5 best inflatable sofas and armchairs

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An overview of practical and functional inflatable furniture, tips for choosing, answers to questions and a lot of other useful information about vinyl chairs, sofas and beds.

sofa bed

The best inflatable furniture

The selection includes the brightest representatives of inflatable sofas, beds and armchairs for home and outdoor recreation. These models meet the requirements of functionality, convenience and have a presentable appearance.

Reasons to buy:

  • Big size;
  • Attractive design;
  • Angle design.

The sofa will be an excellent addition to the living room, allowing a family of 4 to sit at the TV or at the table. The maximum load on the furniture is 400 kg. The design has dense walls resistant to damage.

Beige color is both an advantage and a disadvantage of the model. The sofa looks beautiful, fits into many interiors, but gets dirty faster compared to dark options.

However, it is quite easy to clean and can be used with a bedspread. The flocked cover keeps the knitwear securely on the surface and makes the sofa tactilely pleasing.

Reasons to buy:

  • Small size;
  • Variety of designs;
  • Versatility.

Armchairs are ergonomically shaped. Deep seat, support for the upper back and lower back allow you to sit in them not only comfortably, but also safe for health.

The velvety matte finish protects the chair from slipping and makes it pleasant to touch the skin, which is especially important if you have to sit in it in short clothes.

Inflatable chairs are available in gray, pink, green and yellow shades. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Inflatable furniture is made of a fairly dense material, but they can still be damaged, so self-adhesive patches are included in the kit.

Reasons to buy:

  • Automatic inflation;
  • Ergonomics;
  • capacity;
  • Good load capacity.

The double air bed has a height of 56 cm, which makes it more comfortable to sleep than ordinary air mattresses. The presence of headrests and a dedicated edge further enhances the comfort of use.

The flocked velvety surface of the inflatable furniture is pleasant to the touch. It protects the bed from slipping, so the bed linen will not roll down.

Thanks to the built-in electric pump, the furniture inflates itself in just 5 minutes. The bag provides convenience of transportation and storage, and the practicality is provided by a self-adhesive repair kit.

Reasons to buy:

  • Compact when folded;
  • Inflate without a pump;
  • Anatomical shape.

To inflate the Bivan 2.0 lounger, you do not need a pump — just open it and scoop up air by twisting and fixing the free edge. In combination with the compact dimensions of the sofa when folded, this makes it convenient for transportation. You can even take a sunbed with you on a hike.

The sofa has an improved anatomical shape. Convenience is provided by a flat surface, improved stability and the presence of a headrest.

The lounger can withstand a load of 300 kg. Its width of 90 cm allows you to accommodate for a short rest two people of thin build or one strong man. Sleeping on the couch will be more comfortable alone.

Mounts for pegs allow you to fix the lounger on the ground and can be used to set the backlight. The set with the sofa comes with a bag for transportation and a repair kit.

Reasons to buy:

  • 2 products in one set;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Versatility.

The Ultra Lounge chair will allow you to relax, leaning back on a stable backrest and throwing your legs on the pouffe. It can be installed indoors (for example, in living rooms in front of the TV) or outdoors, including by the pool, replacing a sun lounger.

The model provides 2 seats at once when it is necessary to accommodate a larger number of guests. The increased width of 99 cm allows you to spend time comfortably, and the presence of a cup holder makes the chair even more comfortable.

How to choose inflatable furniture

Almost all inflatable furniture is universal in use, that is, it can be used indoors and outdoors. However, there are models that have a narrow purpose or are designed for operation in certain conditions. For example, tourist inflatable beds.

The main types of inflatable furniture:

  • Sofas suitable not only for relaxing in front of the TV, but also for sleeping. They can have a different size and shape, be standard or transforming.
  • Armchairs — a wide group of products, which includes models of various shapes, volumes and spaciousness. Are intended for rest sitting or reclining.
  • Beds — similar to air mattresses, but provide more comfortable conditions for sleeping.
  • Ottomans, pouffes, deckchairs and other options for non-standard elements of inflatable furniture.

When choosing inflatable furniture, you should pay attention to the method of inflation and the presence of a pump. Most models are inflated with a hand or foot pump designed for rubber products. Powerful equipment (for example, for cars), unless otherwise indicated in the instructions, is not recommended. There are sofas and armchairs that inflate with air flow. More advanced models are equipped with a built-in electric pump.

Frequently asked Questions

How to care for inflatable furniture?


Caring for such things can not be called difficult. It is enough to periodically wipe the products with a wet soft sponge or cloth — you can use soapy water. It is also permissible to rinse them under running water. Do not use too aggressive detergents, brushes and abrasive sponges. Store inflatable furniture in a deflated state, especially in unheated rooms. The product must be cleaned and dried before storage. You need to inflate sofas or chairs by 80-90%, no more.

What is flocking?


Flock is a chemically treated textile. It is applied to rubber and vinyl products (flocking) — in particular, to inflatable furniture and mattresses. The coating creates a velvety, soft surface. It is pleasant to the touch and does not slip.

How to check that an inflatable product is defective?


After purchase, a sofa or chair should be inflated, and if the product is blown away by no more than 10%, then it is without marriage. Air loss of up to 10%, especially during the first two weeks, is normal. If possible, it should be pumped up daily to develop a valve, after which the percentage of air loss will be reduced.

How is an air bed different from a regular mattress?


As a rule, an air bed has an increased size. It can be higher to get up and lie down comfortably. Or be wider. Often the beds have sides at the edges and a comfortable surface without convex rollers. Some models are equipped with headrests. In other words, air beds are more comfortable for sleeping and have an anatomically correct shape, which allows you to sleep on them without back pain even every day.


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