5 best futons — Ranking 2022


Futon is a practical bedding and an original piece of furniture. On sale there are light quilted mattresses for the floor and products for sofas and armchairs.


The best futon mattresses

Futon is part of the cultural heritage of East Asia, which has become widespread throughout the world. It was originally a traditional thin mattress, spread out on the floor at night and folded up for storage in the morning. Today, it is a sought-after Japanese or minimalist interior detail, used as a mattress, topper, sofa or armchair.

Reasons to buy:

  • medium level of hardness;
  • small stitch;
  • cotton fabric cover;
  • 1.5 year warranty.

An oriental-style item turns from a resilient ottoman into a comfortable sleeping place 16 cm high in a couple of movements. The inner layers are made of polyurethane crumb, the cover is sewn from natural cotton and quilted.

Permissible weight on the mattress 90 kg. You can sleep, sit, play, spend time with friends on it.

The ottoman-mattress successfully complements the room, saves space, fits easily into a modern interior and is recommended for people with a problem spine.

Reasons to buy:

  • convenient storage;
  • stylish appearance;
  • dense upholstery;
  • withstands a weight of 140 kg.

The multifunctional model when folded looks like a frameless chair, and when unfolded it looks like a semicircular mattress. The Boston cover is stitched with high quality and does not have hard seams. The accessory with artificial stuffing weighs 7 kg and is 12 cm thick.

The elastic filler supports the spine well and retains its shape for a long time. If you combine two of these mattresses, you can get a comfortable round double bed. Especially for this, each item is equipped with Velcro.

A transforming chair is a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates the aesthetics and functionality of the environment.

Reasons to buy:

  • cotton filler;
  • Ease of use;
  • simple service.

The futon mattress is made of natural fabric treated with a dirt-repellent coating. Inside the cover are five layers of cotton for optimal resilience and softness. All seams are carefully stitched, the upholstery is fixed with buttons. The thickness of the model is 12-13 cm, the manufacturer offers three sizes to choose from.

For this mattress, there is a THA sofa that fits perfectly. Its folding legs and frame are made of solid pine slats and are quite durable. The sofa is easy to unfold and is quite suitable for sleeping.

Reasons to buy:

  • light weight;
  • medium hardness;
  • modern design;
  • long service life.

A medium firm mattress is a good choice for people of a normal build. Dense and elastic springless base retains its shape for a long time. The cotton jacquard cover is quilted with small squares, as it comes on a padding polyester.

The size of the mattress (80×190 cm) is suitable for a single bed, its height is 3 cm. The product is sold rolled into a compact roll in vacuum packaging.

The topper is worn on a regular mattress to adjust the stiffness. Fastening is carried out using rubber bands at the corners. If desired, they can be replaced with Velcro.

Reasons to buy:

  • excellent back support;
  • solid appearance;
  • knitted cover;
  • stitch on synthetic winterizer;
  • perimeter reinforcements.

The basis of a mattress consists of the Bonnel spring block. Above and below it is filled with polyurethane foam and felt. The first resembles a sponge with good thermal insulation properties, the second is made of wool fibers, is soft and elastic. The perimeter is equipped with a system that enhances the rigidity of the mattress.

The height of the model turned out to be quite solid — 17.5 cm. The load on the bed is up to 110 kg.

The futon is made from environmentally friendly raw materials. The filler has antibacterial properties and is immune to fungus and mold. Despite the name and wonderful characteristics, the product is not a real futon, as it has springs inside, but this distinguishes it from other models.

How to choose a futon

Futon is a springless sleeping mattress. A lightweight product is placed on a sofa, on top of a regular mattress, or directly on the floor if it is not possible to install a regular bed.

Before buying, decide which product you need. There are several types of futons:

  • A sofa with a book mechanism, in which a removable mattress replaces the standard upholstery.
  • Frameless and frame chairs. The first option uses a wooden lattice base that forms the seat and back. In the second, the mattress folds up and turns into an easy chair that resembles a nest or ottoman.
  • Topper is a thin mattress that levels the surface of the bed and improves its orthopedic properties.
  • Mattress for arranging a bed on the floor. Such models are folded in the morning and put away for storage.

Inside modern futons there is a synthetic or natural filler with a porous structure. Products are characterized by medium rigidity, low weight, good anatomical properties and strength.

To ensure a full healthy sleep, when buying a futon, consider important nuances: thickness, size, weight that the product can withstand, the presence of devices that allow you to fix the thing on a sofa or chair.

The cover should be made of durable natural fabrics and be easy to clean from dirt. If you plan to take the mattress outside, purchase goods made from moisture-resistant materials.

Frequently asked Questions

What are the main advantages of futons?


A traditional Japanese futon creates a comfortable sleeping area and costs less than a full bed. These accessories can be easily folded to save space, give the bedroom an original look and are suitable for daily lounging, accommodating guests and creating a play area for children.

Do futons have disadvantages?


Experts say that futons wear out faster than regular mattresses. The service life depends on the quality of materials, intensity of use and proper care.

How to care for a futon?


Knock out, vacuum the mattress several times a month and air it in the fresh air. If stains appear, gently clean them with soap and a damp brush, and then dry the fabric. For heavy soiling, contact a dry cleaner. To extend the life of your futon, purchase a removable cover and wash it as needed.


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