6 best mirrors — Rating 2022



The best models of mirrors of all main types: floor, wall and table products in classic and modern style.


The best mirrors

We have collected the most popular mirrors — from compact models to full-length ones. The review included products with an excellent combination of functionality and attractive design.

Reasons to buy:

  • Full length reflection;
  • Two colors;
  • The presence of hangers.

A functional mirror with dimensions of 155×2.7×122 cm will allow you to see yourself in full growth. It is equipped with two hangers and one shelf that can be hidden behind the body so as not to be seen.

The mirror can be placed in any room, including those with high humidity. With the hangers placed, the product takes up a little more space, but it allows you to store a considerable amount of clothes, including on hangers.

Reasons to buy:

  • Convenient form;
  • Built-in backlight;
  • universal orientation.

The mirror is illuminated with several E14 bulbs along the short sides. It has a rectangular shape and can be placed both vertically and horizontally.

The size of the mirror is 80×60 cm, which makes it moderately compact and at the same time convenient to use. You can even watch it with two people at the same time. The mirror has no frame, which in combination with lighting makes it visually weightless and makes it easy to fit into any interiors.

Reasons to buy:

  • Low price;
  • Variety of colors;
  • Increase.

The mirror has two sides — one normal and one magnifying, which facilitates a number of cosmetic and hygiene procedures. The compact model is placed on the table. You can easily carry it from place to place and even carry it with you in your hand luggage.

The mirror is framed in an openwork frame, which blends harmoniously with classic interiors. The size of the reflective part is 9×12 cm.

Reasons to buy:

  • Shelves for storage;
  • backlight;
  • Universal design.

A mirror and bathroom cabinet 2 in 1 is a bargain that allows you to save on purchasing these items separately. The product is made in a stylish discreet design. The mirror is placed around the perimeter of the entire cabinet door.

The model has both external and internal lighting. The case is made of chipboard and covered with enamel, which protects it from moisture, steam and temperature extremes.

Reasons to buy:

  • original design;
  • Three body color options
  • universal orientation.

In appearance, the Prisma mirror from Umbra resembles a precious stone. This effect is achieved due to the multifaceted shape of the product. The frame of the model is made of metal, the mirror itself is made of tempered glass.

The size of the model is 43×56.8 cm. It can be placed both vertically and horizontally. The weight of the product does not exceed 2.5 kg, so you can hang it on any wall or partition.

Reasons to buy:

  • Storage compartment;
  • Lock with key;
  • Two colors to choose from.

This piece from Bradex combines a mirror, a hiding place and a jewelry storage cabinet. The inner space of the model is filled with shelves and hooks for placing various jewelry.

The safety of the filling is ensured by a key with a lock. The body of the cabinet is made of chipboard, painted in white or black. It is suitable for placement in rooms with a moderate level of humidity. Dimensions — 36.8×101.5.

How to choose a mirror

When choosing a mirror, you should pay attention to its thickness and the degree of smoothness on both sides. And also on the quality of the edges — they must be flawless. In models without a frame, you can find options with facet — a beveled edge that plays a decorative role. The thickness of the mirror affects not only its strength, but also the quality of reflection.

The quality of the reflection of the mirror also depends on the top layer:

  • If it contains silver, the product will provide a clear display. Such mirrors are durable, moisture resistant, suitable for any premises.
  • The aluminum finish makes the products cost-effective, but the reflection quality is also reduced.
  • Premium models include mirrors with an amalgam coating of a combination of gold, chrome and nickel.

It is equally important to consider the material of manufacture of the body or frame of the mirrors, if any. Plastic, painted and chrome-plated metal are universal, suitable for any premises, including those with high humidity. Mirrors in a wooden frame or with a body made of chipboard, MDF are often used in bedrooms, living rooms, hallways.

There are several types of mirrors:

  • floor standing reflect a person in full growth. These are convenient for dressing rooms, bedrooms, dressing rooms, but take up more space during installation.
  • wall mirrors are universal, available in various designs, shapes, sizes, can be hung on any surface.
  • Desktop — small mirrors, which are mainly used on cosmetic tables.
  • Mirrors with shelves or drawers are functional products that allow you to store hygiene items, jewelry, cosmetics.
  • Decorative mirrors are designed more for decorating rooms. However, they also do a good job with their main task, if they are large enough.

Mirrors with built-in lighting deserve special attention. They provide high quality reflection, allow you to consider everything to the smallest detail. Mirrors with magnification are often used on dressing tables, cosmetic tables and dressing rooms.

Frequently asked Questions

Where should the mirror be placed in the room?


The quality of the reflection largely depends on the lighting. It is good if the lamps are located on the side of the mirrors or on top. If the light sources are behind the viewer, shadows will form on his face and small elements will be poorly visible. In this case, you should pay attention to mirrors with built-in lighting. Or you will have to install an additional lamp near the mirror itself.

Which mirror is suitable for the bathroom?


When buying a bathroom mirror, you should consider the material of the case and the presence of a protective coating. It must withstand high levels of humidity, exposure to steam, as well as temperature changes. The most durable option is plastic or painted or chrome steel. Chipboard models must have an additional layer of moisture protection.

Is it necessary to hang a mirror in the children’s room?


According to psychologists, a mirror is a necessary attribute of a child’s room, helping the child to develop, to know himself. Therefore, it is worth hanging it in the children’s room, the main thing is to choose models with a safe design, the correct shape and securely fasten them. It is good if the mirror is large, reflecting objects as a whole to form the correct perception. It is worth positioning the mirrors so that they do not reflect the bed, as the reflection can scare the child upon waking up.


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