5 best candlesticks — Rating 2022 (top 5)


Even the most boring interior will become special with a beautiful candlestick. We choose the best models for different styles and candles.

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The best candlesticks

The candlesticks in our review differ not only in design, but also suggest various installation options, including non-trivial ones.

Reasons to buy:

  • sustainability;
  • Universal design;
  • Quality manufacturing materials.

The candle is inserted into a gray glass bulb, which gives a dim but beautiful light. The candlestick looks attractive even without a candle, so it is often used as a decor for decorating a bedroom or living room.

The whole structure weighs 4 kg, it is stable and stable. Only one candle is placed in the flask. If desired, this model can be installed on a table or cabinet. The flask does not have a lid, but this gives it airiness and elegance.

Reasons to buy:

  • Handmade;
  • Wide and reliable stand;
  • Effective appearance;
  • Holds many standard candles.

Golden luxury stainless steel candlestick comes in a gift box. The «leaf» of the palm tree looks modern and at the same time has some vintage charm.

The patinated gold coating does not wear out, does not scratch, and remains the same shining for the entire period of operation. Thin long candles are inserted into the grooves of the candelabra — when they burn, they complement the candlestick and look simply bewitching.

Reasons to buy:

  • Immediately two candlesticks are included;
  • Made from natural materials;
  • Magnets hidden in the cases;
  • Combine with other decor of the series.

Candlesticks are made of oak wood and genuine leather. A magnet is hidden in the case, allowing you to combine candlesticks and experiment with their placement.

There are several stand options to choose from. This model will look beautiful not only in the bedroom and living room, but also in the bathroom.

Reasons to buy:

  • Graceful design;
  • original solution;
  • Rugged construction.

Now wall candlesticks are not used so often in the interior, but Stilars has created an interesting classic model that will give the room coziness and special charm.

The model is mounted securely to the wall, does not dangle and does not sag under the weight of the candle. A brass candlestick with intertwined branches looks unusual, and works especially well as a pair of decor.

Wax from a candle does not drip onto the floor, but is collected on a small plate stand. The base of the candlestick can be rotated to the right or left, or placed straight. But it is important to ensure that the lit candle is not next to the textiles.

Reasons to buy:

  • original design;
  • Fine porcelain;
  • Protects the flame from the wind.

The model is suitable for any room in the house and can even be used in the office. Transparent glass does not «eat» the light and does not allow the candle to go out from a draft or wind. The ceramic base is stable and stylish. And yet it must be remembered that the candlestick is fragile and will not survive a fall.

If desired, you can insert into it not only a tea, but also an ordinary candle, suitable in diameter. The model can be both an independent decor and part of the overall composition. To make an accent, it is enough to place one candlestick in the center of the fireplace or table. A pair located symmetrically will also look good.

Frequently asked Questions

What material is better to choose a candlestick?


The ideal option is metal. Such a candlestick will last for many years, it is not afraid of accidental falls, it is easily cleaned of wax and looks expensive.

How is a candlestick different from a candelabra?


A stand for one candle is a candlestick, and for two or more — a candelabra. But among the people it is customary to call both products candlesticks, because literally this is a “candle stand”.

Which candlestick to choose?


First you need to decide what the candlestick is bought for. If it is needed for lighting, then we choose a model that will be convenient to carry, and to which more or less standard candles are suitable. The body itself must be stable and unpretentious in care. A decorative candlestick is chosen according to the style of the interior so that it best suits the overall setting. In the classics, it is better to use bronze models; for baroque, any curly options are suitable (preferably with gilding or other luxurious decor). Art Deco style suits crystal and glass. Almost all modern trends gravitate towards concise models, interesting in form, but without unnecessary decor. The main thing is not to overload the interior and use no more than 1-4 candlesticks in the room.


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