Chain link fence


chain link fence

A chain-link fence will serve as an excellent solution where it is impossible to install a capital fence, for example, in a summer cottage, as this is sometimes prohibited by regulations, or there is simply no need for it. Such a fence will not be able to prevent sunlight from entering the area, will not obscure the area and will not interfere with air circulating on it, and this is important for plant growth.

An additional useful quality of such a fence will be its ability to act as a support for climbing plants, which adds to the aesthetic appeal of the site.

Also, the pluses include the fact that when installing such a fence, a minimum of usable area is consumed, which will undoubtedly be lost during the construction of a capital structure, for example, made of stone or brick, which is relevant for small summer cottages that do not exceed an area of ​​6 acres. The arrangement of a mesh fence does not require a foundation, rather well-fortified support pillars concreted in the ground.

A chain-link fence for a summer residence will serve as a good option in terms of low cash costs, while it is quite durable, not subject to corrosion, and is not afraid of temperature changes. It is light, it can be mounted both around the perimeter of the site, and to delimit the territory inside it.

Types of chain link fence

A mesh fence can be arranged in two ways. In the first case, it is simply stretched between the posts, in the second, a sectional fence is made from the chain-link mesh. Sections are made from a corner into which fragments of a chain-link are inserted. The first option for arranging a fence is easier and cheaper, but it looks less aesthetically pleasing and does not differ in reliability and durability.

The second method will require an increase in costs — you will have to purchase a metal corner, and it can exceed the cost of the chain-link itself at a price. But these costs are fully justified, since a fence assembled from sections is much more beautiful, it is more durable.

To save money, sections of such a fence can be made independently, but you can buy them ready-made along with posts on which convenient and well-thought-out mounts are installed. The purchase of ready-made sections will save time and ensure the high quality of the fence consisting of them.

To build the right chain-link fence, you need to pay attention to the performance of the mesh used. The cheapest, but also the most short-lived, is a non-galvanized chain-link, it quickly rusts, you have to paint it quite often.

A galvanized chain-link will last much longer, does not need to be painted, but at a price it is somewhat more expensive.

More attractive is a plasticized mesh made of galvanized metal wire with a polymer coating applied to it, such a mesh does not fade under the influence of sunlight, and is frost-resistant. It is the most durable, has a long service life, attractive appearance, but also the highest price.

A polymer (or plastic) mesh netting can have either the usual square cell shapes or consist of rectangular and even round holes. It can be used as a dividing fence between sites, but it cannot be used as a street fence, it is not strong enough.

A chain-link fence is an excellent solution that will help save money and time spent on its installation and installation. At the same time, it can be built independently, without resorting to the help of specialists.


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