5 best Christmas projectors — Rating 2022


Which projector to buy for indoor and outdoor — tips for choosing, answers to frequently asked questions and examples of the best holiday models.

New Year projector

The best Christmas projectors

A selection of the most interesting New Year’s projectors, which differ in purpose and type of projected image.

Reasons to buy:

  • Video broadcast;
  • 12 roller options;
  • Easy installation.

The projector is intended for home use. It is installed indoors and broadcasts videos to a window on which a white canvas is preliminarily stretched. At the same time, the video is visible both from inside the room and from the street.

The projector has 12 options for videos: 6 New Year’s and the same number for Halloween. It allows you to adjust the image horizontally and vertically, depending on the width of the window opening. There is also a zoom and tilt projection.

The projector has a power of 5 watts and is powered by the mains, consuming very little electricity. It can be used not only for windows, but also for any white surfaces, such as walls.

Reasons to buy:

  • High degree of protection;
  • Radio remote control;
  • 24 types of animation.

The outdoor projector can be used in any weather, including heavy rain and temperatures from -40 to +40 °C. It is installed on a stand or directly into the ground with a pin, and can also be hung on a wall or tree.

The projector has 3 themes: New Year, Halloween and abstract flower theme. Each mode has 8 types of animation. They can be static, dynamic or flickering. The model is equipped with 3 color lasers in red, green and blue.

The projection range is up to 15 m. The high power of the device allows it to project clear images even from afar. The model is equipped with a radio remote control with a range of 20 m. Unlike IR remotes, it is able to work even through walls.

Reasons to buy:

  • Animation projection;
  • Versatility;
  • Ease of controls.

The projector has a good class of protection against moisture and pollution IP44. This makes it suitable not only for the street (provided it is used under a canopy or in the absence of precipitation), but also for the home. You can’t leave it in the rain for a long time, but in normal winter weather it may well be outdoors.

The projector displays only one animation — a juggling snowman. Musical accompaniment is available as an additional option. The projection range is 10 m, and the cable length is 5 m, which allows you to place the equipment in almost any convenient place. The projection size can be adjusted up to a maximum coverage of 16 square meters. m.

Reasons to buy:

  • Synchronization with music;
  • Three operating modes;
  • Installation versatility.

The projector can be suspended from a ceiling or wall, or mounted on a tripod. The beams projected by it can be adjusted according to the strobe mode and rotation speed. Also, the device is able to synchronize with music and create rays in time with the rhythm.

The model is quite compact (10×15 cm), while it can be used in rooms up to 40 square meters. m. It is suitable not only for New Year’s Eve, but also for any theme parties. Available in black and blue colors.

Reasons to buy:

  • Low price;
  • Large projection area;
  • There is moisture protection.

Small in size, the projector is able to decorate a space of 50 square meters. m. It projects a picture of the «starry sky» in traditional New Year’s colors. The model is capable of operating in 4 modes: only green, only red, a static combination of two shades or their flickering combination of green and red.

The projector has a high degree of protection against moisture, dirt and temperature changes in the range from -30 to +40 degrees. The device is powered by a conventional 220 V network. It is equipped with a special support for installation in snow or on the ground.

How to choose a New Year’s projector

By appointment, holiday projectors are divided into home, outdoor and universal. Indoors, budget models with low power can be used.

When choosing a New Year’s projector, you should pay attention to a number of characteristics:

  • Power — the higher it is, the clearer the image will be;
  • Type of lamps — laser or LED;
  • Maximum projection area;
  • Power source — mains or batteries;
  • Number of operating modes;
  • Installation method — hanging, installation on a tripod.

Projectors are capable of transmitting still and moving images or have a variety of operating modes. The most profitable acquisition is models that can project not only New Year’s, but also other pictures, for example, for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter. These will be used more than once a year.

New Year’s projectors can be:

  • Animated — such devices transmit both simple moving pictures and full-fledged videos and excerpts from cartoons.
  • Slider models display small thematic objects: snowmen, Christmas trees, animals.
  • The simplest type is projectors of the «starry sky» type. They project imitation snow, snowflakes or abstract patterns.

As additional options for New Year’s projectors, interchangeable sliders, musical accompaniment, and remote controls may be provided. The more functional the model, the higher its price.

Frequently asked Questions

How safe are laser projectors for health?


New Year’s laser projectors do not directly affect health. However, direct contact with the retina can adversely affect vision. The degree of harm depends on the power of the device (as a rule, the level of danger is indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions). Therefore, it is not recommended to look directly at a working projector — from any distance, especially when it comes to high-power installations at city holidays or in nightclubs. A direct hit of the laser of such models can even ruin the matrix of a camera or a smartphone camera. For this reason, it is better to choose low-power devices for rooms, and for children’s rooms, give preference to LED slider projectors.

What power projector to choose?


This depends on where the equipment will be used (at home or outdoors) as well as the environmental conditions. Projection outdoors with a lot of supplemental lighting—so-called «stray light»—may be fuzzy if the projector is low power. In the case of working almost in the dark, a 4 watt device is enough. 3-5 W models can also be installed indoors. It is more important when choosing to pay attention to the coverage area of ​​the projector, indicated in square meters.

What affects the projector’s curb angle?


The limiting angle, or the opening angle of the picture, determines the distance at which the projector must be installed in order to get the largest possible image. The higher this figure, the closer to the wall you can install equipment when it comes to outdoor models. Accordingly, fewer wires are required for power supply.


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