5 Best Bed Bases


The TOP includes collapsible bases for occasional use and reinforced one-piece structures for many years of operation with mattresses of different hardness.

bed base

The best bases for mattresses

The most reliable and comfortable bases with good orthopedic properties for beds and mattresses of different sizes.

Reasons to buy:

  • high strength;
  • flexible adjustment;
  • reinforced crossbars;
  • collapsible design.

The model is distinguished by a large number of double-design slats, which provides resistance to increased load and at the same time point support for the sleeper. The minimum distance between them is 4 centimeters. Other features include smooth adjustment of deflection and stiffness thanks to special regulators.

The height of the base is 8 centimeters (there are no legs included), the dimensions are 200×220 cm. The frame is made of natural wood and can be disassembled if necessary. This ensures ease of transportation and storage of the base. Plastic holders are quite durable and do not wear out during operation.

Reasons to buy:

  • high strength;
  • protective covering;
  • reliable installation;
  • thick slats.

The frame of the model is made of metal and is highly durable. To protect against minor damage and preserve the original appearance, all elements are covered with a special paint. The presence of an additional leg in the center allows the base to withstand a large load.

Frame dimensions are 180×200 centimeters, lamella width is 38 mm. The shock absorbers have different stiffness, which allows you to properly distribute body weight and provides an additional orthopedic effect. The crossbars are made of birch veneer 8 mm thick.

Reasons to buy:

  • rich equipment;
  • surface stability;
  • durable construction with a protective coating;
  • convenient assembly / disassembly.

The Lonax Active frame is made of metal and is not afraid of heavy loads. And for transportation or storage, it can be easily disassembled. All major elements are powder coated for protection. The package includes the necessary components for self-fastening the base parts.

The design provides for reinforced legs in the amount of 8 pieces. Frame height 28 cm. The narrow design of the slats provides excellent ventilation and comfort during sleep. Their material is birch wood.

Reasons to buy:

  • durable construction;
  • secure fit of the frame;
  • high load resistance;
  • wear-resistant fittings.

The frame of the model is made of furniture timber with a section of 50×25 mm, the lamellas are made of curved birch plywood, and the holders are made of rubber. The design cannot be disassembled, but it is highly durable. The maximum load per bed is 150 kilograms.

The height of the frame is 7 centimeters, the dimensions of the lamellas are 3.8×8 mm. Elastic fastenings of crossbars provide additional comfort during a dream. The side parts of the product have special locks that guarantee a secure installation.

Reasons to buy:

  • low price;
  • durable construction;
  • durability;
  • reinforced legs.

The frame of the model is made of durable furniture timber, and the lamellas are made of high-quality birch wood. Plastic holders are not subject to wear and ensure reliable fixation of the rails over a long period of operation of the base.

The height of the base is 22 centimeters, the maximum load on the bed is 140 kilograms. The crossbars are located at a great distance from each other, which guarantees constant air circulation. Wide legs can be dismantled if necessary.

How to choose a bed base

The main selection criterion is the size of the base. And although it all depends on personal preferences and the availability of free space in the room, we recommend that you pay attention to models whose dimensions match the standard for modern mattresses — from 60×120 to 200×220 centimeters.

Be sure to find out the width of the slats:

  • Narrow crossbars from 3 to 4 cm are distinguished by improved orthopedic properties and are suitable for springless mattresses.
  • Bases with slats 5-9 cm wide provide good ventilation and are resistant to heavy loads.

If the operating rules of the base are not followed, one of the rails may break, therefore, before buying, we recommend checking the possibility of replacing the lamellas.

It makes sense to buy a collapsible base only in conditions of frequent moving, a solid one is much better suited for constant operation in one place. In-ear models (without supports and latto-holders) do not support attachment to the frame, therefore they are mobile and do not need to be assembled.

As for the frame material, a compromise will have to be found here. The use of thick-walled metal will provide beds with high strength and durability, but can be difficult to carry. Wooden frames are lighter and retain heat better. Most often they are made from birch, oak, beech, pine.

Frequently asked Questions

Why do you need a slat base for the bed?


This design most often acts as a mattress support. Properly selected base can not only extend its life, but also increase the level of comfort during sleep. Some models with special legs are used as a complete replacement for the bed.

What should be the fastening of the lamellas?


The severity of the orthopedic effect largely depends on the rack clamps. The high-quality element slightly absorbs under load, but at the same time holds the lamellas securely. To achieve the necessary balance, the mount must be loose and made of elastic materials such as rubber.

How many crossbars should there be?


When buying, you should remember that the distance between the lamellas has a great influence on the rigidity of the bed. To ensure comfort during rest even on a dense mattress, it is necessary to fix them at a distance of 70-80 millimeters from each other. Usually 15 rails are enough for this.


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