Decorative facade plaster


Decorative facade plaster

Among modern materials, decorative facade plaster remains very popular. Such original processing is used for street decoration of industrial, administrative premises, private houses. Finishing the facade with decorative modern plaster is used to improve its external cladding and increase performance.

Facade plaster — protection and originality

The main advantages of this material:

  • water resistance;
  • resistance to humidity, ultraviolet and frost;
  • sound and heat insulation;
  • ease of use;
  • the ability to create beautiful textures.

Finishing the external facade in a private house with stylish decorative plaster can be carried out on any basis — cement, brick, concrete wall, drywall.

Plaster mixtures are often sold separately from fillers. When buying, you can decide which decorative plaster will look best for the facade, varying the color and structure of the resulting solution. To create a beautiful relief, a filler is added — quartz, granite or noble marble in the form of crumbs.

Facade plaster is different:

  • mineral. Based on cement, further staining can be used for additional tone;
  • acrylic. Differs in elasticity, mix is ​​made already ready to drawing;
  • silicate. The most vapor-permeable mixture, plastic and does not get dirty;
  • silicone. It features a wide palette of pigments and fillers, allowing you to create original compositions.

Facing street facades with decorative plaster defines the “face” of the entire structure, its originality. A barely perceptible drawing and the uniqueness of its application, various colors make such facades unique and inimitable.


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