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It is quite difficult to choose a chandelier that is suitable in style and functionality, because their range is huge. Our selection will help you go in the right direction and buy a good model.


The best chandeliers

The review contains expensive, but special chandeliers that can decorate any room.

Reasons to buy:

  • Luxurious design;
  • Swarovski Elements pendants;
  • Good lighting area.

This chandelier will become the central part and the most noticeable accent in the interior of a spacious room. Bronze fittings and real crystal look chic, shimmering beautifully in daylight and artificial light.

The width of the chandelier is 81 cm. For it, you need to buy 40 W lamps, but some stores give them as a gift, given the considerable cost of the product.

When installing incandescent lamps, it is even possible to connect a dimmer. The model is suitable for large house, hotel lobby, restaurant and so on.

Reasons to buy:

  • Pleasant light;
  • Universal design;
  • Ease of maintenance.

The spectacular model is made of 360-degree acrylic-coated LED tubes. Minimalistic and at the same time original design fits perfectly into a spacious room decorated in a modern style. Also, the chandelier will look good in the dining area and even in the bedroom.

Here, LED lamps with a total power of 60 W are used, which are included in the kit and do not require replacement for many years. The chandelier is mounted on a plate, and its spreading tubes get along well with the stretch ceiling without overheating it.

The lamp does not have a control panel in the kit, because it is controlled by one switch button. The chandelier gives off a warm and soft white light that is comfortable on the eyes.

Reasons to buy:

  • Bright accent in the interior;
  • High-quality and safe materials;
  • Possibility of dimming.

The chandelier, with a power of 600 W, is hung on a hook, and its height is 1130 mm and can be adjusted. It looks so unusual that it attracts all the attention and looks good in both a white and a colored room.

The largest model with 15 candle lamps illuminates an area of ​​30 m2. With such a chandelier, the purchase of additional lamps is not required, even if the children’s room is large.

The matte surface of the chandelier prevents unnecessary glare and looks interesting in the interior. The model weighs 12 kg, so it is better to mount it with an assistant. Lamps are not included, but if desired, you can connect a dimmer.

Reasons to buy:

  • original design;
  • Acrylic shades;
  • Adjustable height;
  • Extended equipment.

The suspended LED chandelier has built-in LEDs with a total power of 240 W (there are also versions for 100 and 165 W). The maximum height of the model is 130 cm, but it can be reduced to 77 cm.

The dimmer allows you to adjust the color temperature and brightness of the light. At the maximum, the chandelier is able to illuminate an area of ​​​​up to 35 square meters. m. This luxurious model is controlled by a radio remote control.

The chrome finish is suitable for a room decorated in any color scheme. The suspension is covered with a velor fabric, from which dust is easily shaken off. All surfaces of the product are smooth, so their cleaning does not cause much trouble.

Reasons to buy:

  • Waterproof execution;
  • LED lamps included;
  • The presence of a dimmer.

A chrome-plated metal chandelier with matte plastic shades is attached close to the ceiling and does not “eat up” the space. Its height is only 70 mm. It gives bright light thanks to five 7.2W LED lamps.

The model is protected from dust and moisture, unpretentious in care and does not lose its original appearance even after several years of operation. The lamp looks very stylish and fits well into most interiors. Subject to the use of LED lamps, this model can be used with stretch ceilings.

How to choose a chandelier

The chandelier must be chosen not only by design, but also by height, size and lighting area.

Illumination is affected by the number of lamps, their power and type. For the living room you need a brighter light, and for the bedroom it is better to choose a muffled warm one. You can roughly navigate by the total power of the fixtures recommended for standard-sized rooms:

  • Bathroom or corridor 3-6 m2 — 80-100 W;
  • Bedroom 5-9 m2 — 100 W;
  • Kitchen 6-10 m2 — 100-150 W;
  • Living room 10-15 m2 — 200-300 W.

You can use other guidelines as well. For subdued light in the corridor or bedroom, you need 10-12 W per 1 m2; for average illumination in the nursery, in the kitchen and in the bathroom, 15-18 watts will be required for each square of the area. For bright light in an office or living room, you need 20 W per 1 m2.

The shape of the chandelier also affects the illumination. It should be borne in mind that colored, dark and upward-directed shades give a subdued light, which may not be enough.

The chandelier should be of adequate size: not too small and not too big — corresponding to the size of the room. Compact models are suitable for low ceilings, and low, sprawling chandeliers are suitable for high ceilings. The optimal diameter of the lamp is calculated by the formula: the width of the room is added to its length in meters and multiplied by 10. We get the correct diameter of the chandelier in centimeters.

