You need to choose a product depending on the basic needs of the owners. For example, to change the lying position in the bath to a sitting position, it is more convenient to have handles built into the bowl itself. But to get out and climb into it, you need wall models.

The folding handrail is convenient because it does not interfere during bathing and when it does not need support. In addition, this design saves space, unlike a stationary one — a good option for cramped rooms.

A wide handrail is needed for people who constantly need support in the process of bathing. It allows you to change position by grasping different areas of the handrail.

The right handrail provides comfort and safety. But for this it must meet certain conditions:

  • The diameter of the handrail is selected according to the size of the hand. Too thick or thin will not provide a strong grip.
  • The greater the weight of a person, the more massive and stronger the structure should be.
  • Fasteners must be reliable, and a good handrail always has a lot of fixation points.

How to install a handrail on a bathtub

Inserting the handles into the bathtub is done before it is installed, otherwise it will become problematic or even impossible.

  • First you need to mark the holes. It is necessary to mark and drill an enameled bath only from the inside — if you do this from the outside, then a piece of the coating will break off at the exit of the drill.
  • When the holes are ready, screws are inserted from the outside of the bath, and seals from the inside. Only then install and tightly screw the handles.

So that the holes do not subsequently rust, they need to be primed or treated with enamel.

Installing the handrail to the wall is a little different. To do this, the handrail is attached to the attachment point, and holes for drilling are outlined.

The tile is drilled without impact at low speed, and as soon as the tile is passed, you can turn on the impact function and drill more intensively. Further, dowels are inserted into the holes, and the self-tapping screw is passed through the holes of the handrail and screwed into the wall.


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