5 best jewelry boxes — Rating 2022



Are you looking for a box to store jewelry, documents and other important things? We will tell you about the most interesting and practical novelties presented in stores.


The best jewelry boxes

Boxes are used not only for organizing and storing things, but also for decorating a room. This is a great gift for a man, woman and child — if you make the right choice.

Reasons to buy:

  • Compactness;
  • Classic design with genuine leather;
  • Makes from 950 revolutions per day;
  • Ease of controls;
  • Works from a network and from batteries.

The compact square-shaped device has dimensions of 10.6×10 cm. The model, equipped with a protective transparent door, is made of perforated black leather, decorated with green stitching. On the back of the box there is a silver insert engraved with the brand’s logo.

The watchwinder is powered by mains or 2 C-cell batteries. Starting at 950 revolutions a day, the winding box will take care of the accuracy of the time on the watch, eliminating the need for daily manual winding.

The intelligent model equipped with a microprocessor is easy to control thanks to the USB interface. In just a few moments, you can program the required number of revolutions of the mechanism per day and the direction of rotation.

Reasons to buy:

  • 5 spacious tiers;
  • Natural leather trim;
  • Elegant design;
  • Suitable for storing all kinds of jewelry;
  • The presence of a large mirror.

An elegant rectangular model measuring 45x24x25 cm is represented by 4 retractable and one stationary tiers with many different-sized compartments for storing rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, chains, brooches and more. Such an accessory for organizing and storing jewelry will keep them looking great for years to come.

The surface of the wooden box is lined with genuine black leather. The interior is lined with beige velor. On the cover of the product, which closes with silvery metal valves, there is a comfortable leather handle for carrying. Under the lid is a panoramic mirror.

Reasons to buy:

  • original design;
  • Mechanical watches;
  • Melody playback;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Versatility.

The box in the form of an antique mahogany sideboard is actually made of impact-resistant plastic. In the center are a mechanical clock with a winding mechanism (it is located on the back side). When the key is turned, a classic melody is played, to the beat of which a spectacular ballerina dances.

An additional zest to the box is given by elegant golden details — dresser handles. Such an item will perfectly fit into the interior of a living room or bedroom, made in a classic style. In addition, it is a win-win gift option for mom, sister, beloved woman and any other representative of the fair sex close to you.

Reasons to buy:

  • Unusual design;
  • The presence of a lock;
  • Memory card and battery included;

To open the box, you need to solve the puzzle by moving the gears. When solving the problem, a hidden keyhole will appear, the key to which is cunningly hidden in the body of the item. This model is perfect for storing valuables and documents.

Inside the box there is one capacious tier, which contains a memory card, a battery and a user manual, rolled up into a tube with a red sealing wax seal. Such a practical and original item will become an attractive element of decor in the office, office or living room.

Caring for this box is not difficult — just wipe the dust in a timely manner and occasionally treat the gears with oil. This will preserve the attractive appearance and performance of the safe box for many years.


  • Effective design;
  • Versatility;
  • Durable porcelain;
  • Does not require specific care.01

First of all, the design of the box is impressive. The snow-white product is painted with monograms and floral patterns, butterflies and dragonflies, and multi-colored mallow buds are located in its center.

The size of the box is 17×9 cm, so it is ideal for storing jewelry and important little things. An item that will appeal to the fair sex will be a spectacular decor in the living room or bedroom.

The box does not require complex maintenance, except for careful handling and periodic dust removal. The item is packaged in a striking golden-black cardboard box, making it the perfect gift for every woman.

How to choose a box

On sale there are caskets made of porcelain, glass, wood, plastic; trimmed with genuine artificial leather or suede, velvet, velor and more. The most durable are leather and wood products. Boxes made of suede and velvet are not so practical option, because they easily collect dust and get rubbed over time, losing their attractiveness. Products made of porcelain and glass are suitable for neat people or for decorating a room, since, despite their external attractiveness, they are very fragile.

Looking for a jewelry box? Carefully study its internal organization for several retractable tiers and sectors of various sizes, which will conveniently accommodate numerous rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches and other jewelry and bijouterie.

The most important characteristic in the selection of a watch winder is the intensity of rotation of the self-winding module, which should be from 700 to 3600 revolutions per day.

In the variety of such caskets, there are both standard and multi-tiered caskets, as well as practical items with a clock, a musical mechanism, and moving figures. Such functional products will appeal to every person with rare exceptions, and will become a win-win gift option.

Frequently asked Questions

Why do you need a watch winder?


A box with a winding mechanism will be useful to every owner of a mechanical watch (especially if there are several of them). So, the average period of continuous operation of such an accessory is 30-40 hours, and in the absence of a timely winding, the mechanism stops. Periodically forgetting to perform this manipulation, even with subsequent winding, the watch will display the time incorrectly. Watchwinder eliminates the need for regular winding of the mechanism, guaranteeing the accuracy of the time display and the long life of the mechanism.

How to install a digital code on a safe box?


Usually on boxes with a combination lock, the universal code «000» is set. If you want to change it, enter your numbers when the lid is open. The code has been changed, and now you can use the box to store money, a personal diary, valuable documents, and other things.

What is the working principle of the music box?


In fact, it is an automatic musical instrument. To play a melody, such caskets are equipped with calques fixed on a disk. Starting to rotate, they catch the teeth of the comb, which makes a sound. To activate a simple musical mechanism, you just need to turn the crown.


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