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Facade decor is an additional way to make the house expressive and original. As a rule, the decoration of the house with decorative elements of the facade is carried out at the final stage of the exterior decoration. And here it is important to choose the right elements so that they are in harmony with each other and the architecture of the house.

Types of decorative elements for facade decoration

There is a huge variety of such elements. These are rustication, pilasters, balustrades, cornices, arches, moldings, columns, sandriks, consoles, rosettes, keystones, bas-reliefs, brackets, platbands, slopes, belts and much more.

Choosing the material for the manufacture of decorative elements for the facade of the house, you need to start from the size of the elements themselves and the risk of mechanical damage. Planning them should begin at the design stage of home decoration, since it is necessary to select the correct and reliable interface systems with the rest of the facade elements.

Massive decorative elements such as columns, cornices with a protruding part of 15 cm are preferably made of fiber-reinforced concrete. And for small elements that are located in places inaccessible to mechanical impact, reinforced polystyrene foam is suitable.

Fibre-reinforced concrete is a type of cement concrete in which fiberglass or polypropylene fibers act as reinforcing substances. This helps to improve the quality of concrete, increase resistance to cracks, deformations, frost, moisture.

In addition, fiber-reinforced concrete weighs less than conventional reinforced concrete, which is important when planning the load on the load-bearing structures of the house. Fibre-reinforced concrete products are a thin shell on steel rods or brackets with a maximum weight of 50 kg and a maximum dimension of 2 m.

Decorative facade elements made of foam plastic are much lighter, they are fixed on the facades with a special glue and additionally fixed with dowels. The cost of such items is quite affordable. Other advantages include additional thermal insulation, aesthetic appearance, quick manufacturing and easy installation, and durability.

Use of decorative facade elements

To create a relief, both vertical and horizontal decorative elements are used. Most often, cornices and friezes become the subject of choice. Balusters, balustrades, columns, arcades can serve as additional elements.

To enhance the expressiveness of the house, you can use protruding parts in the form of bay windows, sculptures, bas-reliefs and consoles. Arches, panels, portals, gables serve to decorate window and door openings.


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