5 best paper towels — Ranking 2022 (top 5)


Single-layer models for use in high-expenditure conditions and dense products for the most comfortable use.

Paper towel

The best disposable towels

Using disposable towels is more hygienic than using textiles, especially in public places.

Reasons to buy:

  • dense structure;
  • tear resistance;
  • softness;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • easy stretching.

Towels are made using Airflex technology, which ensures durability and excellent absorbency even when wet, and also reduces the likelihood of tears. The Interfold fold format guarantees easy pulling and economical consumption.

The dimensions of the sheet are 31.5×21.5 centimeters, the number of towels in the package is 124. The material of manufacture is natural cellulose. This minimizes the risk of skin chafing, allergic reactions and ensures comfort during use.

Reasons to buy:

  • ease of pulling;
  • softness;
  • fast absorption;
  • economical consumption.

One of the features of the block is a special Tork Polypack packaging that allows you to use towels without a dispenser. One-by-one sampling ensures hygiene and helps to reduce material consumption.

The size of one sheet is 21.3×23.4 centimeters, there are 190 towels in a pack. When pulled out, the products are completely unfolded, which is very convenient. And excellent absorbency makes it easy to wipe your hands.

Reasons to buy:

  • soft;
  • break off easily;
  • fast absorption;
  • high density;
  • aromatic impregnation.

Towels are made of high quality cellulose and have a three-layer structure. Because of this, they are soft and absorb moisture well. Deep embossing enhances wearing comfort.

The length of the roll is 15 meters, the diameter is 12.5 cm. The presence of perforation makes it easier to tear off the sheets. Other features include a special impregnation of the material, which gives hands and surfaces a pleasant aroma.

Reasons to buy:

  • easy stretching;
  • excellent absorption;
  • soft material;
  • simple installation;
  • can be used without a dispenser.

A feature of the package is the presence of two special hangers that allow you to quickly fix it on the wall and eliminate the need to purchase a dispenser. Wide bottom opening and Z-fold make it easy to pull material.

The size of one sheet is 21×23 centimeters, the number of towels in a pack is 200 pieces. The use of natural cellulose guarantees softness and rapid absorption of moisture. For added comfort, fine embossing is provided.

Reasons to buy:

  • softness;
  • quickly absorb moisture;
  • easy tearing;
  • low price.

The material of manufacture is natural cellulose, which guarantees softness, eliminates the possibility of allergic reactions or overdrying of the skin. Towels have a V-shaped type of addition, therefore they are compatible with most dispensers.

The length of one sheet is 21.6 centimeters, the dimensions of the roll are 12×10.5 cm. The ease of tearing contributes to a more economical consumption. Special embossing provides better absorption.

How to choose paper towels

Always pay attention to the material of manufacture. Towels made from virgin cellulose are soft and durable. They are pleasant to the touch and absorb moisture well. The use of waste paper provides a low cost of packaging, although other characteristics of the «secondary» sag somewhat.

The way the towels are folded determines their compatibility with the dispenser used. There are such options:

  • C-fold — is the most common, designed for gentle pulling;
  • Z — provides economical consumption;
  • W — guarantees hygiene;
  • At home, you can install a pack that supports V-type laying, or a compact roll.

The number of layers is a matter of comfort when using. Single-layer towels are best used in high traffic areas, which will reduce the cost of purchasing materials. Multi-layer products do not rub the skin and are characterized by resistance to tearing.

Frequently asked Questions

How are paper towels made?


Before the start of production, the basis for the material undergoes multi-stage cleaning and bleaching. The prepared composition is mixed with water. The resulting mixture is sprayed between screens and pressed under heated cylinders. In the next step, the products are creped, loaded onto converting machines and cut. Gluing is used to obtain multilayer sheets.

What affects absorbency?


In addition to the material of manufacture and structure, it is necessary to determine the presence of special embossing. Small depressions or a special relief help to more effectively retain moisture particles. They not only facilitate the use of towels, but also reduce their consumption.

What is perforation for?


The ease of pulling towels that come in bundles depends largely on how they are laid. But rolled products need uniform perforation along the edge of the sheet. It will allow you not to make great efforts to tear off the material with one hand.


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