5 Best Grow Kits


The most interesting kits for growing spice, flowering and deciduous plants at home.

virashivania set

TOP of the best kits for growing plants

A good set should have all the necessary materials and accessories for growing flowers or greenery right on the windowsill. As a rule, such kits are designed for children from 7 years old. They help develop a sense of responsibility, introduce the child to the basics of floriculture, and will also be an excellent tool for studying botany.

Reasons to buy:

  • Excellent equipment and many decorative elements;
  • Seeds of beautiful and unpretentious flowers;
  • There is room for creativity.

«Whether in the garden, in the garden» includes a whole line of sets with various plants and decorations. For example, «Desert Flowers» is represented by cacti, «Dragon’s Garden» is represented by morning glory and ornamental leafy plants, and «Italian Garden» is spicy greens (parsley, oregano, basil). Each set has its own locks, paints and stencils on high skewers for signing the beds.

«Unicorn Garden» is the most colorful of all and includes 4 varieties of plants. The set also includes potting soil, planting container, vermiculite, figurines, stencils, rhinestones and stickers to decorate the pot. The flowering of the varieties included here is long and is accompanied by a pleasant aroma that fills the room.

Reasons to buy:

  • Easy care and landing;
  • Fast shoots;
  • Includes jars with mineral salts for fertilizer;
  • Step-by-step instruction.

Everything you need for sowing is provided in the kit: a tray with a lid, 6 pots, coconut “pills”, drainage and a Petri dish for seed germination. But for planting care, a whole chemical set is provided: a syringe without a needle, a measuring spoon and mineral salts (magnesium, potassium, calcium). All explanations are given in the step-by-step instructions.

The highlight of the kit is the study of the growth of greenery at all stages: from the spitting of seeds in a Petri dish, the appearance of the first leaves and to the formation of a finished bush. The child will also be interested in the process of mixing minerals to feed seedlings.

Finding a kit is not difficult. It is quite popular and is sold in many children’s goods stores. But he has an age limit — from 10 years.

Reasons to buy:

  • Unusual design;
  • Serves as a toy at the same time;
  • Plenty of space for planting;
  • Easy assembly.

The pot is a princess house with a door, a window and a house territory where lawn, moss or climbing plants are planted. The roof also has a spacious opening for large flowers. The set includes seeds of different plants, but you can sow your favorite varieties.

The design is quite large — 11x33x28 cm. The pot house stands on legs and is made of bright pink plastic with decorative details. To care for the mini-garden, the set includes tools: a watering can, a spatula, rakes, as well as garden furniture for dolls and substrate briquettes.

It is worth paying attention: the pot does not provide drainage. So that the soil does not become moldy, and the plants do not die, you will have to take care of the removal of excess moisture on your own.

Reasons to buy:

  • Multifunctional set;
  • Eco-friendly materials do not harm the health of the child;
  • Quality seeds;
  • Inexpensive.

The equipment here is not too rich: a box, a craft cup, soil and 2 packs of seeds. The germination of crops is not bad, fast, especially if you cover them with cling film or glass. This will create a greenhouse effect, and sprouts will appear in 5-7 days.

The rest of the seeds can be sown in ordinary cups or alternately germinated in a beautiful pot, and then planted in beds or large balcony boxes. The wooden box is safe for health and smells good.

Subject to agricultural technology, the first fruits will appear 6-9 months after sowing the seeds. Such a set will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults.

Reasons to buy:

  • Easy to use;
  • Full set;
  • Inexpensive;
  • The result is a decorative tree on the windowsill.

With the line «Grow up, tree!» you can collect a small botanical garden with ornamental crops. Here you will find fig, catalpa, wild mint, pompon tree, spruce, pine, maple, walnut and much more.

For the experiment, you will need a pot, drainage expanded clay, a fertile substrate with a suitable pH (5.5-6.5) and seeds. The lid of the bucket serves as a tray to collect excess water.

The grown tree is transplanted into a wider and deeper container and cared for as described in the instructions: they are fed, sprayed, seasonal pruning is carried out.

How to choose a grow kit

Prices for kits vary, and here the nuance lies in the quality of the materials used: seeds, soil, accessories.

Grow container — plastic or wood?

Budget sets include cups made of thin and not very high-quality plastic, which, with the slightest pressure or compression, cracks, or even worse, releases toxins. It is worth paying attention to this, since the experiment is aimed at a children’s audience.

Ask if the product is certified, and what kind of marking it has. Avoid plastic with the numbers 3, 6, or 7 in a triangle at the bottom of the container. Such material emits formaldehyde, phthalate, cadmium, bisphenol and other harmful substances. Plastics marked 1, 2, 4 and 5 are considered safer.

Seeds for planting — flowering or decorative leafy?

Another issue when buying is the choice of the plant itself. It can be flowering, deciduous and garden crops, as well as mini-trees.

It is better for a child to start with lettuce or parsley, with experience he will be able to switch to deciduous plants and trees. The most capricious have always been and remain flowering crops. Even the uzambara violet needs special watering and conditions. It is better to choose unpretentious varieties so as not to disappoint the young agronomist.

Additional equipment

The soil in the kit, as well as a balanced diet, is specially selected for a specific crop, includes the necessary minerals and has the right acidity.

Often, manufacturers use coconut or peat tablets, which increase in size when wet. It is hygienic and convenient, nothing spills out of the bag, and the flower is comfortable to grow.

Usually more seeds are put in the bag than needed. To keep them from disappearing, buy an all-purpose potting mix and sow the leftovers in a pot or plastic cups.

To care for «serious» crops, top dressing will be required. They are sold in gardening stores in the form of a liquid solution. To use them, be sure to get a spray gun — it definitely will not be included in the kit.

Frequently asked Questions

How to fertilize seedlings? It’s not written in the instructions.


The first top dressing is carried out with the advent of 2-4 true leaves. Adult seedlings are fertilized every 10-14 days with universal compounds or alternate mineral and organic solutions. It is allowed to feed the flower only after watering, otherwise you will burn the root system.

The plant dries and fades — what to do?


Dry leaves and lethargic stems cause several reasons: insufficient watering, dry air, especially if there is a heat source nearby (heater, central heating battery, bright summer sun), cramped capacity. To begin, water and spray your green pet. If it does not help, change the substrate and pot to a more spacious one.

Why does the flower stretch and not give buds?


Poor foliage and lack of flowering indicates a lack of light during the day and nitrogen in the soil. In winter, you will need a table or UV lamp, and in summer, move the plant closer to the window (but not under direct rays). Top dressing and proper pruning of stems and dried inflorescences will also help.


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