5 best decorative pillows — Rating 2022


When you want changes in the room, but there is no time for global actions, decorative pillows will help to revive the interior.

Decorative pillow

The best decorative pillows

Only the highest quality decorative pillows, practical and interesting in their design, were included in the review.

Reasons to buy:

  • Premium quality;
  • natural materials;
  • Recognizable print.

The silk cover of this pillow is adorned with a logo and gold piping, and has an animal print on the back. The material is strong, durable and shiny. The color does not change and does not fade even after a while.

This model is chosen for luxurious bedroom and living room interiors. It will also serve as a wonderful gift. Such a pillow will look especially good on furniture made of genuine leather. The model is presented in two sizes (40×40 and 60×60 cm) and several rich colors.

Reasons to buy:

  • Interesting texture;
  • natural fabric;
  • Large selection of universal designs;
  • Removable cover.

The pillow is made of 100% cotton and is suitable for people with sensitive skin. It does not accumulate static electricity and is well ventilated.

Synthetic filling is recommended to be washed separately, and the cover should be dry cleaned. Do not machine wash as this may damage the product.

A short multi-coloured fringe decorates the model and makes it suitable for interiors with a range of colors. Such a pillow can be used as a contrasting detail or addition to a color textile design.

Reasons to buy:

  • High fabric strength;
  • Natural materials of the case;
  • A rich selection of patterns.

The cover of this model consists of linen and viscose, and inside it is stuffed with padding polyester. Pleasant textured fabric looks expensive and beautiful. Floral prints are good in almost any interior style, so the series is considered universal. However, the collection includes options in a cage and even with the image of an old map.

The pillow does not have a cover, and it is not recommended to wash it in a typewriter. It is better to use dry cleaning or dry cleaning products for furniture.

Reasons to buy:

  • Pleasant to the touch;
  • Big size;
  • Affordable cost.

This pillow will become not only a decorative element of the interior, but also a toy for a child. It is made of polyester, so even after machine washing it keeps its shape well.

Despite the calm coloring, Avocado attracts attention, and due to its softness it is even suitable for sleeping. You can immediately buy two pillows — the manufacturer has a pair of Avocado Pip models with a convex «bone» on the belly.

Reasons to buy:

  • Dense filling;
  • Ease of care;
  • Laconic design;
  • Good choice of colors.

The pillow with eco-leather cover is sold in several colors and looks very interesting. It will become an accent detail in the interior and will attract attention.

The material of the cover is soft and pleasant to the touch, it does not collect dust, and to clean it, simply wipe it with a soft, damp cloth. Severe dirt is removed with soapy water. Neat facial seams do not stick out and do not put pressure on the body.

How to choose a decorative pillow

There are so many pillow designs that you can just get lost in the assortment. But there are a few recommendations for choosing the right model:

  • On a white, gray or beige background, bright accent pillows look advantageous.
  • Products with an active design in the form of geometric ornaments or large flowers should be combined with pillows of the same color, but without a print.
  • An ensemble of pillows of the same color, but with a different pattern, will bring colors to the interior. Often these options can be found from the same manufacturer.

When choosing pillows for a sofa, you need to give preference to either those that are clearly darker or lighter than the upholstery. You can also combine light and dark shades — it also looks interesting. The contrast in color works well, that is, the gray sofa is decorated with red or orange pillows.

But there are solutions that should be refrained from. For example, buying a pillow from the same fabric as the textiles in the room (be it a sofa or curtains) “cheapens” the room, and the interior seems rustic.

Wrong, and when all the pillows in the interior are of the same type and minimalistic. Even lovers of conciseness and simplicity are recommended to dilute such mixes with one or two bright pillows that attract attention. However, too caustic colors in a calm interior will look ridiculous, so do not forget to focus on the big picture.

The image of food or drinks on the covers used in the living room or office is always inappropriate.

It is better not to use fur and fluffy pillows in the summer. It is recommended to give preference to smooth «breathable» models that will cool the skin when touched.

If you start from the style of the interior, then each of them needs its own pillow decor:

  • Classic — geometric patterns, ornaments of regular shapes, covers made of leather, velvet and tapestry.
  • Oriental — rich decor in the form of gold plaits, tassels, fringes. Bright colors are also welcome.
  • High tech — concise models made of natural fabric or leather, without intrusive design.
  • Country — square shape of a cover made of burlap, linen or any coarse fabric.
  • Minimalism — monophonic, but different in color models without design and decor.

The right pillow will emphasize the beauty of the room, give comfort and emphasize the chosen style.

Frequently asked Questions

How to use decorative pillows in the interior?


The most popular solution is to decorate sofas with them, but in fact there are no restrictions. Armchairs, beds, couches and even fireplace areas are complemented with small pillows, simply by throwing the product on the floor. They can also decorate dining chairs, an office and a street gazebo.

How to choose the right size?


Square products measuring 30×30 cm and 40×40 cm are considered the standard. Such models will fit exactly on a sofa and bed. For a children’s room, you can choose a smaller model — 20×20 cm or 25×25 cm. Universal sizes for rectangular pillows — 50×35 cm and 60×40 cm.

How many decorative pillows do you need for a sofa?


For a standard small sofa in the living room, you need no more than 5 pillows, but this is just a recommendation. Also, the amount of decor can be calculated from the calculation — one pillow per seat.


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