9 best shower trays — Ranking 2022


Compact models for cramped bathrooms and large modern shower trays for comfortable showering.

Shower tray

Best shower trays

The main purpose of shower trays is to collect and drain water during bathing. In addition, they protect furniture and interior decoration from splashes. At the same time, a good pallet should be durable, safe (that is, not slippery) and easy to clean.

Reasons to buy:

  • durable construction;
  • simple installation;
  • the ability to sit;
  • safety of use.

This tray has a seat, which guarantees comfortable showering for people with disabilities and the elderly. Anti-slip coating ensures safety. The height of the supports can be adjusted if necessary.

Pallet dimensions — 120x80x46 centimeters, weight 16 kilograms. Acrylic is the material of manufacture, and a durable metal frame increases resistance to heavy loads. Of the additions, a hair trap and the ability to remove the screen are interesting.

Reasons to buy:

  • impact resistance;
  • big size;
  • simple installation;
  • easy cleaning;
  • long service life.

One of the main features of the model is a self-cleaning coating, which facilitates the care of the shower and ensures its original appearance for a long time. The structure of the surface also prevents slipping while bathing.

Pallet dimensions — 100x100x10.7 centimeters, drain diameter 9 cm. The base material is high-hardness steel. This contributes to resistance to damage and heavy load.

Reasons to buy:

  • attractive appearance;
  • fast installation;
  • reinforced construction;
  • safety;
  • long service life.

The model is made of artificial marble, which guarantees its high strength and preservation of appearance during the entire period of operation. The design is able to withstand loads up to 500 kilograms. The surface is easy to clean using household products.

The height of the pallet is only 35 millimeters. It can be installed directly on the floor or use special feet. The main platform has an anti-slip coating for comfortable and safe showering.

Reasons to buy:

  • fast installation;
  • easy cleaning;
  • big sizes;
  • high strength;
  • non-slip surface.

The model is made using hygienic and moisture-resistant materials, is not afraid of limescale, stains and unpleasant odors. This guarantees a long-term preservation of a presentable appearance and easy cleaning using standard household products.

The dimensions of the pallet are 1000×1000 millimeters, the diameter of the drain is 90 mm. The relief covering of a surface interferes with sliding. Installation of the shower does not require preliminary preparation of the base and can be carried out directly on the floor.

Reasons to buy:

  • extended equipment;
  • profitability;
  • a solid foundation;
  • durability.

Included with the pallet are the necessary elements for its self-assembly. These include a siphon, frame and support legs. The material of manufacture is sanitary acrylic, which guarantees easy cleaning and heat retention for a long time.

Pallet dimensions — 80x80x19 centimeters, drain diameter 9 cm. To ensure the safety of the owner, an anti-slip coating is provided. Reinforced frame is not afraid of heavy loads and shocks.

Reasons to buy:

  • shock resistance;
  • big sizes;
  • easy cleaning;
  • attractive design.

The flat tray is made of polymer ceramic based on mineral filler and polyester resins. This provides long-term heat retention, resistance to damage and wear. The non-slip surface makes it safe to use.

The depth of the pallet is only 1.2 cm, dimensions — 80x110x2 centimeters. The material is not afraid of chemical attack and is easy to clean using household products. The package includes a siphon, which guarantees the tightness of the connection.

Reasons to buy:

  • impact resistance of the material;
  • easy cleaning;
  • reliable screen;
  • simple installation.

The model is made of acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass. This provides it with resistance to damage and long-term preservation of its appearance. Installation is carried out without the use of supports and does not require preparation of the base.

The depth of the tray is 9 centimeters, dimensions — 90×75 cm. The surface does not accumulate dirt and is easy to clean if necessary. The screen is securely fixed and has thick walls.

Reasons to buy:

  • attractive design;
  • reinforced construction;
  • protective covering;
  • safety.

The model is made of cast marble, which provides it with high strength, durability and ease of maintenance. For additional protection and giving a glossy shine, the surface is treated with a gel coat.

