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The most practical and reliable information stands for offices, government and children’s institutions.

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Rating of information stands

On sale there are models for advertising goods, services and for notifying people about important events. For the base, most often they take a wooden or plastic board of different thicknesses. The front side is pasted over with a film, paper, or a cork or magnetic coating is applied. Manufacturers produce products with floor and wall mounting, with or without a frame around the perimeter.

Reasons to buy:

  • durable plastic 3 mm thick;
  • transparent pockets;
  • a light weight;
  • simple installation.

The shield is made of impact-resistant plastic and painted in Space Black. On top of the base are 8 transparent pockets for standard A4 sheets. This format is relevant for most office printers and typographic printed products.

The stationary product is attached to the wall. The package includes two screws, plugs and installation instructions. Construction width 96 cm, height 80 cm. Weight approx. 1.2 kg.

Stand with pockets Identity Technology is in demand among buyers. Among the main advantages are external attractiveness, convenience, ease of working with information.

Reasons to buy:

  • dark gray background;
  • reliable fastenings;
  • capacity;
  • adequate price.

The dark stand measuring 43×62 cm contains three pockets for copies of A4 documents and one for A5 books and brochures. The cap is made in white strict font.

There is a wall mount on the back. The model demonstrates information that reveals the main aspects of the enterprise and is considered mandatory for a business that works with individuals.

The Consumer Corner stores a large amount of information. All compartments are made of transparent materials that do not obstruct the view of the contents.

Reasons to buy:

  • aesthetic appearance;
  • nice fixing magnets;
  • hanging holes;
  • durability.

The stand is based on hardboard — a solid wood board with moisture-resistant and waterproofing properties. The front part is covered with a 0.5 mm thick magnetic metal panel and covered with a colored vinyl film.

The principle of operation of the design is simple. To attach an information sheet to its surface, it is enough to use special magnets. Board dimensions 80×80 cm.

The wall-mounted stand has proven itself in classrooms, offices and for the publication of dynamically updated information. Of the minuses, it is worth noting only a significant weight that makes installation difficult.

Reasons to buy:

  • modern design;
  • stability;
  • mobility;
  • German quality.

The Durable floor stand is made of aluminum and is a stand with a weighted base and an A4 swivel panel. In the vertical position, the height of the accessory is 118 cm, in the horizontal position — 113 cm.

The manufacturer guarantees the quality of its products. Before selling, each stand is checked by a specialist, so marriage is excluded. The product is sold unassembled. The package contains everything you need for assembly.

The mobile one-section information stand is multifunctional and suitable for any enterprises and premises.

Reasons to buy:

  • aesthetic appearance;
  • strength;
  • environmentally friendly material;
  • a light weight.

A board made of fine-grained cork measuring 120×90 cm is framed with an aluminum frame. Each corner is decorated with gray plastic inserts. At the top there is a hidden fastening that allows you to hang the shield on the wall horizontally and vertically.

The main difference between the product and other designs is that information sheets are not displayed in pockets, but are attached directly to the panel. Buttons easily pierce the work surface and do not leave marks after removal.

The cork board on the wall looks fresh and looks equally good in the boss’s office, in the classroom, kindergarten, and even at home.

Reasons to buy:

  • wear-resistant surface;
  • metal fittings;
  • stability;
  • long service life.

Rectangular factory-made pillar is made of knotless timber. The material is covered with a rich black chalk panel that is easy to write on and erase.

The product has a wooden frame treated with an impregnation that protects the material from rain. The goods with steady legs are reliably assembled, durable and strong. Its height is 55 cm with a width of 39 cm. Weight — 2.2 kg.

The chalk stand is suitable for outdoor and indoor installation. On a black smooth surface, it is convenient to write price lists, menus, advertisements and simply draw, refreshing the interior.

Classification of information stands

Stands provide an opportunity to present information in an attractive and easily accessible form, which is why they are popular in educational, commercial and municipal organizations.

According to the type of filling, they are of two types:

  • Statistical — in which the content does not change for a long time. These include fire safety shields, instructions, state symbols.
  • Dynamic — with updated information. Common examples: wall newspapers, corners for kindergartens, schools, honor rolls.

Distinguish between advertising, information and mandatory stands. The first ones talk about services, great offers or demonstrate product samples. The second contains information for the consumer and rewards, the achievements of the enterprise. Still others show licenses, certificates and other information that must be presented to customers.

How to choose an information stand

Before buying, it is important to determine exactly where the accessory will be installed. This will help you choose the right size and shape of the product. When you cannot hang the board on the wall, or you need to change its location regularly, the best solution is a mobile floor structure.

  • If information needs to be updated systematically, pay attention to models with transparent pockets made of plexiglass and plastic in A4 or A5 format. Such options are good for the Consumer Corner or Hall of Fame.
  • For notes, announcements, graphs, magnetic and cork boards are suitable. These accessories hold the sheets in place using magnets or buttons. They are suitable for offices, schools, universities.

The color scheme of the board is selected individually. For example, bright stands are not recommended for government agencies, as they do not allow concentration and distract attention. Schools, clinics, hospitals, on the contrary, benefit from brightly colored billboards.

Frequently asked Questions

What form of information boards is optimal?


The most popular rectangular shape, which helps to rationally distribute free space. Options in the form of other geometric shapes are less in demand — they are usually used to draw attention to something unusual.

What should be the content of a standard booth?


Any information stand contains information about the company, the company logo and color illustrations reflecting the general theme. At the top is the name of the board, at the bottom — contact details (address, phone, e-mail). The middle part is reserved for demonstrating the necessary information.

How are information boards attached?


Hanging stands are mounted to the wall with special hangers or nails. The floor structure has legs or chrome wheels for easy movement from place to place.


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