6 best dining tables — Ranking 2022


This rating, as well as our tips, will help you decide on the choice of a good dining table.

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The best dining tables

The tables included in our review are distinguished by an interesting idea, convenience and beautiful appearance. We selected them not only for quality, but also for functionality.

Reasons to buy:

  • Interesting design;
  • Visual increase in space.

The “wicker” stainless steel leg is the highlight of the model. A table with good capacity and standard dimensions will be convenient even for a small room. The glass round table top is safety and ideal for a home with children.

Of course, this model requires additional care, and to maintain its attractiveness, it needs to be regularly rubbed to a shine — but it’s worth it. In the interior, the table looks almost weightless, and seems to flow into it.

Reasons to buy:

  • Synchronous extension;
  • Three transformation options;
  • Chromed legs;
  • Hygienic glass top.

A small square table turns into a rectangular and spacious dining table in a couple of movements. The tabletop made of laminated chipboard and tempered glass withstands high temperatures and mechanical stress.

The glossy surface will not visually “eat up” the space, but on the contrary, it will seem to expand it. Over time, the table does not change color and does not fade. Strong legs are not afraid of heavy loads. The metal framework is steady and guarantees safe operation of furniture.

The table is transformed as you like — either both side panels are put forward, or one. Hardware and detailed assembly instructions are included. A spacious folded table can be placed in a corner, and a family of two will fit behind it. In the center of the room, four people can sit down for it, and when unfolded, up to 8 guests.

Reasons to buy:

  • Stylish design;
  • Reliable mechanism;
  • Spaciousness.

A solid and modern table suitable for a spacious dining area in a classic or Venetian style. Its MDF and veneer top sits on hevea wood legs. The design is reliable and stable, which confirms the considerable weight of the table. With its massiveness, white furniture looks light, and visually does not clutter up the space.

Louisiana unfolds, increasing in width to 225 cm — then 10 people can freely fit behind it. The insert is hidden under the tabletop, easily removed and assembled using a swivel mechanism. The shape of the table is carefully thought out, and nothing interferes with people sitting on either side.

Reasons to buy:

  • Compactness;
  • Convenient and simple design;
  • 8 height positions.

This table can be transformed from a coffee table into a dining table with one easy movement with the help of a lever and wheels. The height is fixed at the selected level from 33 to 76 cm.

The tabletop unfolds and folds in half. When unfolded, its size is 100×144 cm.

The chrome-plated legs are stable and secure, while they look stylish and make the design visually compact. Such a table looks good against the wall, in the center of the room or even in the corner.

Reasons to buy:

  • Beautiful painted ceramic tabletop;
  • Durability;
  • Practicality.

This is the most unpretentious table in operation. The pattern on the tabletop tile is offered to choose from — there are several of them in the line. Wooden parts can be dark and white.

The painting does not wear out even after several years of intensive use. Carved legs do not stagger and withstand heavy loads. The price of the model is quite justified, given the high quality of workmanship and the long service life of the furniture.

Reasons to buy:

  • Compact when folded;
  • Versatility;
  • Comfortable fit.

This book table has a standard height, so any chairs are suitable for it. The folding mechanism makes it possible to change the size of the tabletop depending on the number of people, opening one or two doors.

The surface of laminated chipboard with wood imitation looks good in a modern interior, and at the same time it is unpretentious in care. The furniture weighs 29 kg, which may be a small disadvantage when carrying, but a plus in terms of stability.

When the table is not needed, it can be completely folded — and then it will take up a minimum of space due to its small width. The design is stable and can withstand loads up to 50 kg.

How to choose a dining table

The ideal table fits freely in the kitchen, while it should be comfortable for all family members to sit at it at the same time. One person should have 40 cm of depth and 60 cm of width — this is the most comfortable option. The place for dishes is also taken into account, so you should not choose a table less than 80 cm wide — it is inconvenient to serve it.

A good option for a small kitchen is a square or round table. We recommend that those who like to receive guests take a closer look at the folding transformer models.

Any model is suitable for a spacious kitchen, but you should not take a small table — it will simply be lost in the interior.

It is good if the purchased model can withstand constant washing, accidentally spilled liquid and does not require the use of a tablecloth, because it is not always appropriate in the interior.

As for the materials of manufacture, there are some nuances here:

  • Wooden tables last for decades and look chic, but solid wood furniture is not cheap.
  • Glass does not clutter up the space, while withstands shock and high temperatures. Even if such a countertop is damaged, it does not injure anyone — it cracks, but does not crumble into fragments. Still, keep in mind that glass is more difficult to care for than wood, because stains remain on its surface.
  • MDF can be equated to wood — with proper care, the material lasts for many years. The price of such furniture is quite affordable.
  • A ceramic tile countertop is a durable and practical option that is not picky about maintenance. But such patterns are rare.

Mechanisms for transforming sliding dining tables

The tsarga is a support and a sliding mechanism. Tables with such a system are reliable and practical.

There are mechanisms with internal and external fastening to the side. The first option is good because the carriages to which the tabletop is attached do not go beyond the dimensions of the unfolding system. The second option is installed outside and closed with decorative elements. This design is more massive.

In king tables there is always one insert, which is installed between two sliding parts of the tabletop. If it is a one-piece central panel, then when folded there will be one seam in the middle of the table, and when unfolded, there will be two.

The insert is hidden under the tabletop, and if necessary, the sidewalls of the table are moved apart, and it is inserted in the center into special grooves. The side parts move and securely fix the insert.

The central insert with a swivel mechanism is similar to the previous version in terms of the unfolding method, but it is folded in half and removed under the table or removed using a swivel mount. This table unfolds very easily and quickly.

Models in which the sidewalls are extended and fixed at the level of the tabletop are always compact when folded. At the same time, they are transformed in different ways, offering a choice of two sizes. Glass tops with such a mechanism look good, but most often their side inserts are small, so it will not be possible to seriously increase the surface.

Book tables have, perhaps, the most primitive, but simple mechanism. It lasts longer and is easier to repair if necessary.

Frequently asked Questions

Is it possible to take a budget table or should you look at more expensive models?


Budget furniture is always of low quality. A folding table can be made cheap only by saving on fittings and materials. If you are looking for durable furniture, then choose from the middle price segment and above.

Where is the best place to put a dining table?


Keep in mind that for convenience around the table there should be free space of at least 1 meter on all sides. Then it will be possible to freely sit down and get up from the table, without hurting anything or anyone. The ideal location is in the center of the room, but in a small kitchen you can move the table to the wall.

Is the design of the legs important when choosing?


Pay attention only to the fact that the legs do not interfere with sitting at the table, and it is also possible to push the chair in after dinner. Also, the fewer hard-to-reach places in the base, the easier it is to take care of the furniture.


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