Country gazebos


Country gazebos

Surely, most of us have a dacha or a country house where you can come at any time of the year, breathe fresh air, dig in the beds or get together with a friendly company for fun gatherings.

However, the sun, rain or strong wind can overshadow the idea of ​​​​such a wonderful holiday. Therefore, in order not to let bad weather disrupt your plans, you need to take care of creating a comfortable summerhouse. Small architectural structures of this kind carry not only a practical, but also a decorative function. Beautiful modern country gazebos impress with their extraordinary solutions. With their help, it is possible to provide a comfortable and practical recreation area on the site, while emphasizing the uniqueness of landscape design. Read more about the varieties of such amazing and useful structures for your estate in our article.

Choosing a summerhouse

If you do not want to clutter up an already small area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe site with too large and massive structures, a compact and lightweight summerhouse canopy will be the best solution. Often this is a wooden, brick or plastic structure of several supporting pillars and a roof that repeats the design of the facade of the building, or at least complements it.

Wicker, wooden or plastic furniture, a small upholstered sofa, a hammock, a couple of chairs and a small coffee table, a few pots of flowers or light curtains that create additional shade will help create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in a summerhouse-canopy.

As a more versatile element of landscape design, a metal gazebo-canopy located somewhere in the yard or in the garden is suitable. The original form of a thin frame, decorated with forging, a light curtain or flowers, with upholstered furniture or wooden benches, will look very attractive against the backdrop of a garden or green lawn.

If you appreciate outdoor activities, like to cook delicacies and spend a lot of time outdoors, a country gazebo with a barbecue and a fireplace made of brick, stone or wood will be an excellent option. This place is ideal for placing a summer dining area, with a stove, oven, cutting table and sink.

A special national color in the design of the yard will bring a summerhouse made of logs. A reliable, beautiful and durable building in the form of a tower or a traditional Russian hut with massive wooden furniture will look perfect against the backdrop of a forest, pond, garden trees and flower beds.

A country gazebo-canopy made of timber with a barbecue or a stone stove, made in the form of a canopy or a half-open house, is exactly the place where it is always pleasant to spend warm summer evenings, cook delicious dishes on a fire and hold festive feasts. However, given that wood, unlike stone or brick, is flammable, fire safety rules must be strictly followed in arranging the hearth.

If you are lucky enough to purchase a plot somewhere near a forest, lake or river, it is most likely that strong winds, flying leaves, unexpected visits by wild animals or insects can interfere with your vacation during bad weather. In such cases, a closed summerhouse will come in handy. A miniature house, with a door, windows and comfortable furniture, equipped with a stove or barbecue grill, is a very tempting and romantic place where you can relax in summer and winter, cook on fire, while watching through the window bizarre landscapes of all seasons.


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