Brick gazebos


Brick gazebos

Many summer residents want to have a gazebo on their site. Someone decides to build a wooden structure that will be entwined with grapes. And some owners prefer to build an all-season gazebo on the site. You can relax in it after a working week, and it will not be a shame to treat guests to a barbecue in a beautiful brick gazebo. And you can arrange a New Year’s Eve here.

Benefits of country arbors made of bricks

A brick gazebo is a very popular building for a summer residence. Such a brick structure is reliable and durable. Gazebo maintenance is minimal. In addition, a brick building is not afraid of fire and therefore its use is safe.

However, building a brick gazebo is quite a costly affair. Yes, and time will be spent on this more than on the construction of a wooden structure. Since a brick gazebo is a rather massive structure, a solid foundation is needed for it. The best option for the construction of a summerhouse can be a combination of different materials: brick, wood, metal.

Types of garden arbors made of bricks

Before starting construction, you need to decide what type of gazebo you would like to see on your site. Brick gazebos are of several types:

  • open, which consist of pillars and a roof lying on them. In such a summer gazebo made of bricks, you can relax only in the warm season;
  • semi-openhaving one or even two blank walls, which have a fireplace or barbecue, also made of brick;
  • closedhaving a view of a summer kitchen. The gazebo has glazed windows and an entrance door. You can relax in such a gazebo even in winter. In a spacious gazebo, you can arrange a whole stove complex, equip several recreation areas with sofas, and maybe even organize a dance floor.

When choosing the type of gazebo, remember that it should be in harmony with the rest of the landscape of your garden plot. Having some skills in construction, you can build a brick gazebo with your own hands. First you need to draw up a work plan, select and prepare a site for construction. It is good if the gazebo is located near the house. However, pay attention to the direction of the wind in this area: the smoke from the fire should not fall into your or a neighbor’s house.

After pouring the foundation, a brick brazier and a plinth are mounted. Then walls and arched ceilings are erected, if any. After that, the roof of the gazebo is mounted and the floor is laid. In the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe barbecue or fireplace, it is better to use floor tiles.

If you decide to build a semi-closed or closed gazebo, take care of its lighting in advance, because natural light will not be enough here. To create a lighter gazebo, you can arrange a so-called skylight, that is, glaze part of the roof.


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