6 best photo albums — Rating 2022


Stores sell photo albums with plastic pockets, cardboard sheets, and magnetic pages. We analyzed the pros and cons of such models and made a rating of the best.

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Best photo albums

An album of photographs preserves the memories of the past and allows you to relive the important events of your life. The appearance of the accessory depends on personal preferences. On sale there are standard products of different shapes, sizes and exclusive handmade items. Wedding, tourist, children’s and other thematic albums are very popular.

Reasons to buy:

  • elegant appearance;
  • pleasant to the touch cover;
  • secure fastening of sheets and pockets;
  • spaciousness.

Stylish 50-sheet album holds 500 photos. Each page contains three horizontal and two vertical photographs sized 10×15 cm. The red-brown crocodile-like cover is decorated with four frames. You can change the photos if you wish.

Black polypropylene sheets look good, do not tear and have no foreign smell. The book measures 34cm high by 32.5cm wide. The book is ideal for family snapshots with convenient pockets.

Reasons to buy:

  • ease of use;
  • white cardboard pages;
  • strong binding;
  • case included.

The magnetic album consists of 60 pages measuring 32×31 cm. Cardboard sheets are covered on both sides with a PVC film with an adhesive latex strip. To insert pictures, you just need to lift it up.

Photos can be placed horizontally, vertically and rearranged. A memorabilia is often supplemented with interesting descriptions, newspaper clippings, postcards. Filling depends on the theme of the accessory.

The album with magnetic sheets is convenient and safe. Its weight together with the packaging is 1 kg 800 g. Among the shortcomings, buyers note that when re-placing pictures, the transparent film does not always lie flat.

Reasons to buy:

  • design decoration;
  • book binding;
  • thin translucent parchment;
  • thick pages.

The gift photo album «The Persistence of Memory» is made in the style of the Pallete collection and is a book in a wooden cover. The front side features a famous painting by Salvador Dali. The underside is lined with eco-leather.

Inside there is a designer white cardboard, and translucent sheets of tracing paper are inserted between the pages. The 80-page album holds up to 240 photos of various formats. Mounting method — corners or double-sided tape.

Hard stitched binding is tough and durable. The photo album is packaged in a gift box along with storage cloth, double tape and a certificate of quality.

Reasons to buy:

  • respectable appearance;
  • thick cardboard;
  • stitched binding;
  • long service life.

The album includes 60 cardboard white pages. Between them lies parchment paper, which protects the sheets from mechanical stress and contact with each other. A traditional interleaf album is a good choice for long-term photo storage.

Pictures are attached to special corners, double-sided tape or glue. On each page, you can make comments, notes, add pictures and postcards. The cover is made of laminated cardboard and decorated with a vivid image of the night sky.

Reasons to buy:

  • strict style;
  • thick film;
  • hard cover;
  • convenient arrangement of pockets.

The album is made of white paper sheets. On each page there are three transparent pockets 10×15 cm in size. There is a special place for inscriptions in the form of slightly noticeable perforated lines.

The total number of pictures to store is 300 pieces. The cover is made of mother-of-pearl brown eco-leather. The bound pages are sheet-glued and additionally fastened with hot-melt glue. Product height 33 cm, width 24 cm.

The roomy Fotografia album is the best choice for a family archive, because it allows you to compactly save memorable photos, which have already accumulated quite a lot.

Reasons to buy:

  • fabric cover;
  • interesting decor;
  • strong binding;
  • sheets are lined with parchment;
  • affordable cost.

The album with white paper pages and intermediate parchment sheets looks stylish and elegant. The cover is made of dark fabric and decorated with a satin bow. There are similar models in light version.

The binding on a metal spring guarantees the strength and durability of the memorable book. Thanks to him, the pages open 360 degrees, and the album itself looks neat.

The total number of sheets is 60 pieces. Photos are attached to self-adhesive corners and stickers. Alas, they are not included in the kit — you have to buy them separately.

How to choose a photo album

In the age of digital technologies, printed photographs do not lose popularity, as they are the most reliable way to preserve vivid memories of yourself and loved ones. So that the pictures do not lose quality for a long time, it is important to choose the right album for storing them.

Stores offer a wide selection of books that differ from each other in the type of fastening.

  • The easiest and most budget option is photo albums with transparent PVC film pockets. They are very comfortable, but not always made with high quality. In some cases, the raw material begins to release chemicals that spoil the pictures.
  • Classic albums with binding, cardboard pages and parchment are considered safe. Cards are fastened using photographic glue, self-adhesive corners or stickers that work on the principle of double-sided tape.
  • Magnetic albums are made from hard cardboard. Each sheet is covered with a thin film with an adhesive strip. To fix a photo of a different format, you need to place it inside a kind of pocket and gently smooth the film.

When buying, pay attention to the cover. The soft surface does not protect the pictures from bending and is less durable. Rigid — durable and does not allow creases. External coating may vary. Wood, fabric, plastic, artificial or genuine leather have the best performance characteristics.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best way to fix sheets in a photo album?


The most reliable is hardcover, at the base of which all sheets are stitched. In second place is a metal spring that can withstand a serious load, in third place are glued products.

What is the optimal capacity of an album?


The capacity depends on the page format. The most practical accessories for 100-120 photos. This amount is enough to store pictures from a trip, from a solemn event or holiday. If you need to display different milestones of human life or collect a family archive, it is better to purchase massive albums for 250-300 or even 500 photos.

Do you need metal corners on the cover?


Some albums are equipped with metal inserts on the outer corners of the cover. They not only perform a decorative function, but also extend the life of the product, because it is the corners that are damaged and worn out in the first place. If the model does not have corners, you can buy them in a specialized store and install them yourself.


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