5 best bedside tables — Rating 2022


The bedside table creates an atmosphere of comfort and allows you to keep at hand everything that you are too lazy to get out of bed for. We have selected the most beautiful and practical models for your bedroom.

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The best bedside tables

A bedside table is useful in every bedroom. It is suitable for storing various small things, cosmetics, books, and in some cases can even serve as a compact workplace. Stores sell small tables with one or two open compartments, models on wheels and bedside tables with closed sections.

Reasons to buy:

  • concise design;
  • compact size;
  • excellent strength indicators;
  • high moisture resistance.

The table in the English style is made of solid oak. The material, which is traditional for British furniture, contains a lot of essential oils and resins that protect furniture from fungus and mold.

For decor, genuine leather is used, which has undergone the most complex multi-stage processing, preserving its natural structure. The design belongs to the famous British specialist Timothy Oulton.

The bedside oak table easily tolerates cold, heat and attracts with a presentable appearance. Of the minuses, one can only note the high cost and significant weight characteristic of any oak furniture.

Reasons to buy:

  • spectacular look;
  • solid and stable base;
  • smoothly polished tabletop;

The Hoff Lollipop bedside table attracts with its monochrome solution and conciseness of its smooth forms. Teardrop-shaped base made of ABS plastic reinforced with fiberglass. The round shatterproof glass top is perfectly sanded and completely safe. Product dimensions 45×54 cm.

The model will become a convenient pedestal for a table lamp, suitable for magazines, flower vases, cosmetics. In addition, on a small tabletop it is convenient to have breakfast and serve coffee for two.

Reasons to buy:

  • stable legs;
  • beautiful accessories;
  • eco-friendly materials.

The TetChair bedside table is a perfect gift for all connoisseurs of exquisite furniture. The original piece of furniture is made of Brazilian hevea wood, which is durable, moisture resistant and has a uniform structure.

The frame is made of metal. Below is an open niche for magazines and books. Above is a drawer with an antique-decorated handle. All corners are carefully polished, and the surface is treated with a matte varnish that protects against scratches.

Reasons to buy:

  • capacity;
  • the presence of shelves;
  • matte finish, scratch resistant.

Bedside table Malta is made of high quality laminated chipboard. The material based on natural wood has high environmental performance and does not cause allergies.

The model is an original rectangular design with four wheels. In the upper part there is a rather large countertop, under which there are two deep open shelves (30 cm each). The surface of the table is laminated — the coating is not afraid of the sun, moisture and mechanical damage.

The manufacturer produces dark and light bedside tables Malta. Thanks to this, it is easy to choose a model that is in harmony with the overall color scheme of the room.

Reasons to buy:

  • reliable supporting elements;
  • adjustable leg length;
  • interesting design.

The bedside table is combined from several materials. The tabletop is made of MDF and is smooth, resistant to moisture and temperature changes. The base material is metal, characterized by low weight and strength.

The legs are equipped with wheels for easy movement around the room. Construction height 90 cm.

The laptop table has an attractive appearance and is considered one of the best in terms of price-quality ratio. The model does not overload the interior, looks modern and does not need complicated care.

How to choose a bedside table

The bedside table enhances the level of comfort in the living room and bedroom, combining elegance and functionality. Manufacturers produce models of various shapes and configurations:

  • on wheels. Mobile products are designed for eating, storing things, caring for people with disabilities.
  • For laptop. A product with adjustable height and tilt level of the tabletop provides comfortable work with the gadget right from the bed or from the sofa.
  • For breakfast. Small rectangular tables on low legs are set directly on the bed and create a special area for reading newspapers and breakfast.
  • Bedside tables. Equipped with closed sections that allow you to hide personal items from prying eyes. They are considered more spacious than other bedside furniture.

Size matters a lot. To create a harmonious composition, it is desirable that the height of the table and the bed be the same. Round or smooth shape is good for women’s or children’s bedrooms. Sharp strict lines and lack of decorations are in demand for men’s rooms.

The material of manufacture is also of practical importance and should be taken into account when choosing furniture. Natural wood is expensive, but durable and, with proper care, retains an attractive appearance for a long time. Pressed sawdust board (chipboard, MDF) is light and affordable, but not very durable. A little less often, bedside furniture is made of metal, plastic, or several types of raw materials are combined.

Frequently asked Questions

What is better — a bedside table or a bedside table?


The choice depends on personal preferences and needs. It is the tables that are convenient for reading, keeping records, eating. They do their job well, but due to their small dimensions they do not take up extra space. Bedside tables are less mobile, but more capacious.

Which bedside tables are most in demand?


High consumer demand remains for classic designs. Multifunctional furniture is made in light or dark colors, equipped with drawers.

How to care for a table made of natural wood?


If you want your furniture to last for many years, take good care of it. Dust regularly with microfiber or suede cloths. If liquid spills on the table, wipe it dry immediately. For care, purchase special solutions without abrasive particles and ammonia. Once a month, polish the wood with a beeswax or olive oil based product.


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