5 best stationery knives — Rating 2022


Our TOP includes both budget models for working with paper and reinforced knives for denser materials.

Stationery knife

The best stationery knives

Convenient, high-quality and reliable knives for stationery and small repairs.

Reasons to buy:

  • durable construction;
  • blade auto-lock;
  • double-sided sharpening;
  • convenient breaking.

The case of the model is made of metal, is not afraid of difficult operating conditions and keeps a neat appearance for a long time. For ease of hanging, there is a special hole in the bottom.

The dimensions of the cutting element are 80x9x0.4 mm, the length of the handle is 133 mm. The Auto-Lock automatic locking system and the segment separation attachment contribute to the safe use of the knife. The blade is made of steel with double-sided sharpening.

Reasons to buy:

  • durable case;
  • ease of holding;
  • the presence of an auto-fixer;
  • metal guides.

The model has a ribbed handle that provides a secure grip and safe use. The case is made of metal, it is not damaged by sharp shocks and drops. There is a hanging hole at the bottom of it.

Blade width is 18mm. There is an automatic length lock, and in case of dullness of the cutting part, you can easily break off a small fragment of the blade.

Reasons to buy:

  • durable case;
  • secure grip;
  • light weight;
  • cutting safety.

This model has a somewhat unusual, but well-thought-out case design that provides ease of use for both left-handed and right-handed people. Metal guides increase the strength of the structure.

The weight of the knife is only 40 grams. The blade has a width of 9 millimeters, is easily extended and can be replaced if necessary. For convenience of blocking the special latch is provided.

Reasons to buy:

  • metal case;
  • lightness;
  • low price;
  • blade fixation.

The metal lacquered body of the model is not afraid of mechanical damage. At the same time, the knife itself weighs only 30 grams. Removable clip for easy attachment to clothing. It is also convenient to use for breaking off segments of the blade.

The width of the cutting element is 9 millimeters. Locking mechanism improves usability. And the small size makes it easy to carry the knife in your pocket or pencil case.

Reasons to buy:

  • low price;
  • light weight;
  • easy blocking;
  • ease of use.

The blade of the model has a multi-section design, which makes it easy to break off a dull fragment if necessary. It is made from quality steel.

The width of the cutting element is 9 millimeters. For convenience and safety of use of a knife the lock button is provided. The body is made of plastic and is lightweight.

How to choose a stationery knife

Stationery knives are used primarily for cutting loose materials, such as paper or cardboard. Models of this type have also become widespread among builders and repairmen — tools with an increased blade thickness are produced for them.

One of the main characteristics of such knives is the width of the blade:

  • 7 millimeters will be enough to cut the paper.
  • When working with denser materials, a width of at least 9 mm is required.

You should pay attention to the design features of the latch, since it largely determines the convenience of working with a knife. Plastic sliding elements are common and inexpensive. But the clamps made in the form of a steel screw twist with a pressure plate are more reliable.

Few people pay attention to the material of manufacture of the guides of the cutting element. But in vain. The stability of the blade during the use of the knife largely depends on them. For comfortable processing of not only paper, but also plastic or linoleum, reliable metal guides are needed.

Frequently asked Questions

How to replace the blade?


The classic design of a clerical knife involves the presence of a special cover in the lower part of the case. You can remove it by pulling it hard to the side. Then you need to remove the regulator, followed by the blade. The new canvas is put on the latch pin and placed between the guides.

What body material is best?


The main advantage of all-metal knives is their strength. They are not afraid of falls and cracks, so they have a long service life. Plastic models are lighter, as a result of which they are comfortable during prolonged work.

How to break off the cutting blade?


Some manufacturers equip their models with special additions to safely separate the segments. In their absence, you can use pliers: grab the blade from both sides and break off the desired part, avoiding sudden movements. Do not try to do this with your hands, just holding the blade with a rag!


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