5 best LED candles — Rating 2022

svetodiodnie candles


Modern LED candles look as atmospheric as real ones, but they do not require constant monitoring and are completely safe.

svetodiodnie candles

The best LED candles

The review includes only the best models of LED candles — safe, high-quality and beautiful.

Reasons to buy:

  • A whole set of candles;
  • Realistic design;
  • Different height.

These candles look perfect in a common candlestick and look as realistic as possible due to different heights (from 16 to 28 cm). Moreover, all of them are covered with natural wax, and the quivering 3D light with a black wick imitates the burning of a real candle.

The model is powered by batteries — each candle will require two AAA, and they are not included in the kit. Candles can work continuously or on a timer — 6 hours of burning and 18 hours of rest. They look beautiful even in the most ordinary candlestick, and surrounded by decor, they look absolutely amazing.

Reasons to buy:

  • Quality plastic;
  • Certified product;
  • No unpleasant odor;
  • Vibrating light.

Thanks to the effect of a «living» flame, this plastic candle looks very realistic. And it can also be extinguished by blowing like a real fire. In the same way, it flares up. There is no need to press any switches.

In addition to the breath sensor, there is a switch at the bottom. The height of the tea candle is only 5 cm, and the diameter is 3.7 cm. Such a miniature model is suitable for decorating a table, fireplace, bedside table and anything else.

It is self-sufficient, but can be used in all sorts of decorative compositions. In closed candlesticks, such a candle will look especially good.

Reasons to buy:

  • natural appearance;
  • Pleasant aroma (several options to choose from);
  • Warm glow.

The aroma that the candle exudes depends on the color of this model: lily of the valley, rose, vanilla. It runs on three batteries and is controlled by a switch. The height of the product is 15 cm, and the diameter is 7.5.

Such a candle is noticeable in the interior and effectively illuminates 0.1 sq.m of area. The candle is stable and durable. Its aroma is not chemical, but subtle and pleasant. It flies through the air even when the fire is not burning.

High-quality and durable LED-lamps are included. When their resource is exhausted, the LEDs can be replaced — suitable replacement bulbs are easy to find in stores. The model is protected from dust, but does not differ in moisture resistance, therefore it can only be used in a dry room.

Reasons to buy:

  • Attractive design;
  • Candlestick included;
  • Affordable price.

A fairly large candle 23 cm high was created to decorate the interior, create coziness and a festive mood in the house. It is not used as lighting — it is a purely decorative thing.

The wick trembles realistically, flickering, the candle itself automatically changes color to red, blue and green. This happens unobtrusively and very smoothly, so it doesn’t irritate at all, but on the contrary, it fascinates. Glitter similar to snow floats inside the base, so the model will be relevant in the New Year’s room decor.

The candle is resistant to wind and humidity, can work both from batteries and from the mains. The adapter comes with the device. The accessory is packaged in a beautiful box, so it can be a wonderful gift for the New Year or Christmas.

Reasons to buy:

  • The effect of melted wax;
  • Durability;
  • Ease of management;
  • Profitable price.

The wax base of each candle is decorated with glitter, so the set looks festive and attractive even when turned off. Flickering warm lighting with the effect of «living flame» is very similar to the burning of a natural candle.

The recessed tongue is almost completely hidden in the “melted wax” hole, which gives a warm, unobtrusive light and realism. All candles are of different heights (10, 12.5 and 15 cm), and all have a diameter of 7.5 cm. Such models are suitable for many wide candlesticks.

The model is controlled by a remote control, which runs on one battery, which is included in the kit. But for each candle, you need to additionally purchase 2 AA batteries — they will last for a long time.

Frequently asked Questions

Why is an LED candle better than a natural one?


LED models attract buyers with their durability, but they are more expensive than real ones. Given that the LEDs of some models are designed to “burn” for 1000 hours (and this is only before changing the batteries — the bulbs themselves are even more durable), this option is ultimately more economical. An artificial candle is placed anywhere, without fear for textiles and other flammable things. You can even fall asleep with it, and turn it off when you wake up in the morning. It does not heat up at all, therefore it does not lead to burns and other unpleasant consequences, unlike an open flame. The safety of LED candles is their main advantage.

Where are LED candles used?


Such models can completely replace real wax candles and be used in the interior in the same way. They will make a good gift. Some of them are allowed to be used outdoors and in the bathroom, thanks to moisture protection. LED candles are a great idea for decorating a romantic dinner on the beach, rooftop or in the gazebo. Unlike paraffin with a real flame, they do not smoke and do not go out in the wind. They are also used as a night light, which is very important for a child’s room.

What type of switch is best?


The most primitive option is a built-in switch-lever, by moving which, the user turns the lighting on and off. Candles with remote control are more comfortable and functional models. As a rule, they have different candle burning modes and an RGB palette. Ideally, if the model has an automatic shutdown function or a timer.

Should I buy a model with multi-colored light?


You need to understand that such a candle looks like a stylized lamp or night light. There will be no effect of a real wax candle. But such models are relevant when decorating a house for the holidays. Although they are usually more expensive than others due to the use of additional LEDs.


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