Arbor-tent for giving


gazebo tent for giving

Cozy gazebos-tents for summer cottages have long become a popular and practical decoration of a suburban area. Under its roof, you can retire to read, gather for dinner with friends or work.

Tent in the country — mobility and comfort

If there is no stationary gazebo on the site yet, you can install a garden tent for a summer residence — a convenient frame or mobile structure.

Collapsible gazebos-tents for summer cottages are produced in two variations — with open or closed walls. The simplest option is a dome on four pillars. Its advantages are lightness, ease of assembly, reliable protection from the sun and rain, a wide choice of textures and colors.

A folding gazebo-tent for a summer residence consists of metal supports that are attached to the ground with the help of stretch marks and hooks. The shape of the gazebo can be different — rectangular or multifaceted.

The material is stretched onto the frame. For covering, synthetic waterproof fabric of various colors is most often used. The best option is polyethylene material.

Summer gazebo-tent in the country with closed walls shelters from heat, wind and rain. If desired, you can always open and raise one or more walls.

According to the material of the frame, more durable gazebos with tents for summer cottages are divided into wooden and brick. The wooden case can be disassembled for the winter or be stationary.

It is possible to concrete or lay out with planks an even foundation foundation on which to place the tent supports. This will give stability to the structure.

A brick frame is already a capital structure, such a gazebo can be used as a summer kitchen or a permanent place for a barbecue.

At present, gazebos for summer cottages have become a necessary and affordable piece of furniture that allows you to organize a cozy recreation area and decorate your leisure time.


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