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Before building a bath, it is very important to decide on the type of roof construction, the material used, the angle of inclination of the slopes. The roof for a bath has fundamentally different features from the roofs erected on other buildings: the load on it does not occur outside, but is created inside the room. Significant evaporation from the water in the steam room allows significant masses of steam to penetrate into the attic and settle there in the form of moisture on the supporting structures of the roof.

Varieties of bath roofs

When choosing a specific type of roof for a bath, you should pay attention to the architectural plan of the building and take into account its technical parameters. The roofs of the baths are of two types, some of them provide for the presence of an attic, the latter do not have it.

If the bath room is not large in area, then the roof for it is made, most often shed, with a small angle of inclination, while the roof is combined with the ceiling of the bath, the cost of its construction is low. This is an option in which there is no attic space.

The presence of an attic requires the construction of a gable roof for a bath, it has a more attractive appearance, requires more effective thermal insulation, given that the most intensive use of the premises occurs in winter.

A sloping roof for a bath of complex configuration is quite rare; it is used in the case of the construction of a two-story building or a whole complex with outbuildings. It contributes to the rapid descent of snow from it, due to the large angle of inclination, and to reduce the load on the supporting structures. This design of the roof provides additional space for use, for example, as a rest room or for storing inventory.

Very often, a bathhouse is built in combination with a veranda, and then a common roof is designed and built for them, this solution is very practical, it allows you to save money. At the same time, the roof is solid, not divided by joints and lintels, depending on the complexity of the project, the roof can be erected of any design.

If desired, you can combine an open terrace with a bath, then the roof is also made common for them, the same design style and the same building material are used. Most often, a gable roof is used for such a structure, which, on the one hand, rests on the main wall, and on the other, it rests on racks installed in the form of support pillars on the terrace.


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