5 best shower heads


The best models of watering cans for different types of showers, tips for choosing and answers to the most common questions — all useful information in one review.

Shower Heads

The best shower heads

Let’s take a look at hand showers, built-in showers and hygienic shower heads that combine stylish design, high functionality and quality workmanship.

Reasons to buy:

  • Chromotherapy;
  • Big size;
  • Full set.

A watering can from the Dream 3 collection is designed to organize an overhead shower system. It is recessed into the ceiling and is also suitable for wall mounting.

On the watering can are 4 LEDs with different colors, which provides illumination of water for chromotherapy. The model has 3 modes of operation: rain shower, cascade and fog. Its operation is controlled from a separate unit.

Reasons to buy:

  • Modern design;
  • Ceramic crane box;
  • Limescale protection.

The round watering can is made of metal with a glossy chrome finish. It has 2 modes of operation and is equipped with a system for uniform distribution of water flow across all nozzles.

The special shape of the plastic pads prevents the accumulation of limescale inside. The watering can is equipped with a ceramic cartridge, which ensures its efficient and long-term operation.

Reasons to buy:

  • original shape;
  • Three types of jet;
  • Brass body.

The rotating shower disk provides fast switching of the operating modes of a watering can. It is capable of delivering three types of jet: rain, cascade and soft jet. The body of the model is made of brass and has a glossy finish. The watering can is made in the original rectangular shape.

The product can be used in conjunction with flow heaters. It has a standard connection size. The built-in washable filter protects the nozzles from clogging.

Reasons to buy:

  • Low price;
  • 5 modes;
  • Easy cleaning.

The watering can has a standard rotary switch of modes, of which it has as many as 5, including the massage option. The wide diameter of 115 mm ensures comfortable showering conditions, and the system of uniform jet distribution ensures ease of use.

The self-cleaning function of the nozzles increases the working life of the watering can. The body of the model is made of plastic, which provides it with light weight and affordable price.

Reasons to buy:

  • The presence of a latch;
  • Reliable fastening;
  • Anti-lime coating.

The presence of a latch on the watering can makes it convenient and economical, since water flows only when a key is pressed. Built-in mounting system allows you to place the device on the wall.

The low price and light weight of the watering can are ensured by the plastic case, and the durability and attractive appearance are ensured by the chromium-nickel coating. The watering can has an optimal diameter of 38 mm.

The dense arrangement of a large number of nozzles makes it effective, and the protection against lime deposits prevents premature wear.

How to choose a shower head

Different types of showers require different types of watering cans. These can be standard hand-held models, built-in ones for top and side connection, as well as devices for a hygienic shower. They differ in shape, size and even the connection system to the water supply.

There are practically no watering cans with one water regime on sale: even budget models, as a rule, offer several options. It could be:

  • Standard mode with normal shower pressure.
  • Soft jet, which is formed by mixing water with air.
  • Tropical rain is a mode available for wide showers with many nozzles, usually designed for an overhead shower.
  • Massage mode, in which water is supplied under increased pressure through several central jets.
  • Fog — water flows as small as possible, almost imperceptible to the eye, in trickles, creating the feeling of being in a dense fog.
  • Cascade pressure with a pulsating jet.

Other, more unique modes may also be used.

When choosing a watering can, you should pay attention to water consumption. Models with a low flow rate will not be able to provide good massage pressure or dense «tropical rain», but they will reduce water consumption. Watering cans with an aerator that mixes the liquid with air will also help reduce consumption.

Watering cans differ in shape, diameter, the presence of additional options — lighting, filters, aerators, systems for protection against the accumulation of limescale. The more auxiliary functions a model has, the more convenient and original it is, but it may have a higher price.

Frequently asked Questions

Which watering cans are better — plastic or metal?


Plastic watering cans are more affordable, light in weight, and do not damage the tub or tray when dropped. But the average life of their service is 2 years. Metal models are more durable, less susceptible to the development of bacteria, easier to clean from plaque. They have a higher price (especially brass and bronze options) and a lot of weight, but they can last more than 5 years.

What is the best watering can for the bathroom?


If a bathtub is used as a shower tray, hand showers with a flexible hose are more practical. Models with various additional options are designed for shower enclosures, especially jets for side showers or large showerheads for tropical, cascading and misty jets.

How to extend the life of a shower head?


Watering cans with built-in protection against limescale accumulation themselves have a great resource. There are also options with replaceable or washable filters. If these options are not available, it is recommended to switch jet modes several times a month, even if you use only one. When turning the regulator, the formed plaque is cleaned off.


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