7 best wall clocks — Rating 2022 (top based on expert opinions and reviews)


Wall clocks are popular because they not only help keep track of time, but also decorate the house. The best mechanical, quartz and electronic models are included in our today’s review.


Our choice:

The best wall clock

Our experts have compiled a ranking of the best interior clocks on the market. It will help you make the right choice and pick up a worthy thing that will not only count the time, but also decorate the room.

Reasons to buy:

  • noble colors;
  • wooden case;
  • functionality.

The rectangular watch is decorated with a monogram and equipped with a reliable mechanism. The back wall is attached to the wall. The facade is decorated with a hinged glass door.

Inside are a brass pendulum and a round dial. The latter is decorated with contrasting Arabic numerals (there is a similar model with Roman ones), as well as two metal hands for telling the time. There are also two key holes to start the spring. The plant is enough for 14 days.

The peculiarity of Hermle mechanics is a beep every hour. So that at night the battle does not interfere with sleep, it can be turned off manually.

Reasons to buy:

  • wooden case;
  • precise move;
  • volume control;
  • spectacular look.

The glossy case of the wooden wall clock has the color «black coffee». The facade is glazed, the door closes tightly and is a reliable barrier to dust.

The white dial with Arabic numerals is framed by a flat glass with polished mirrored edges. The cylindrical pendulum is made of nickel and gives the watch a modern and sophisticated look.

The model is quartz, so AA batteries are required for its operation, which are not included in the kit. Every hour the device plays a certain melody — the volume and night work are adjusted manually.

Reasons to buy:

  • glossy plastic;
  • silent running;
  • simple installation;
  • interesting look.

The watch is made of acrylic black or white plastic. On the reverse side of them, a foam base is glued, which allows you to place the parts on any smooth surface. The adhesive layer does not emit toxic substances and is safe for humans.

The set includes a quartz movement, two aluminum hands and a template to help you choose the diameter of the clock and mark the elements on the wall. There are no numbers here — instead of them, glossy birds from the same set are glued in a circle. The model runs on AA batteries, which are included.

Reasons to buy:

  • bright contrasting glow;
  • manual adjustment;
  • an abundance of additional features.

The body of the electronic watch is made of glossy black plastic. The large screen displays Arabic numerals in 24 hour format. In addition to the time, the display shows the year, month, day of the week and air temperature. It is possible to change the color and brightness of the backlight.

Garnet clock can be hung on the wall or set on the table. The main advantages are wide functionality and a large electronic dial, which makes it easy for people with low vision to keep track of time.

Reasons to buy:

  • a light weight;
  • simple wall mount;
  • functionality.

The wall clock with remote control is powered by 220 V. Inside the rectangular plastic case there is a quartz movement that counts the exact time. The digital panel is equipped with LED backlight. Colored Arabic numerals are used to show the time.

The LED display and large print make it easy to read information from a distance. Due to this, watches are in demand in gyms, shopping centers, educational institutions. The brightness of the display can be adjusted by selecting one of 5 levels.

The model has a built-in alarm clock — a harsh solution for those who like to turn off the clock on the bedside table and continue to sleep, risking being late for work or school. The snooze function will allow you to take a nap a little more, but then the signal will be heard again.

Reasons to buy:

  • beautiful wooden frame;
  • nice design;
  • reliable German mechanism.

Lowell Prestige watches are made of natural wood. The cherry-coloured square frame is polished and beautifully frames the picture in soothing pastel colors. However, the Italian manufacturer has other, more modern models — for any style of interior.

Hours and Roman numerals are hand-painted on the inside of the glass. This simple trick adds depth to the landscape behind the glass. The device is powered by an AA battery included in the package.

Designer watches look spectacular, successfully combining a practical and decorative function. With their help, the room will become cozy and acquire its own unique style.

Reasons to buy:

  • high-quality assembly and durable plastic;
  • large Arabic numerals;
  • smooth arrow movement.

