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The most beautiful and high quality sets for everyday use and home celebrations.

Luchie Servisi

Best Services

Our review covers all main types of services: dining, tea, coffee and breakfast. In each category, we have selected the best set available.

Reasons to buy:

  • Silver of high standard;
  • Luxurious design;
  • A large number of items in the set;
  • Bactericidal properties of metal;
  • Handmade.

A chic coffee set includes small cups (50 ml) with saucers and spoons for 6 people, as well as a coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl. Such a rich equipment completely reconciles with the high cost of the service.

To decorate silver items, the craftsmen of Veliky Ustyug used blackening and gilding, as well as filigree carved chasing to create beautiful three-color drawings on the walls of dishes.

The set is delivered in a gift box covered with glossy crocodile skin. The bed for service items is lined with dense silk fabric. If such an expensive purchase is too expensive for you, the cups, saucers and spoons from the set can be purchased separately in the required quantity.

Reasons to buy:

  • Fine porcelain;
  • Rich equipment;
  • smart look;
  • Quality painting.

German Weimar Porzellan sets are made of expensive porcelain with a high content of kaolin and quartz, which makes the material more durable and gives it a perfect whiteness, while maintaining a special translucency. Attention is paid to every detail — from the shape of the items in the set to the elegant painting with gilding.

Large sets include a tureen for 4 liters, two salad bowls and serving dishes, a gravy boat, a butter dish and a herring dish. All this is complemented by three types of plates and two types of elegant marmalade bowls for 12 people, as well as a salt and pepper shaker on a porcelain stand.

Our mothers and grandmothers dreamed of such sets, collections of past generations are still actively sold at auctions, and some are exhibited in world museums. The Weimar service is not just elegant dishes, but also the spirit of the aristocracy, as well as a kind of investment.

Reasons to buy:

  • High quality porcelain;
  • Handmade;
  • Possibility to purchase individual items.

The collection «National Traditions» repeats the shape of the dishes of the Czech manufactory, invented 100 years ago. Elegant execution and fine painting are also a legacy of the past, only now the decor has become richer. By the name of the lines, one can imagine the beauty and style of patterns on porcelain: Iran, Morocco, Syria, Uzbekistan, Arabia, Jerusalem, etc.

Services are designed for 6 persons and include 15 items. In addition to tea pairs with 200 ml wide cups, they include a milk jug, a rather large 1.5 liter teapot and a sugar bowl with a lid.

The lines of «National Traditions» are so extensive that you can buy coffee and table sets, separate items (shovel, tray, cake plate) for the tea service — and everything will be decorated in the same style. And the relative availability of Czech porcelain will make such a purchase less painful for the wallet.

Reasons to buy:

  • Versatility;
  • All items are made of porcelain;
  • Rich equipment;
  • Dishwasher safe;
  • Can be placed in a microwave oven.

An elegant white service without pretentious decor is truly universal. The set includes 19 items. In addition to tea pairs, there are deep plates for porridge or salad, 2 egg cups, a milk jug, a sugar bowl and a 1.1-liter kettle. Such a set can also be used to serve a light dinner, or even arrange an English tea party in the tradition of «5 o’clock» with a family or a couple of guests.

The dishes turned out not only functional, but also durable. Since there are no paintings, decals or gilding on tea items, plates and cups can be safely put in the microwave and washed in the dishwasher. Despite the lack of decor, the set looks interesting due to the original play of shapes and embossed stripes, as if left after the potter’s wheel.

Reasons to buy:

  • Beautiful design;
  • Optimal wall thickness;
  • Comfortable cup handles
  • You can buy individual items;
  • Acceptable price.

The set includes 6 tea pairs (cup + saucer). The cups are small — the full volume «to the brim» is 250 ml — but they have comfortable handles. Although they are indeed made of porcelain, the objects of the service are more like thin-walled ceramics in a brilliant glaze. However, the dishes turned out to be quite durable.

In the same series of the manufacturer there is also a table set with an identical design. If you want everyday dishes to be made in the same style, you should buy it. Also on sale are individual items from the Paradise bird collection: sugar bowls, 360 ml tall mugs, candy racks.

Reasons to buy:

  • Impact-resistant glass;
  • High-quality production — without bubbles and sagging;
  • Beautiful colour;
  • The cookware is compatible with many other Luminarc series.

A set of plates for the first, second course and desserts is a great purchase for any family. Everyday dishes turned out to be quite functional due to high sides, but I would like to see at least a couple more salad bowls in the service.

The diameter of the plates is rather big: 19 cm for dessert, 20 for soup and 25 cm for dinner. Glassware without decor is suitable for use in the microwave and washing in the dishwasher. The service is quite strong and even if the plates fall, there is a great chance of survival.

How to choose the best service

High prices for services make you carefully consider their choice. Everything affects the cost of dishes — from the number of items in the set to the material of manufacture and the method of decoration.

Let’s start with the number of people, since this is the easiest to determine:

  • For newlyweds who do not have children yet, as well as single people, it is enough to have a table and tea set for 2 persons in the house.
  • The average family for everyday use will already need sets for 4 or 6 people.
  • For magnificent celebrations and receptions, large sets with an abundance of additional items of utensils are chosen — for 6, and preferably for 12 people.

Try to familiarize yourself with the entire range of the manufacturer before buying the service you like. Look for series where individual items are presented in abundance — this will allow you to expand the set with the things you need or replace accidentally broken cups and plates.

It is better to select the material of manufacture taking into account the intensity of further use. For example, sets made of glass or ceramics are more suitable for every day — they have rather thick walls, the dishes themselves are stronger, and the price is affordable (not so sorry if something breaks).

But porcelain is different. Unfortunately, stores rarely indicate its type for displayed dishes, although it largely determines its operational properties. For example, soft porcelain is closer to faience in its characteristics — it is also porous, prone to cracking and inexpensive.

Hard porcelain is much better in quality because it is fired at a higher temperature. Dishes from it belong to the middle price category. The best materials are hardened porcelain with special additives and bone — the most beautiful, durable, thin and very expensive.

There are also sets made of metal. Usually they are used for cold drinks — alcoholic or non-alcoholic (although there are exceptions). Here it is better to give preference to stainless steel or silver.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between a service and a set of dishes?


Initially, sets were called sets of elegant dishes for serving a festive table. Now on sale there are inexpensive «everyday» services. Strictly speaking, they are also sets of tableware or tea utensils, but it is understood that these sets are intended for several people at once.

Services types


In addition to the usual table and tea sets, there are dessert sets on sale — with a large dish for a cake or pastries and several saucers. Special breakfast sets are not so common in our country, but they can be found. As a rule, such sets include both plates for second courses and tea accessories, and can also be equipped with a butter dish or egg holders.

How to identify quality porcelain?


Expensive chinaware is quite thin, and its walls partially let in light. Light tapping with a wooden stick on the cup should cause a melodic ringing. Also inspect the back of the dish. If it is of really high quality, the round leg at the bottom will be made as accurately and evenly as possible, and there will be no gaps or gaps on the table under it. Another sign of the high quality of porcelain products is the brand of the manufacturer. It must be applied to the bottom before the glaze is applied to the dishes.


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