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The selection includes beautiful modern cups, in which hot and cold drinks become even tastier and more aromatic.


The best cups for drinks

In many cultures, ordinary tea drinking is transformed into a mesmerizing ceremony using beautiful glassware. This allows you to enjoy a moment of silence, taste and aroma of the drink. Minutes of peace can be repeated over and over again right in the office or at home on the couch with a cup of strong coffee — if you choose the appropriate dishes for this.

Reasons to buy:

  • Sterling silver 925 with hand polishing;
  • Fine white porcelain;
  • The set contains 4 items;
  • Gift box.

Factory ArgentA offers white silver of the highest standard without impurities and chemicals. Hand sanding creates a mirror-like effect on the perfectly smooth surface of the neatly patterned coasters.

The cups and saucers themselves are made of fine white bone china. The high detailing of the items makes the set simply chic. The miniature mugs have a pleasant jingle and have a total volume of 68 ml – just right for a shot of espresso. Despite the thin walls, the hot drink in them cools rather slowly.

The set is packaged in a dark blue silk-lined gift box and is a generous gift, symbolizing the wealth and prestige of the family.

Reasons to buy:

  • Interesting design;
  • Made of porcelain;
  • Good choice of colors;
  • Wide handle;
  • Universal use.

Whether it’s tea, coffee, juice, or smoothies, a cup is perfect for everything. It is made in the original modern style and offers several colors to choose from. The convenient shape is complemented by a rigid drinking tube that can also be used as a spoon for stirring sugar.

The set includes a mug, a straw and a branded gift box. The price of the product is quite acceptable, but there is still a drawback — the lack of a lid. The cup is good for making coffee drinks, mulled wines, fruit teas.

Reasons to buy:

  • Interesting design;
  • There is a lid and a sieve for tea leaves;
  • Thick walls that retain heat;
  • Quality materials;
  • Suitable for children.

The model combines the function of a mug and a 300 ml teapot. The finished drink stays hot for a long time thanks to thick walls and a tight-fitting lid, and a sieve prevents small tea leaves from entering the water (even granular ones).

The base of the cup is made of impact-resistant glass, at the bottom there is a plastic overlay with a wide handle. The role of the teapot is performed by a plastic fish that can hold a teaspoon of granules or small-leaf tea.

Reasons to buy:

  • Heat resistant borosilicate glass;
  • Keeps warm longer than regular mugs;
  • Looks stylish and modern;
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher.

Another advantage of the cup is the possibility of using it in the microwave. The product is made of borosilicate glass, which can withstand temperatures up to +150 degrees, so it is not afraid of heating.

In tall transparent mugs, latte, cappuccino, glasse, macchiato, frappe are usually served. Layered drinks look spectacular through glass. Having such a cup in the kitchen, you will definitely want to pamper yourself with such sweets.

Reasons to buy:

  • Practical and lightweight;
  • Universal use;
  • Stand included;
  • Set for 4 persons.

You can’t take fragile and thin porcelain with you to nature or a summer cottage, but you still need to drink from something. In such a case, a budget set of plastic cups is ideal.

They are made in a bright design, equipped with saucers, spoons and a convenient organizer stand. The volume of each cup is 300 ml. The dishes can be used in the microwave and washed in the dishwasher. It does not beat, but over time, of course, it scratches and fades.

Which cups to buy

Before buying any thing, the question arises: what to choose, and which model is better? This also applies to cups. Here, a lot of factors influence the choice: material, shape, what the dishes will be used for, whether they are bought for a gift or for home use, etc.

As for the material of the cups, porcelain is in the first place because of its aesthetic and thermal insulation properties. It cools slowly, is an environmentally friendly material, looks expensive and elegant.

Second is ceramics. Modern technologies have brought its quality to the ideal, but still it remains fragile. When falling, the cups break or crack, despite the enamel layer, chips appear. The advantages of ceramic mugs are an attractive appearance, the absence of toxins in the composition, and a low price.

Glass mugs are also popular, especially double-walled borosilicate glass models. The voids between the inner and outer bowl act as a thermos and keep the temperature of the liquid for a long time. And they look beautiful multi-layered coffee drinks.

Not the most “useful” are mugs made of plastic, metal and paper (disposable). The first can contain toxins, the second oxidizes and heats up too quickly, and cardboard is not an option at all for the home.

The next step is the choice of shape and volume. For tea, you need large and comfortable cups and preferably with thick walls of 200-300 ml, ideally with a tea strainer. But coffee is the whole story. For espresso, you will need classic cups of 60-90 ml, cappuccino is served in medium ceramic mugs, and latte and glass — in tall transparent glasses.

Choose the design to your taste. If this is a gift for a loved one, then take a closer look at the sets and home (office) cups of a friend. Pay attention to the age of the person and carefully select the picture.

Frequently asked Questions

How to care for porcelain?


This fragile material must be washed by hand using baby soap and baking soda. And ammonia or hydrogen peroxide will help to give shine to porcelain cups. Aggressive and harsh detergents, as well as brushes, are strictly prohibited.

What cups can be put in the microwave?


Definitely — non-metallic and without shiny patterns, because the composition of paints may include metals that are harmful to microwave operation. The best option is glass, but when buying, you should clarify the level of its heat resistance and the maximum allowable temperature (at least 140 degrees).

Why does tea leave a coating on mugs, is it harmful, and how to safely clean the dishes?


The composition of tea contains tannins and catechins — tannins that give the drink an astringent and tart taste. Reacting, they form a thin film on the surface of the water, which then remains on the dishes. There is no harm to the body from it, but the mug will darken over time. You can refresh ceramics with soda, vinegar, lemon, peroxide, activated carbon. It works well with regular table salt. When using a teapot, the plaque in the mug is reduced, but remains in the teapot.

Do you need any special cups for espresso?


An espresso cup is called a demitasse. It is made of thick-walled porcelain, and before use, it is doused with boiling water and heated on the stove of a coffee machine. Then the drink cools down more slowly, which will make it possible to enjoy the aroma and taste of coffee. The volume of the cup can reach up to 150 ml, but fill it no more than half.


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