Decorative plaster for the facade of the house


decorative plaster for the facade of the house

Stylish decorative plaster for the front facade can decorate any house, with it it will look neat and attractive. It is used as the main leveling coating and for the purpose of a beautiful finish. An important advantage of decorative facade plaster is the ability to choose texture and color, they can be easily varied. This allows you to create the most original designs. The layer is thin, but durable.

Finishing with decorative plaster of the facade

Plastering of external walls allows you to get a flat or embossed surface, the mixture can be applied to brick, stone, concrete. Under such a layer, the facade can be insulated with foam or other insulation.

When implementing a stylish finish for interiors and facades, a variety of decorative bark beetle plaster is successfully used. The relief is achieved by moving the tool in different directions. Rolling, the stone chips form grooves, similar in structure to a tree damaged by a beetle. Due to the direction of its movement, various effects are obtained — vertical, horizontal, circular, chaotic.

For the appearance of the walls, this finish was called «bark beetle». The outline of the cover turns out to be the most peculiar, limited only by the skill and imagination of the performer. For the manufacture of plaster, cement is used with the addition of marble inclusions of various diameters. It is resistant to precipitation, does not fade from sunlight. It can be pigmented in desired colors. Sometimes plastered surfaces are painted on top with enamels of the desired shade.

Finishing the street facade of houses with decorative plaster is made with a cement or acrylic-based mortar. The filler can be quartz sand, marble chips and similar materials.

Interesting effects when facing facades with decorative plaster are achieved by combining different textures on one wall. For example, the main surface is finished with a solution with a large fraction, and windows, slopes — with a smooth coating. Also on different parts of the wall you can apply excellent shades of the mixture. The basement of the building is often decorated in dark color.

The exterior decoration of the building with decorative plaster creates an attractive appearance of the structure. This is one of the most practical methods of finishing the front of the building.


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