country fence


country fence

A decent country fence is an important element of any personal plot, designed not only to protect it, but also to carry a certain decorative function. There are a lot of fencing options that can be used in the country, so the choice can be difficult. It is best to consider the most popular types and materials, so that later it will be easier to decide.

Wooden fences — a variety of options

Considering the options for country fences, it should be noted that one of the most popular materials for their manufacture is wood. It is from it that you can build a solid, beautiful and unusual fence, for example:

  • a classic wooden picket fence that can be painted in any color and decorated with various decorative elements;
  • country wooden fence made of ready-made deaf panels;
  • trellis fence made of thin slats or planks. Such a fence can also be used as a support for climbing plants on the site;
  • a low ranch-style fence that has been gaining popularity lately.

Country fences made of wood will always remain relevant, and the presence of imagination and love for design will allow them to be decorated in an unusual and attractive way.

Other types of country fences

In addition to wooden fences, a cottage fence made of profiled sheet, which has special strength and a long service life, will look appropriate on the site. Also, fences made of corrugated board, eurostudent, brick are no less in demand. There are many design options for country fences, and if desired, you can combine different materials, creating not only durable, but also beautiful designs.

Since a dacha is a place of rest in which everything should please the eye, a decorative dacha fence will also be appropriate here. It can be made of carved wooden fence, brick with forging elements, natural stone. In modern realities, willow wattle will look very unusual and colorful — the most ancient type of fence that our ancestors used. The original accessories, which can be made by hand, will give a special decorative effect to the fence.

So, the decor of country fences can be very different, because the fence of the site does not have to perform only one protective function, it can also be endowed with excellent aesthetic properties. The choice of specific material and design is always yours.


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