concrete fence


concrete fence

Today, many owners of suburban areas are concerned about the issue of reliable protection of the house and the adjacent territory from extraneous intrusions. The best solution to this problem is in the construction of a concrete fence. In the manufacture of such a product, special fittings are used, so the concrete fence is reliable and durable.

Advantages and disadvantages of concrete fences

A fence made of concrete is convenient and practical, it will last much longer than, for example, a wooden one. Such a fence is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature and precipitation, it is not affected by ultraviolet rays. A concrete fence keeps out street noise and does not require painting, although it can be plastered or even tiled.

If necessary, to fence a summer house or a country house, you can purchase a concrete fence of any height, but such a fence will cost more than, for example, wooden or metal. Another disadvantage of concrete fences is its difficult installation, since its heavy slabs require special lifting equipment.

Types of concrete fences

Depending on the functions performed and on the design, concrete fences are divided into several types. A prefabricated concrete fence consists of various sections, which are divided into so-called sets — subgroups of slabs that differ in their aesthetic appearance. One segment of such a fence can include from two to four slabs. Prefabricated concrete structures are most often double-sided, that is, symmetrical both from the outside and from the inside. Although you can purchase a cheaper version of a one-sided precast concrete fence.

In a decorative concrete fence, the main thing is its aesthetic function. Such a fence can imitate a product made of wood, stone or brick. There are beautiful combinations of a concrete fence with forged elements or made of natural stone. You can order a colored decorative fence or with drawings on the panels.

A monolithic concrete fence is today considered the most durable fence. This type of fence is created from massive slabs fixed on a reliable and solid foundation. Unlike, for example, a decorative one, for which a foundation is not required at all, a monolithic concrete fence must be erected on a strip or column base.

Another type of concrete fence — independent — does not need a foundation, as it consists of very massive slabs that are mounted on a wide base. Therefore, additional supports for such a fence are not needed.


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