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It is absolutely true that “beautiful” means something different for everyone. Someone likes chic intricate stucco elements, for another beauty consists of modern materials and minimalist solutions. One way or another, a good designer can create beautiful facades of private houses from any material.

Beautiful decoration of the facade of the house

So, lovers of the classics and the traditional use of stucco and other decorations will definitely like the beautiful facades of houses in a classic style. At present, it is possible to recreate the solemnity of the lines with the help of gypsum and plaster. Most often, beautiful plaster facades are made in calm colors, in shades of yellow, pink, blue, less often green. A beautiful facade with a bark beetle effect looks great, and due to the mineral components in the plaster, it is also durable.

For beautiful facades of private houses, the classic can also mean the traditional trends of a particular style. For example, beautiful stone facades paired with wooden elements can convey the originality of chalet-style houses. And now you can find beautiful wooden facades both in the ethnic Russian style like a hut, and from a modern square beam.

Beautiful brick facades are no less pleasing to the eye. There are modern laconic buildings, combined with large glass elements. And there are long-standing trends in the beautiful decoration of the facade of the house, when red bricks are combined with white details. Now the brick itself acts as a finishing material, they only decorate the facade after the construction of walls from a more durable and relevant material.

Oddly enough, but beautiful facades are quite successfully obtained from modern materials. For example, beautiful siding facades are at the peak of popularity today. Such beautiful facades are chosen by both the owners of private houses in the city and summer residents. Of course, it cannot be compared with real stone or wood, but it also has convincing advantages. Imitation quite successfully displays the effect of natural material, but it can be used even on frame houses where heavy stone or tile cannot hold.


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