beautiful fences


beautiful fences

A modern beautiful fence has the function of protecting a private area from uninvited guests, prying eyes, helps to create an atmosphere of closeness, and at the same time is also a magnificent decorative decoration.

The fence, no matter what material it is built from, gives the site and the buildings on it solidity, without it everything has an unfinished, defenseless appearance.

To build a beautiful simple fence, you can use a variety of materials. For those who want to completely isolate themselves with a blank fence from the outside, they choose stone, concrete, brick, wood, if the fence is assigned not only a protective, but also a decorative function, you can make it forged. The most popular are beautiful decorative fences made in a combined way: one of its parts located along the perimeter is a blank wall, and the other (from the side of the facade) is made in the form of openwork forging or wood carving.

What material is the fence made of?

A beautiful fence built of natural stone looks impressive and respectable. Such a fence will last at least 50 years, because the stone is a very durable material, while not requiring maintenance. Such a fence will not be damaged by temperature changes, moisture, insects — it is reliable and impregnable, perfectly combined with any design and landscape.

The only drawback is the high cost of the material, so a rational solution would be to replace the natural stone with an artificial one, it is also strong and durable, but it will cost less and the installation of such a fence is much easier and faster.

A cheaper option would be to build a brick fence, it can be beautiful and attractive if it is decorated with openings, arches in which to make gates or gates, showing imagination, such a fence can be decorated with other materials.

Many owners prefer beautiful metal fences or corrugated fences. Fences made of metal are durable and reliable, they can be both deaf and lattice. The corrugated board is a galvanized metal sheet coated with a special powder, the fence is made of it solid, it can have a height of up to 6 meters. Powder coating will reliably protect it from mechanical damage, scratches.

Impressive and at the same time elegant beautiful wrought iron fence, very often a work of art. Forging looks great in combination with stone, brick, concrete. Such a fence is not easy to damage, but, being «transparent», it will not hide the home from prying eyes.

An easily accessible option for fencing the territory is still beautiful wooden fences, relatively inexpensive. It can be decorated with carvings, various decorative elements. Such fences are somewhat inferior to fences made of more durable materials in terms of service life.

A beautiful picket fence is often referred to as a «village fence». The material used for such fences can be different — the picket fence is made of both wood and metal and colored PVC, it can vary in length. Depending on the vertical or horizontal arrangement, various designs of fences are obtained. The picket fence can also be used for low delimitations within the territory of the site.

A very popular type of fencing, especially for summer cottages, are beautiful, decorated with living, climbing plants, chain-link fences. The undoubted positive qualities of the chain-link mesh are its low cost and durability. To make the design of the fence more reliable, it is enclosed in a metal frame and attached to the supporting pillars. A mesh fence does not obscure the site, it can be used not only around the perimeter, but also to separate the utility block of buildings from the yard, garden, orchard.


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