5 best garlands — Rating 2022


New Year’s holidays, as well as summer parties in the fresh air, are not complete without illumination. To decorate a Christmas tree, a house or a plot, you need good garlands.


The best Christmas garlands

We have selected high-quality, safe and beautiful models that will not cause unnecessary trouble, but will create a magical holiday atmosphere.

Reasons to buy:

  • Three color solutions;
  • Durability;
  • Versatility.

From a two-meter horizontal cord, 20 vertical identical «threads» with LEDs descend down. You can connect two more of the same curtains to it to decorate a three-dimensional building or a large tree.

When installing a special controller, dynamic lighting effects will become available, and without it, the garland simply glows continuously. The transparent wire does not attract attention, and the color of the lights can be chosen from three options: blue, yellow or white.

The model is not afraid of precipitation, so it will work even in snowfall. It withstands temperatures from -25 to +50 °C. LEDs are designed for 50 thousand hours of continuous operation — they will last for many years.

Reasons to buy:

  • Long length;
  • Parallel connection;
  • Brass plinths.

It is recommended to connect LED bulbs (20 pieces) to this 13-meter garland, which are purchased separately. The product is sold in two colors: black and white. The model can be used both outdoors and indoors.

The garland is not afraid of moisture, because each cartridge has a seal, and the plinths are made of brass, which will never rust. Lighting operates at temperatures from -20 to +70 degrees, so it is used not only in winter, but also in hot summers.

Feron Belt-light serves as a year-round decoration for shop windows, houses and trees, and is also used as additional lighting. Due to the parallel connection, if one lamp burns out, the rest continue to burn.

Reasons to buy:

  • transparent wire;
  • Beautiful light effect;
  • Several lighting modes.

8 icicles with soft light and different modes hang on a thin wire. There are monochrome and multi-colored garlands, gradually changing the shades of the glow.

The straws are weatherproof so they can be used outdoors. The garland is powered by a network, its total length is 3.8 m. But the cord for the street is a bit short (only 2 m).

Reasons to buy:

  • Bright pendants;
  • Safety;
  • Several modes.

New Year’s lollipops with LED bulbs are attached to a transparent wire thread. The garland is used as an additional garland or decoration of a small table Christmas tree, since its total length is only 1.7 meters.

Multi-colored lights flash in 8 modes or glow continuously. This model creates a festive atmosphere and is liked by children. Due to the fact that the cord is transparent, caramels attract all attention.

Reasons to buy:

  • The presence of a timer;
  • Affordable price;
  • Outlet independent.

Waterproof garland decorate rooms, street buildings, trees and everything around. The software function turns the lighting on and off at the set time and works up to 6 hours continuously. At the command of the timer, the garland turns off and automatically turns on after 18 hours.

The warm white light of the LED lamps creates a cozy and festive mood. A 7-meter length garland is enough for a small Christmas tree.

The battery pack is protected by a silicone gasket to prevent moisture from entering. The model can be used outdoors, but must be protected from direct rainfall.

How to choose a garland

The primary parameter when choosing an electric garland is the degree of protection. It is indicated on the packaging:

  • IP20 — indoor use only;
  • IP44 — street decoration under a canopy;
  • IP65, IP67 — outdoor use without a canopy in all weather conditions.

In a garland with IP67 protection, rubber insulation, and such a model is not afraid even of heavy rain. It is considered the safest. The insulation must be intact, especially at the connection to the plug or controller. The length of the free wire from the extreme light bulb to the plug is at least one and a half meters, otherwise it will be inconvenient to connect the festive lighting.

On the packaging of a quality garland there is always a text in Russian. The box always contains information about the manufacturer, the type of lamps, the total length of the garland, as well as the degree of protection. If a foreign text has a sticker with Russified text on top, this indicates that the product was brought into the country illegally and could be dangerous.

During the operation of the garland, the presence of any unpleasant odor is simply excluded. Burnt plastic smells like a product with formaldehydes, which is dangerous to health, not to mention its fire hazard — such lighting equipment cannot be used.

Test the product right in the store: plug it in, switch modes, make sure that every light is on.

Frequently asked Questions

How to decorate a Christmas tree with a garland?


If the forest beauty is installed in a corner so that one of the sides is not visible, then the garland is hung in a zigzag pattern only along the visible side — from top to bottom. Or the threads descend from the top of the head to the floor vertically down, but then you will need several garlands. The effect of volumetric light is created by winding the garland closer to the trunk and slightly diagonally. Moreover, it is desirable that the wire is invisible.

How to calculate the length of a Christmas tree garland?


There is a formula for calculating — the height of the Christmas tree is multiplied by 3.14 (Pi number). If the garland is hung in a spiral with a distance between turns of 30 cm, then for a one and a half meter spruce you will need a 10-meter garland, for a 2-3-meter tree — no shorter than 20 meters. If the distance between the turns is large, then the garland can be taken shorter.

How to store a garland?


It is advisable that the electric garland be stored in a cool, dark place. In order not to suffer with annual unraveling, sending it for storage, wind the thread on a “spool” of cardboard or plastic, and fix the free end with tape. It is important to prevent kinks and kinks, otherwise the wire may be damaged during prolonged storage.


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