The tray is 30 mm high and 10 mm deep. The anti-slip coating guarantees safety while taking a shower. The set includes a removable screen and legs of adjustable length together with the pallet.

Reasons to buy:

  • wide equipment;
  • corrosion-resistant frame;
  • simple installation;
  • affordable price.

The model is made of ABS plastic. This ensures resistance to sharp impacts, easy cleaning and low weight of the structure. The frame made of galvanized metal is not afraid of increased load and is fixed on five wide supports.

The dimensions of the corner tray are 90x90x15 centimeters, the depth is 6 cm. The special coating and relief structure prevent slipping. The package includes a siphon and the necessary fasteners for quick self-installation of the pallet.

How to choose a shower tray

One of the main criteria for choosing a pallet is its depth, since it is this that affects the convenience and functionality of the shower cabin. In a deep pan, you can bathe children or pets, wash things. Such models are often equipped with seats. But a tray with a “zero” height will provide a comfortable shower for the elderly and everyone who finds it difficult to step over high sides.

Dimensions are important when installing a pallet in a small area. For comfortable use, sizes of 90×90 cm will be enough. However, if possible, it is better to purchase a model with a length of 120 centimeters or more.

The most common and versatile are square pallets. If there is free space in the room, you can purchase a rectangular model. In cramped conditions, it is better to install a corner rounded or pentagonal design.

Before buying, you need to pay attention to the design features of the screen:

  • Removable elements provide easy access to plumbing components and can be quickly replaced if necessary.
  • The screens combined with the frame are highly durable, significantly reinforce the pallet and are resistant to heavy loads.

The ease of installation of the pallet depends on the type of base. Floor models require preliminary preparation of a recess to accommodate a water drainage system. Such plumbing fits into almost any interior. Podium structures are easier to install and provide easy access to the highway.

Pallet material

Cast iron models are among the most durable. Their main advantages are strength and resistance to heavy loads. This material has a low thermal conductivity, so the quality of the protective and decorative coating of such trays affects not only the overall reliability, but also the comfort while taking a shower.

Steel structures weigh less than cast iron and are cheaper. They are resistant to sharp impacts and retain an attractive appearance throughout their service life. The disadvantages of models of this type include increased noise rebound droplets. We recommend buying a steel pallet with thick walls or a special coating.

Acrylic models are popular. The material is often used in the manufacture of bathtubs, characterized by low weight, long-term heat retention and high sound insulation. But the surface of such pallets can be prone to minor scratches, so the acrylic structure must have a protective coating and a reinforced base.

To solve design problems, artificial stone is used. It can be made in almost any color, which allows you to organically fit the pallet into the interior. Models made of artificial stone are not afraid of chemical attack, they are strong, durable and absorb sound well.

There are also less common options:

  • Ceramics — requires careful handling and does not warm up immediately, but has a non-slip surface and makes plumbing attractive.
  • Quarry trays are resistant to wear and retain their original gloss for many years.
  • Models made of natural stone have a high cost, but they are not afraid of the most difficult operating conditions.

Frequently asked Questions

How to prevent bad smell in the shower?


The main recommendation is the correct arrangement of the wastewater disposal system. The exact match between the diameters of the siphon and the drain hole will not allow water to stagnate. The occurrence of an unpleasant odor is also often associated with leaks. Therefore, before using the pallet, it is necessary to carefully seal all joints.

Which pallets are the safest?


To eliminate the risk of slipping on the surface while taking a shower, many manufacturers use a special Anti-Slip coating. Models with embossed protrusions are also considered safe. If necessary, a compact rubber mat can be placed on the pallet.

How to strengthen the base of the pallet?


In the absence of a reinforcing frame or special supports in the configuration, brick or concrete blocks of the same size can be used to securely set up the structure. At the points of contact, they must repeat the shape of the pallet. For a tighter fit to such a home-made base, paronite or rubber gaskets are used.


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