Round quartz clock with a diameter of 30 cm is made of plastic. The black surface of the case is smooth and does not attract dust. On the white dial are well-read Arabic numerals, minute, hour and second hands.

There are also two additional scales for determining humidity and air temperature. But, firstly, it is not particularly necessary to rely on the accuracy of these devices. And secondly, the dials are quite small and are not particularly readable from a distance. So we are not talking about the multifunctionality of the model.

These watches are the best and inexpensive choice for offices and residential premises. Strict finish will fit perfectly into the design of the hall, living room or kitchen, made in a modern style. The model is powered by AA batteries.

How to choose a wall clock

Wall clocks are an invariable attribute of residential buildings, offices, public buildings. They help to maintain the daily routine, come to work on time, do not be late for meetings, and are a functional piece of decor.

Cases and dials are usually made of plastic, metal, wood or glass. Less commonly used cardboard, ceramics. When choosing a product, consider the microclimate in the room. In case of high humidity, discard cardboard and metal models — glass or plastic will be the best solution here, protecting the mechanism from dampness.

Pay attention to the dimensions, colors, shape of the case. The clock should either echo with other furnishings in the room, or serve as a bright accent.

Quartz or mechanical?

Wall clocks, like any other, come in two types: mechanical and quartz. Electronic watches are classified as a separate category, although they also belong to quartz watches. And here it is already worth delving into the nuances.

Mechanical watches

Such watches have a complex mechanism, the basis of which is a pendulum driven by an electric, spring or weight source of energy. In order for such devices to work properly, they must be started regularly and lubricated with special oil every few years.

Mechanical advantages include:

  • work without power supply;
  • maintainability even in case of complex breakdowns;
  • long service life.

Despite the complex maintenance and rather high cost, mechanical watches do not lose their relevance today. Their popularity is due to the original design solutions and the fact that they create an atmosphere of sophistication in any room.

Quartz watch

They appeared in the middle of the last century, but quickly gained popularity due to their high accuracy. Their principle of operation is based on the physical properties of quartz crystals: under the influence of current, they are compressed and generate an electrical impulse that sets the hands in motion.

In these designs, people are attracted to:

  • light weight;
  • high accuracy;
  • no need for winding.

Quartz clocks require a battery to operate and must be changed periodically. It should also be noted that quartz will not last as long as mechanics can (with proper care). However, the low cost balances this drawback.

Digital Watch

The principle of operation of electronic and quartz models is identical: both of them operate due to a quartz oscillator. Only in electronic time is shown not by mechanical hands, but by a screen.

Many of these devices are equipped with additional functions: a thermometer, a night light, a set of melodies, a radio, an alarm clock. The advantages of electronics experts include quiet operation, durability, a variety of designs. The downside is that the clock shows the time with a small error.

Many experts suggest giving preference to mechanical models, as they believe that their reliability has been tested by time. But there is no single answer to the question of which products are better. The choice depends on the taste and habits of the buyer.

Frequently asked Questions

In the recently purchased wall clock, the battery has already run out. Is there something wrong with them?


Most likely, everything is in order with the watch, and the new battery will last as long as it is stated in the model passport (usually 2-3 years). Just a complete battery was installed in the movement even before the watch itself was assembled — solely to check its performance. While the watches were assembled, stored in warehouses, transported to wholesale suppliers, and then to retail stores, quite a lot of time passed — and the battery ran out.

What are hands with discrete and smooth running? Which ones are better?


Discrete — these are the so-called ticking second hands, which move immediately to the next division, that is, they make 60 movements per minute. In contrast to them, there are smooth running second hands — these move 360 ​​times per minute, which makes them seem to move continuously. A smooth ride is much quieter than a discrete one, but it also drains the battery faster.

How to properly care for a mechanical watch?


All you can do yourself is dust the watch case and wind it weekly, while checking and correcting (if necessary) the accuracy of the movement. The mechanics need to be lubricated with synthetic oil every 5 years and cleaned every 10 years. But it is better to entrust these operations to the watchmaker, otherwise you can simply ruin the delicate mechanism.

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