Cottage from a bar


cottage from a bar

Wooden dachas made of timber are traditional for our country. Their beauty is given by an almost untouched wood with a natural texture, pattern and color. Beam — a calibrated log that has a square or rectangular cross section. This is an unpretentious building material; its installation does not require fitting logs to each other.

Thanks to special impregnations and modern materials, this design retains its natural beauty for many years. Internal partitions are mounted from the same material. The bars emit resins and odorous oils, thanks to which a unique aroma is created in the room. The tree allows you to create projects of houses with many architectural elements.

Modern log houses

A one-story cottage made of timber looks cozy, it is quick and inexpensive to build. It harmonizes perfectly with the environment. In such a building, a cozy open or glazed terrace is often made out, which can accommodate a table and seating.

In two-story cottages made of timber, most often, instead of the second level, they have an attic with or without a balcony. On the first floor, you can plan a kitchen, a bathroom and a rustic bath, and on the second — several bedrooms.

Often, a fireplace or its imitation is located in a wooden house. It becomes a highlight of the interior, a cozy seating area is set up around the hearth.

The interior of the house must be designed so that each item is combined with the wooden surroundings. A table made of solid wood, a bed with a carved headboard, upholstered furniture with natural upholstery will harmoniously fit into a rustic interior.

The atmosphere can be supplemented with a neat coffee table and chest of drawers. Floor lamps, table lamps, sconces with soft lighting are perfect for natural design.

For the interior decoration of a wooden cottage from a bar, processed boards or classic parquet are appropriate. Wooden panels can decorate the walls and ceiling. The decoration of one or more walls of a wooden cottage made of timber with round logs looks beautiful; natural beams will look appropriate on the ceiling inside the house. For a large room, you can use large logs, and for a small room — a smaller diameter.

The rustic style of finishing a cottage from a bar is beautiful, such eco-friendly interiors are becoming popular in modern design. The natural environment of the cottage will help you feel more peaceful and cheerful.


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