5 best duvet covers — Rating 2022



The duvet cover protects the blanket from dirt, provides comfort during sleep and gives aesthetic pleasure.


The best duvet covers

We have selected the best models from different materials, and they are all of excellent quality.

Reasons to buy:

  • Luxurious execution;
  • natural material;
  • Durability.

The smooth front surface of the duvet cover is decorated with white embroidery. In appearance, it resembles silk, and in quality it is almost in no way inferior to it. The model is sold in European standard sizes, 155×200 cm and 180×200 cm.

The duvet cover is dense and withstands frequent washing, while it does not lose its shape and appearance, it is easy to iron. Natural fabric is well ventilated, which is important for bed linen.

The product is suitable for people with sensitive skin. It is made only using eco-friendly and hypoallergenic materials.

Reasons to buy:

  • Double sided design;
  • natural fabric;
  • Quality clasp.

This model is interesting in that one side of the duvet cover is dark in color, and the other is light. It looks beautiful set with other bedding and expands the possibilities for experimentation. To preserve the texture and color of the linen, you need to wash it at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees.

Bamboo duvet cover does not irritate even sensitive skin, bacteria and microorganisms do not multiply in it, and it also “breathes” perfectly and retains heat. The material does not wrinkle and does not need ironing, it is hygroscopic and dries quickly, which is very important for people who sweat in their sleep. Satin fabric shines like silk and looks very dignified in the interior.

Reasons to buy:

  • Natural cotton;
  • Beautiful decor;
  • Long form retention.

Percale is a fabric made from interwoven cotton threads that feels like starched linen. Even after regular washing, the material continues to crackle slightly, and all this is due to the impregnation, thanks to which the linen lasts for many years.

A kettle with cookies is embroidered on the duvet cover, and along the edge of the product is decorated with peas and a voluminous tourniquet. The embroidery does not shrink after washing because the threads are already shrunk during production.

A large opening on the side fastens with buttons that are securely sewn on and do not fly off even after repeated washings. The duvet cover is sold in a beautiful gift box with tissue paper.

Reasons to buy:

  • Affordable price;
  • Good quality material;
  • Universal design.

The duvet cover is sold in three sizes and in different solid colors. It will go well with white pillowcases and sheets. The model is conveniently stretched over the blanket through a large opening on the side and closes with a zipper.

The model is sold without gift wrapping — in a PVC envelope, but this does not prevent it from becoming a pleasant gift. The product is recommended to be washed by hand or in a typewriter at temperatures up to 40 degrees without the use of bleach.

Reasons to buy:

  • Good fabric density;
  • Pleasant to the body material;
  • Permanent coloration.

This duvet cover is available in two colors and the heart print is suitable for both a very young girl and a teenager. The model is well erased, does not fade and does not deform. It is very easy to iron even without steaming.

The duvet is inserted from the side, and although the duvet cover has no zippers or buttons, it does not fall out. The material breathes and does not accumulate static electricity. But keep in mind that the calico does not shine at all.

How to choose a duvet cover

Choosing the right size duvet cover is easy: you just need to find out the size of the blanket, and you can’t do without a tape measure or a tailor’s meter. All duvet covers have standard sizes in centimeters:

  • 145×215 — one and a half;
  • 175×215 — double;
  • 200×220 — European standard;
  • 220×240 — euromaxi.

There are other sizes for non-standard blankets, but the principle of choice is clear. The duvet cover on all sides should be 1-3 cm larger than the blanket.

As for the choice of material, here start from your preferences and financial capabilities:

  • Cotton is a natural, eco-friendly material that does not cause allergies, which is easy to wash and iron, but also wrinkle easily.
  • Coarse calico is a relatively affordable fabric that dries quickly, but not everyone likes its rough structure.
  • Batiste is a pleasant, but not the most durable fabric. It is better not to buy such underwear for daily use.
  • Bamboo is a practical, durable fabric that retains its original appearance for a long time. It is pleasant to the touch, breathes well and does not wrinkle.
  • Satin and silk are elegant, delicate and shiny bedding that does not stretch well. Such a duvet cover will be slippery and cold.

It is difficult to give advice on design, because everyone chooses linen to their taste, but plain models are more practical. For a feeling of minimalism, cleanliness and freshness, it is better to choose a white duvet cover or plain linen in pastel colors. A small pattern will not be intrusive and will not bother, but large flowers or an ornament will actively stand out.

Frequently asked Questions

On which side should the slot be to be comfortable?


It is believed that the most convenient model is with a slot on the side. Such a duvet cover is easier to iron, a blanket does not fall out of it during sleep, and it will be difficult to get your foot into the gap at night, which will protect the product from tearing. • If the slot is from below, then when making the bed, it will turn out to be either in the head or in the legs. Both in the first and in the second version it does not look aesthetically pleasing. • If the opening is at the top, then rivets, zippers, or buttons may cause discomfort, and if there is no lock, hands can get into the gap. • The bottom slot is still visible, but this option is also popular with buyers.

Does slot size matter?


It is most convenient to insert a blanket into a slot, 50-55 cm wide. There are models with smaller cuts, and this must be taken into account when buying.

How to quickly tuck a blanket into a duvet cover?


The duvet cover is turned inside out, and the blanket is placed exactly on it — corner to corner. Next, a roll of a blanket and a duvet cover is rolled up, starting from the opposite side of the hole on the duvet cover — that is, it should be at the end of the bundle. The slot is completely put on the roll, and it is inside. The blanket unfolds through the slot outward. When the «sausage» is fully untwisted, the blanket is shaken several times. At the same time, you need to hold it by different corners, straightening it in width and length.


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