8 best hozblok for giving


Economic models for storing the most necessary tools and reinforced structures for comfortable operation at any time of the year.

Hozblok for giving

The best sheds and hozblok

Now it is not necessary to put up household buildings in the country with your own hands. Many ready-made sheds for various purposes have appeared on sale, which are easily and quickly installed in any corner of the garden plot.

Reasons to buy:

  • gable roof;
  • metal carcass;
  • high-quality plastic;
  • non-slip floor;
  • constant ventilation.

The barn is made of high-strength plastic, resistant to extreme temperatures and ultraviolet radiation. This guarantees the reliability and durability of the structure. Steel beams have a special coating against corrosion.

Weight — 210 kilograms, dimensions — 213×362 centimeters. Other features include wide swing doors that make it possible to use the entire interior of the barn. Ventilation openings promote constant air circulation. The floor is not afraid of aggressive chemicals and has an anti-slip coating.

Reasons to buy:

  • reinforced construction;
  • heat resistance;
  • protective treatment;
  • simple installation;
  • long service life.

The model is made of vinyl plastic, which guarantees weather resistance and long-term preservation of appearance. Reinforced steel beams are used as the basis of the frame. They are protected from corrosion by galvanizing.

Other features include increased fire resistance. This provides additional security when storing valuable equipment in the garage. The internal height of the block is 185 centimeters, the dimensions of the doorway are 224×182 cm. The assembly is carried out in a short time and does not require the involvement of specialists.

Reasons to buy:

  • durable materials;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • simple installation;
  • constant air circulation.

The model is assembled from metal profiles and sheets without the use of special tools. This guarantees high structural strength and fast installation. Protective treatment prevents corrosion, so that the barn will last a long time.

Its area at the base is almost 13 m², weight — 126.5 kilograms. The light weight of the main parts simplifies the transportation of the hozblok if necessary. Ventilation grilles and additional openings provide constant air exchange and reduce the likelihood of fungus. Sliding gates help save space on the site.

Reasons to buy:

  • strong frame;
  • durable awning;
  • simple installation;
  • corrosion resistance.

The model is equipped with doors on the front and rear end panels, which allows through passage and simplifies the use of the garage. The frame is made of high quality steel, is not afraid of deformation under heavy load and has a protective treatment against the formation of corrosion.

The dimensions of the barn are 1.8x3x2 m, weight — 37.8 kilograms. The role of the walls and roof is played by a dense awning, resistant to punching and UV radiation. For its uniform tension around the perimeter and to make the structure rigid, special Easy Slide rails are provided.

Reasons to buy:

  • durable construction;
  • easy installation;
  • reinforced roof;
  • protective covering.

The main material of manufacture is special polypropylene, resistant to cracking, weathering and wear. The presence of large windows and the stylization of external surfaces under natural wood give the structure an attractive look.

Dimensions — 210×124.8×253 centimeters, weight 100 kilograms. The reinforced floor can withstand heavy loads, which makes it possible to store heavy garden equipment here. Ventilation openings are provided to ensure a constant supply of fresh air.

Reasons to buy:

  • durable metal with protective treatment;
  • fast assembly;
  • reliable doors;
  • constant ventilation.

The frame of the model is assembled from galvanized profiles, which ensures the reliability of the structure. Corrugated steel of increased hardness is used as a material for the manufacture of walls and roofs. A special coating is provided to protect against corrosion.

The mass of the structure is 83.5 kilograms, dimensions are 277×255 centimeters. Hozblok does not require additional painting or repair. Lockable doors provide secure storage for equipment and valuables. Comfortable work inside is facilitated by the presence of ventilation grilles.

Reasons to buy:

  • simple assembly;
  • strong frame;
  • heat resistance;
  • small dimensions.

The material for the manufacture of the model is vinyl plastic, which facilitates the transportation of the barn. Reinforced frame provides high strength hozblok. Quick installation is facilitated by the presence of a base to create a flat floor.

The dimensions of the structure are 1.22×2.42×1.86 m, the internal area is 2.7 m². The pitched roof does not accumulate snow and water, which simplifies the maintenance of the building and minimizes the risk of floor bursting. The package includes handles, lock and hinges for the door.

Reasons to buy:

  • reinforced construction;
  • fade resistance;
  • protective treatment;
  • solid roof;
  • secure lock.

The model is made of two-layer high-density polyethylene with steel elements. This guarantees structural reliability, resistance to damage and deformation, as well as long-term preservation of the original appearance in any climatic conditions.

The weight of the block is 183 kilograms, dimensions are 213×285 centimeters. The presence of an air gap between the walls improves thermal insulation. For additional reinforcement, reinforcement with metal beams is provided. If necessary, the doors can be locked.

How to choose a hozblok to give

It all starts with the basic material of manufacture:

  • Wooden sheds are distinguished by their aesthetic appearance and environmental friendliness;
  • Metal are durable and easy to assemble;
  • Inexpensive models made of reinforced plastic, resistant to weathering, are popular.

To store a small amount of garden supplies or low-power equipment, a compact model up to 150 cm wide will suffice. To use the building also as a workshop or garage, you will need dimensions of the order of 200×200 centimeters.

We recommend taking into account the design features of the roof. For the safe operation of the hozblok both in summer and in winter, it must have additional supports. This will provide it with resistance to heavy loads in the form of accumulating snow. The best solution would be to buy a model with a pitched roof.

Some sheds do not provide for a floor or foundation, which requires an independent device of a flat area of ​​the required size. The finished coating should have a thickness of 4-5 centimeters and be located on special crossbars. This will allow you to store even quite heavy equipment in the hozblok.

The main types of finished sheds


They belong to the most budgetary designs. As a rule, they are sheathed with clapboard. They are used as temporary buildings, as they do not have stiffeners, which over time can lead to deformation of the walls.

Block containers

They are characterized by strength, mobility and ease of assembly, but they have a higher cost than their counterparts. The material of manufacture is usually thick sheet metal.


The basis of such structures is assembled from a bar. Inside and outside, it is sheathed with boards, OSB or metal profiles. They are distinguished by affordable cost and reliability, they are not afraid of year-round operation.


The shape and design features resemble standard metal garages with doors. The bearing elements here are channels and corners, and the main material for walls and roofs is sheet steel or corrugated board. This guarantees strength and ease of assembly.

Frequently asked Questions

Why do you need a hozblok?


The main purpose of such structures is the storage of tools, equipment, firewood, etc. Often, utility blocks are equipped with a bathroom, which allows you not to clutter up the site with additional buildings. Large area models can be used as workspaces or a garage.

Where is it more convenient to install such a barn?


The determining factor will be the dimensions of the hozblok. A compact structure designed to store garden equipment or furniture in winter is best placed in the corner of the site or behind a residential building. A large block can be installed anywhere — as long as you have quick access to its contents.

Advantages of ready-made hozblok


Models of this type are easy to transport, which will reduce shipping costs. Assembling the structure on site eliminates errors during foundation work, as happens when building from scratch. Also, a prefabricated shed can be placed even in a place inaccessible to overall equipment.


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