Cottage interior


Cottage interior

The summer cottage is undoubtedly a great place for the whole family to relax. In order for a country house to be modern and stylish, it is necessary to reconsider the interior of your summer house and make it the most comfortable. To do this, you need to consider modern ideas and styles for decorating country houses.

Summer cottage interior design

Modern country interior provides for the use of all kinds of styles and original ideas. Applying one of the options, you can take a fresh look at your country house. The interior of a small cottage should be, first of all, very practical, because in this house the owners will have to relax, sleep, and spend evenings. Some houses do not have enough space to accommodate the whole family, so it is worth considering options for modern furniture that will be very appropriate in this situation.

The interior of the kitchen in the country should create a feeling of maximum comfort. To do this, you should follow the basic advice of designers on arranging this country room: replace existing covers with an interesting drapery. Forest motifs: paintings with trees, animals, a vase with meadow flowers will give the kitchen a special atmosphere.

The interior of the living room in the country will be as comfortable as possible due to the fireplace. This place can also be decorated in a classic style: with photos of relatives on the wall and a tablecloth on the table. Having a tea service will create a family atmosphere. Warm blankets, pillows and lace napkins on the table and cabinets will help to complement such an interior.

The interior of the bedroom in the country house can be identical to the living room, as it is often one room. If there are not enough sleeping places to accommodate the whole family, then bunk beds can be purchased. They can be crafted from wood or bought ready-made. Another option for an unusual bed can be a loft bed (a bed with a closet, chest of drawers, sofa at the bottom), such furniture saves space and will be approved by the little members of your family.

The interior of the veranda in the country should be equipped very competently so that this corner is a place for a good rest. It is important that the veranda is a continuation of the style of the house. You can cover the floor on the veranda with artificial stone, mosaic, tile, porcelain stoneware, terrace board.

The interior of the terrace in the country should have high-quality lighting. It must be made with waterproof components. Today you can buy various kinds of «antique» lamps, lanterns.

The interior of the bath in the country should be as simple as possible, without unnecessary details. Arrange the bath in such a way that the corners of the room are less noticeable. For finishing the ceiling, it is better to use light wood, while for the walls — dark colors. Surfaces must be even and smooth. The main principle is simple and tasteful.

Summer cottage interior styles

Today, the use of various styles in the design of premises is welcomed. Country style in the interior of the cottage prefers simplicity, accessibility, softness, naturalness. It’s kind of like grandma’s. In the interior of a wooden cottage, the presence of objects should be in harmony, be functional and stand in their place. The original element here will be a chest where accessories or other items can be stored. Very popular in the interior of the cottage is the wooden style. The main characteristics are: naturalness, bulky, wooden furniture, warm colors, handicraft items and accessories, and an old stove that can be painted with paints will also decorate.

The interior of a summer cottage in the Provence style suggests the presence of old, forgotten things. The main colors are light, saturated with the presence of dark shades. It is possible to use metal in details.


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