Ants in the garden


ants in the garden

Often, an ant colony chooses home gardens as a habitat and quickly increases its numbers. In the future, this is fraught with visits of insects to the house, reproduction of aphids on garden plants, as well as painful bites that can cause allergies. We will talk about how to get ants in the country in this article.

How to deal with garden ants in the country?

You can immediately seek qualified help from specialists, and they will quickly solve the problem with proven methods. Or you can try to fight the ants yourself.

If you choose the second path, you must first locate the nest and neutralize the queen, her offspring, and any mature individuals. Only if this condition is met will you be able to get rid of ants in the country, and this may take several weeks.

The found ant nest must be treated with insecticides that penetrate deep into the ground, where ants have multi-meter passages and labyrinths. It is also necessary to process the trees, since tree ants often live on the site, which equip anthills under the bark.

A highly effective agent against ants in the country, it contains diazonin. This substance has a pronounced contact and intestinal effect, causing the death of insects already 2 days after treatment, affecting the nervous system and causing paralysis. The tool destroys both adults and larvae. And, importantly, ants no longer settle in the treated area and do not tread paths here.

Folk remedies for garden ants in the country

Ants do not tolerate the smells of tansy, parsley, mustard, laurel, anise, tomato tops. You can lay out the stems and leaves of these plants on ant paths and tie them to tree trunks. And between the beds sow valerian and mint. The ants will not tolerate these «aromas» and will go to another place.

The anthill itself can be poured with a strong solution of boric acid, to which granulated sugar is added. And you can sprinkle it on top with dried and chopped oregano grass, mixed with sulfur in a ratio of 1: 2, and dig this mixture with the ground in the place where the ant nests are.


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