5 best stationery sets — Rating 2022

Stationery set


The stationery set not only facilitates the organization of the desktop, but also serves as a beautiful decor. We will figure out how to choose the best model for yourself or as a gift.

Stationery set

The best stationery sets

The review included high-quality kits made from safe materials. All of them are stylish and modern, and can serve as a good gift.

Reasons to buy:

  • natural materials;
  • Large tabletop (40×74 cm);
  • Decorative elements in the set.

All items are finished in brown marble and genuine leather. The set includes pen, paper block and business card holders, leather table cover, glass, single-tier paper tray, magnifying glass and letter opener, as well as interesting accessories in the form of a globe and a clock.

A black work surface will look good on a table of any color. It is practical and durable. Each item is packed in a separate beautiful box. All of them are functional and there are no useless parts in the set. Gift wrapping is not provided, but this does not prevent the set from becoming a good gift, because it looks just gorgeous.

Reasons to buy:

  • Rich equipment;
  • Durable materials;
  • Gift wrap.

The set is made of Italian calfskin and hardened steel. It includes a holder with 6 pencils, an organizer with a paper block, a letter opener, a desktop pad and a pen tray.

The tabletop is smooth, but dense and wear-resistant. Thanks to its optimal dimensions (55×45 cm), it fits on any table. The style of the set is restrained, but at the same time the set looks status.

Reasons to buy:

  • The main material is mahogany;
  • Good equipment;
  • Convenient accessories.

The stationery desk set consists of a two-tier paper tray, a work surface mat, a stand with two ballpoint pens, a glass for stationery, paper block and business card trays, a letter opener, a calendar holder, as well as a clock and a photo frame.

All details are made of natural wood and decorated with golden fittings. The set is sold in a gift box. Such a set will look appropriate on any table, and the abundance of functional items will provide convenience when working.

Reasons to buy:

  • original product;
  • Metal handle body;
  • Handy leather-bound notebook.

The gift box includes a fountain pen that always writes flawlessly and is refilled with a complete cartridge, as well as a lined notebook with high-quality paper.

The nib is made of stainless steel with nickel-palladium coating and original engraving. There are no marks on the matte surface of the pen, so it always looks presentable. The butt and ring are made of brass.

The leather notebook does not open on its own thanks to the elastic band. The compact set can be carried with you or used in the office.

Now the manufacturer does not put a warranty card in gift boxes — the product is accepted for service on the basis of a purchase receipt alone. It’s made with respect for the environment.

Reasons to buy:

  • Dense plastic;
  • Ease of use;
  • Stable stand;
  • The product is certified.

In addition to the kit organizer in the form of a whale, the set includes an eraser, scissors and a ruler. Bright design interests the child and helps to organize the workplace. The model will serve as an interesting gift for a first grader.

Three roomy compartments allow you to find a place for pens, pencils and other stationery. The stand is shock, drop and washable. Practical and durable item.

What should be included in a stationery set

When choosing a stationery set for a desk, you should keep in mind the ease of use and organization of the workplace. There is no standard equipment — the number of items may be different. But there are accessories that are still desirable:

paper tray

It will save the table from piling up correspondence and paper documents — everything will be stored in one place. The tray should be roomy so that the A4 sheet does not fit right into it, but with a small margin.

Tabletop (pad)

This accessory not only serves as a table decoration, but also protects it from damage and stains. In addition, working with him is much more convenient than at an uncovered table. We recommend choosing a set with a genuine leather pad. Even after several years of use, it will retain its attractive appearance.

Stand for pens and pencils

It should be included in the kit, because everyone uses pens. Choose the shape and design according to your preferences. Some people prefer horizontal trays, while others prefer to use glasses.

Paper Block Stand

Scattered on the table, notes for notes do not look solid, and the stand solves the problem. Especially if the block itself comes with the kit. It is important that the stand is of a size for which you can easily find a replacement unit. The most practical are square trays.

It is good when the set also contains decorative elements, for example, a globe or a photo frame, but this is optional.

Frequently asked Questions

What stationery set can be presented to the head?


Be guided by the preferences of the recipient of the gift, but it is important that the set does not look cheap. It is better to choose models made of stone, leather and natural wood. Gift wrapping is welcome.

How to decide on the color of the set?


It is worth starting from the color of the furniture in the office. A stationery set can either completely merge with it, or contrast. For men, choose darker models, and for women, light shades are suitable. Wood and leather will successfully fit into any interior.

How to choose a stationery set for a child?


The student does not need paper trays and substrates, but the stationery stand will come in handy. The main thing in a children’s set is safety and convenience. Plastic should be of high quality, without an unpleasant smell, and the compartments should be large, because schoolchildren always have a lot of pens and pencils. It’s good if the set already includes stationery, designed in the same style as the stand — children always like it.


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