Having dealt with the power and type of the chandelier itself, you can proceed to the choice of lamps. The following options are available here:

  • An incandescent lamp is cheaper than others, but it has low efficiency and strong heating, which is why such chandeliers are not recommended for installation on stretch ceilings.
  • The LED lamp lasts for a long time and at the same time is inexpensive, but with the wrong choice of temperature or light power, it can cause discomfort.

There are also halogen lamps — powerful and durable, but they shine too brightly. Luminescent ones are no better, and although they have a high efficiency, they give uneven cold light, which makes the eyes tired.

Design Choice

The color of the chandelier plays an important role in the design of the room where it will be installed. White chandeliers and shades give a lot of light, freshness and lightness. This option is suitable for any room, even a small area. Black, along with them, are universal, look solid, but «eat» the light.

Cream lampshades on the lamps give comfort and make the light warm. Bright color options (green, blue, red, etc.) are chosen by those who need a chandelier as an accent to give expressiveness to the interior.

The chandelier must be chosen taking into account the type of room:

  • For the living room you need a large and noticeable model with a large number of lamps. If the room is elongated, then two identical lamps are installed symmetrically. The light should be strong enough, but at the same time warm and soft.
  • To the bedroom choose diffused warm light. In a small room, it is better to choose not a suspended, but a ceiling model that will save space.
  • For children’s room choose either a model that is restrained in design, or, conversely, that attracts attention if the interior is calm. It should be original and like the child, as well as give a sufficient amount of light.
  • To the kitchen buy a compact, moisture-resistant lamp with a concise design, given that it will have to be washed most often. It is better to choose models made of metal and glass.

A little life hack from the designers: If the ceiling in the room is uneven and you want to hide the flaws, you need a chandelier whose light is directed downwards.

How to connect a chandelier

First, the chandelier needs to be checked for short circuits and breakdowns. Follow these steps:

  • Turn on the multimeter’s continuity mode.
  • In a chandelier with two wires and one lampshade, touch them with probes, and if there is a sound signal, then find and fix the problem.
  • If the chandelier has a lot of wires, then they should be divided by color into two bundles, and checked in the same way.
  • An illuminator with a metal case is checked by touching one probe to the case and the second to each contact inside the cartridge. The beep indicates a breakdown, and if it is not eliminated, then during operation you may be shocked. If there is no signal, then everything is working correctly.

If the wires on the ceiling are connected according to the marking, then zero is a blue wire, phase is red, white or brown, and ground is yellow-green. But in order not to risk it, it is better to find the phase with an indicator screwdriver. At the phase, it will light up, but at zero it will not.

Having chosen a switching scheme for controlling one or more lamps, you need to divide the ceiling lamps into groups and connect them to different keys on the switch.

Next, the room is de-energized, a mount is installed, and the chandelier is connected to the electrical wiring. When the chandelier is attached to the mounting bar or hook and connected to the mains, you can check its operation by turning on the electricity. Press the switch keys one by one, and if everything is connected correctly, only the lamps corresponding to the key will light up.

Frequently asked Questions

Which chandelier to choose for a stretch ceiling?


The stretch ceiling film does not tolerate heat, and begins to deform already at 80 degrees. Therefore, you need to choose chandeliers with horns pointing sideways or downwards, and the distance from the ceiling to the ceiling should be at least 20 cm. You should not choose lamps with complex fastenings that can damage the film in several places at once. Chandeliers with diffused light are suitable for a glossy stretch ceiling, since open lamps will be reflected from it by rays. Light bulbs are better to choose LED.

How to clean a chandelier?


Most often, it is enough to wipe the lamp with a microfiber cloth. If the shades are removable, then they can be washed right under the tap, and then dried thoroughly and put in place. Elements of crystal chandeliers are wiped with water with the addition of isopropyl alcohol. If it is impossible to remove the parts, then they are wiped with a cloth moistened with a solution.

Which mount is better — a hook or a bar?


The most popular and reliable mount is, of course, a hook. It is mounted directly into the slab on the ceiling and is almost impossible to tear off, even if the lamp is heavy. But at the same time, with such a mount, it is impossible to hang the chandelier close to the ceiling, but a quick and convenient replacement of the lamp is ensured with this method. A plank is a more complex option that allows you to hang the lamp tightly to the ceiling, but not everyone is able to handle it on their own. The bar is screwed to the ceiling, and already on it, in special grooves, a chandelier is installed. It is also not easy to remove the lamp from such a mount, but it saves space.


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