DIY ideas for giving


DIY ideas for giving

As a rule, we get a cottage either for active work in the garden, or for a break from the bustle of the city. But in both cases, everyone wants to decorate their site and make it cozy. Currently, it is not a problem to purchase ready-made decorative elements for exterior and interior decoration. But the cost of such a decor is far from always affordable, and it’s not so difficult to do something similar with your own hands. All you need is a creative boost, a couple of ideas and some time. It is with ideas and creativity that we will try to recharge in this article.

Easy home gardening ideas that are easy to make

What is the most in your area? Most likely, these are a lot of branches and thin twigs after pruning in the spring, various waste materials and, in fact, garbage. There is a category of people who manage to see completely original sculptures in all this garbage. Intricate animals or other compositions come out of the branches.

Do you have old broken pieces of furniture? Excellent! They will make unusual planters for garden compositions. Chairs, old tables, broken kitchen items — all this is actively used by creative site owners and create interesting solutions.

A barrel in the country is quite a useful thing. If the barrel is rotten and it is no longer possible to collect water in it, then a new inhabitant of the garden will turn out. Interesting faces are drawn from old barrels with the help of paint, and the magnificent ampelous composition planted inside serves as a kind of wig. In a word, everything will come in handy. Even worn out shoes and rusty bicycles, after a little repair and renovation, become a work of art.

Do-it-yourself design ideas for a summer residence

By the word «designer» we usually understand only intricate, somewhat impractical, and certainly expensive things. Yes, there is such a category. But in our version, we will mean landscape design ideas for giving, which we will try to do with our own hands.

Do you want real milk banks on the site? There is nothing easier. We find an old jug or something similar as large as possible. We carefully arrange for a permanent place on the site, and as a milky river we plant undersized perennials with white flowers.

What should we take as a basis for ideas from garden shops for a summer residence, and supplement with our own, and then build something similar with our own hands? Wooden planters or real sculptures are in great demand. In fact, even a train with flowerpots in each cart is as easy as shelling pears to make. Several round cuts, a couple of boards and fantasy.

Many design ideas amaze with their ways of making items for decorating a summer house from non-traditional materials, but by the hands of ordinary people. For example, you have a pond on the site. So, you can put a small boat in it, and already plant bright flowers in it. There is no pond, bright blue flowers will play its role. Even ordinary boulders on the site will become a highlight if they are turned into large ladybugs with paints. And fences from which they just don’t come up with! Everything is used from plastic bottles to small logs. These are the simplest ideas for giving, which you can definitely do with your own hands.

Creative ideas for a summer cottage with your own hands

But not only the site is being turned into Wonderland. Even a house becomes a museum of modern art if interesting ideas for giving, brought to life on their own, made by the hands of creative people, live in it. How do you like a birch log bed frame? Or maybe flowerpots or coasters from old cans of tea and coffee?

And here is the whole composition in the form of a tree made of metal. It would seem, well, what can be creative for an ordinary flower stand. And it turned out that this is another idea in our piggy bank. Even a bench near the house, or directly in it, can become something intricate. And shelves from everything that can be found, and at all a field for creative experiments.


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