5 best bathroom shelves


A shelf is a popular and useful element of bathroom decor. A variety of models presented in stores differ from each other in functionality and price. Let’s talk about the best of them.

bathroom shelf

The best bathroom shelves

The stores sell floor and hanging shelves for the bathroom. The former take up a lot of space and look good in spacious rooms. The latter rationally organize space and are suitable for small rooms.

Good furniture is resistant to moisture, fungus and is easily cleaned of dirt. In addition, it plays an important aesthetic and functional role, allowing you to keep the right things at hand and keep things in order.

Reasons to buy:

  • angular shape does not take up much space;
  • matte coating;
  • capacity;
  • durability.

Tekno-tel is a three-tiered stainless steel trellis designed for compact placement in the corner of a room. Rods with a diameter of about 4 mm form a stable surface on which it is convenient to place hygiene items and cosmetics.

For convenience, a side is provided to prevent accidental dropping of the vials. Suspended design is suitable for installation on the wall, shower screen, cubicle door. The grate lets splashes through, and the metal dries quickly.

A stainless steel shelf looks aesthetically pleasing and significantly outperforms models made of other materials in terms of quality. It is not afraid of corrosion, so it will last for many years.

Reasons to buy:

  • moisture resistant surface;
  • reliable fastening;
  • environmentally friendly materials;
  • affordable cost.

A large rectangular mirror with an elegant plastic frame in white or silver. The top corners are neatly rounded and decorated with chrome inserts. In the lower part there is a shelf 10 cm deep for cosmetics and hygiene items.

A mirror with a shelf gives an important touch to the interior, adds light and visually expands the space. The set is made in a concise manner, so it can be easily integrated into a toilet room of any size. Caring for such a design will also be easy.

The mirror is made on high-precision equipment and meets European quality standards. The goods are delivered disassembled, packed in polyethylene and cardboard. The kit includes all fasteners and instructions.

Reasons to buy:

  • compact size;
  • reliable wheels;
  • food plastic;
  • simple assembly.

The narrow plastic bookcase offers three roomy sections. Perforated shelves prevent splashes of water from accumulating and allow you to install additional hooks for washcloths and towels. High sides ensure the safety of things.

Durable wheels move the model in different directions without the slightest effort. Construction width 18 cm, height 60 cm. Compact and convenient bookcase is easy to assemble / disassemble and does not take up extra space.

High-quality plastic is washed with plain water. Tough dirt is recommended to be removed with a standard cleaning agent without abrasive particles.

Reasons to buy:

  • functionality;
  • strong fastening;
  • resistance to moisture.

Rectangular shelf, made of brass, has good wear resistance and durability. The glossy silver surface is resistant to harmful microorganisms, corrosion and minor damage.

The model is equipped with a lattice plane for folding towels or toilet paper rolls, three double-sided hooks and a down tube. There are fasteners on the back for quick and secure wall mounting.

Reasons to buy:

  • durable plastic;
  • simple installation;
  • metal hooks for towels;
  • universal design.

The Brissen rectangular shelf is made of impact-resistant environmentally friendly plastic and is designed for cosmetics and various small things. In the back there are fasteners for fixing to the wall.

Below are five iron hooks for towels and washcloths. All metal parts are chrome-plated for corrosion resistance. The dimensions of the shelf itself are 31×13 cm.

Such an accessory is an excellent choice for small-sized bathrooms, as it allows you to ergonomically equip a sanitary room. It can be placed along any wall, such as over a sink or over a cistern.

How to choose a bathroom shelf

Shelves help to properly organize the space and improve the interior of the bathroom. On sale there are products from different materials.

In order for the furniture to cope with its task, consider the key parameters:

  • Design. The finish and shape of the shelf should be in harmony with the interior of the bathroom.
  • Equipmentthat suits your needs. There are hanging and floor models. Many of them have additional shelves, hooks, mirrors.
  • Dimensions. The choice is influenced by the size of the bathroom and, in general, the availability of free space. Hanging shelves are good for light things, floor shelves can be loaded much more seriously.
  • Fastening. If you plan to install a large whatnot, dowels should be used to fix it. Even ordinary suction cups are suitable for light plastic containers.

Reliable shelf — ergonomic, safe and easy to use. It allows you to compactly arrange cosmetics, hygiene items or towels and minimizes the chance of them accidentally falling.

Frequently asked Questions

Where in the bathroom is it better to place a hanging shelf?


The standard option is mounting in the wall or on the bathroom door. If the model is equipped with special fasteners, it can be hung on the wall of the shower stall. Before starting installation, make sure that the design will not interfere with free access to other items in the room.

Is it safe to use glass shelves in the bathroom?


Glass shelves for bathrooms are made of tempered glass. They are resistant to moisture, scratches, chips and are suitable for storing light items. In order for the model to meet all safety standards, it must have rounded corners and reliable fasteners.

What furniture helps to visually enlarge the room?


To visually enlarge a small bathroom with a low ceiling, a shelf with horizontal sections is recommended. Accessories combined in the form of steps or complemented by a mirror help to expand the room.


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