5 best water bottles


Consider inexpensive bottles that you can take with you on a regular walk, as well as stronger and more durable containers for camping conditions and active activities.

Bottle for water

The best bottles to drink

Our top includes the most reliable and safe drinking bottles that will come in handy at work and school, in training and on a hike.

Reasons to buy:

  • stylish look;
  • comfortable grip;
  • durable case;
  • light weight;
  • residual water control.

A feature of the model is a sensor built into the base of the case that measures the amount of liquid in the bottle. It is powered by replaceable batteries (set included).

Synchronization with a smartphone application and automatic notifications allow the owner to remember the need for regular water consumption.

The volume of the bottle is 473 milliliters, dimensions are 230×66 millimeters. The product has a collapsible design. The main materials of manufacture are borosilicate glass and tritan. To protect it from damage and ensure a comfortable grip, a soft silicone case is included.

Reasons to buy:

  • metal cover;
  • fruit skewer;
  • shock resistance;
  • easy cleaning.

The features of the model include the presence of a removable skewer, fixed on the inside of the lid. It is designed to plant fruits that will give the water a more pleasant taste. A strong strap is attached to the top of the bottle for easy carrying.

The volume of dishes is 750 milliliters, dimensions are 25.8×7.7 centimeters. The material of manufacture is impact-resistant food-grade plastic, which guarantees the reliability and durability of the product. The absence of harmful impurities in its composition ensures maximum safety.

Reasons to buy:

  • reliable cover;
  • spill protection;
  • reinforced construction;
  • light weight;
  • comfortable grip;
  • large volume.

The model is made of durable food-grade plastic and has transparent walls for easy control of the remaining liquid. The soft silicone case not only protects the case from mechanical damage, but also contributes to a more comfortable hold.

The volume of the bottle is 1060 milliliters. The Lid Lock mechanism eliminates the possibility of sudden opening of the lid and spilling liquid. It is also equipped with a special button that allows you to open the bottle with one hand.

The wide mouth makes it easy to clean. An ergonomic handle is provided for carrying.

Reasons to buy:

  • large volume;
  • lightness;
  • reinforced construction;
  • protective covering;
  • ease of carrying.

The model is made of high-quality aluminum, which guarantees its high strength, resistance to damage and corrosion. For additional safety, a protective inner coating is provided. The light weight makes it easy to carry the 1L bottle.

The screw cap has a snug fit and is made of impact-resistant plastic. The presence of a special ring allows you to fix the product on a backpack or equipment. This facilitates transportation and access to water.

Reasons to buy:

  • high strength;
  • reliable cover;
  • attractive appearance;
  • light weight.

The main feature of the model is a special slot along the entire length of the structure. It is designed to comfortably hold the phone, making it easy to watch videos in any environment. For greater stability, anti-slip feet are provided on the surface.

The volume of the bottle is 600 milliliters. Double walls reduce the chance of damage to the body, help keep the temperature of the drink a little longer and extend the life of the bottle.

The ergonomic lid with wide spout and secure valve makes it easy to use, eliminating the risk of spilling liquid when carrying a full tumbler.

How to choose a water bottle

To begin with, you should pay attention to the material of manufacture. Plastic bottles are lightweight, resistant to damage and durable; glass — environmental friendliness and availability.

Volume is an important characteristic. Ease of use and frequency of filling the bottle largely depend on it. If you lead an active lifestyle or stay away from home for a long time, you will need a model with a volume of at least 750 milliliters. About 450 ml will be enough for a child.

The tightness of the lid is necessary not only to protect against spillage, but also to prevent dust from getting inside when carrying the bottle. The best solution would be to use a model equipped with a lid lock or a special valve.

Before buying, you need to check the convenience of holding the bottle. Many modern models have recesses for fingers, soft cases or relief application. Such design features simplify the use of the product, minimize the risk of accidental bumps and falls.

Frequently asked Questions

Do sizes matter?


As a rule, the dimensions of the bottle are determined by its volume. They should be taken into account when planning the placement of the model in a car cup holder, side pocket of a backpack or on a special stand. Products with a narrow and elongated design are more convenient to carry and store.

Are fasteners needed?


For use during the working day or on a walk, a standard model will suffice, the design of which includes the water tank itself and the lid. Fasteners on the bottle will be needed when leading an active lifestyle. So, with the help of a special ring or carabiner, you can easily fix the product on tourist equipment, and in the presence of a cover and straps — on a bicycle frame.

How to extend the life of the bottle?


To maintain the quality and hygiene of the product during the entire period of operation, it is necessary to regularly wash the bottle using household products. Some models have a complex structure with many protruding elements. To clean them, we recommend using a special brush or ruff. And, of course, it is important to avoid bumps and drops of the bottle, to ensure safety during transportation.


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